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The Lizard Smells Like Grass



The latest blog entry straight from those lizardy finger tips

And yes.  Yes I do smell like grass.  I did a human activity called "mowing the lawn."  Human's grow grass on their lawn.  And then they cut it.  I'm not 100 percent sure if the grass in intentionally grown, because why would you spend time mowing the lawn only to cut it over and over again?  At the same time, it seems intentional because the humans WATER the lawn to keep it thriving and used chemicals to keep weeds from attacking the lawn grass.  

I wonder if it is some kind of religious activity.  Perhaps humans worship lawns?  I recall once I stepped on a lawn and was told not to.  When I asked why, they said that it was forbidden (more or less).  Perhaps lawns are holy?  This would make sense.  Perhaps humans trim and take care of the lawn, sort of like grooming it, and in return the lawn blesses them with good fortune and many strong sons.  Feel free to post enlightening comments if you are human.

I slept rather late today, and therefore don't have much more to report.  I'm contemplating eating some ice cream, if I can find it.  I may get a Netflix account after I publish this post.  Anyone got shows they wanna suggest?  Televisions shows are a great way to learn about human culture, I find.  I find Game of Thrones especially enlightening.  It's definitley informed my understanding of the current election year, which was confusing at first, I admit.  When I'd watch a debate and see that no debate was actually taking place, I was confused.  Now I realize that both opponents are locked in a vicious deathmatch and need the other to die in order to succeed, and care nothing about the innocents who get in their path to power.  I just don't understand how the inheritance laws work, since neither Clinton nor Trump are related to Obama, to my knowledge.  Perhaps they are all distant cousins?  If anyone has any information on that, please comment!  

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