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The Lizard Likes to Party



Apparently.   The latest blog from those lizardy fingertips.

I literally just got home after going to a night club for the first time.  There is a backgound noise to my life right now.  It's something between a ring and a hum.  I suspect I've lost some range frequency in my hearing.  

But the good news is, I had fun!  I asked like ten girls if they wanted to dance with me and they all said no.  But I wasn't discouraged!  I was just so proud of myself for approaching that many women in such a short period of time! I feel really happy with myself right now on that front.  And even better news, I DID end up dancing with this really drunk girl, but she asked me to dance.  HAHA!  

I'm still kind of reeling from this experience but I'm just really feel like I took a big step tonight.  I'm also SLIGHTLY drunk so that is also adding to my lack of articulation.  Just wanted to share my emotion with anyone who cares to read.  

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Thats great news! Im glad you werent discouraged. Thats how you get everywhere in life, persistence!


Q: Did you hear about the old chameleon that couldn't change colour?

A: He had a reptile disfunction. 

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I always went for the girls that approached me first. They have already shown interest, even if they are drunk... if you're at a bar almost everyone there is under the influence or at least one toxic substance anyway. That seems to be what it takes to make people socialize with strangers. It always worked for me. One time I took a Quaalude (back in the 70's) and came home with a half dozen phone numbers in my pocket. I had a girlfriend and pretty much don't remember anything about that night but apparently I was on fire. Two or three of the girls called me when I didn't use any of the numbers. My gf was not pleased.

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