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Bullet Journaling to Clear The Mind

Ive never been the sort of person who writes deep journal entries or keeps track of my thoughts and actions every day, but I do love a good to do list.I used to write them all the time, for my homework, writing essays, films to watch, tv series, books to read, task to do that day. I guess its the sense of satisfaction of completing tasks, some kind of accomplishment, however small, seems to make me far more productive. 

And I somehow stumbled upon bullet journaling. To me this is amazing, all of my lists in one place, with schedules, calender's, reminders, birthdays, contact numbers, financial plans, dog training plans, business plans, all neatly organised. Along with mind maps that help me figure out my frustrations, whats making me unhappy and how to fix it. Its so flexible to fit my needs with no pressure to write down thoughts and feelings, thank God! 

I actually call it my brain book, it takes away the need to think and plan mundane things that are bothering me and lets me focus on really important stuff like careers, buying houses and life plans.

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I've done something like this before with my daytimer. Are you using software or a hard cover book?

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a book, coz im so old school. i just seem to keep track easier that way, instead of having to log onto the laptop everytime

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I know when I journal, it has to be pen and paper. I've tried a few times to journal on the computer, but it never seems to work for me. It just doesn't have the same feel. 

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I agree Padre, its just not the same, I can flick through a book, but I'm just so lazy on a computer, I never go back to anything, once I close it down, its gone. I'm such a weirdo.

Even with games, I can build a whole amazing mega city on sim city, but if I close the program down and reopen it an hour later, I'll start all over I'm so weird....

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