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The Lizard is Relaxing



That's what I'm doing RIGHT now.  Listened to Tool for what I think is the first time.  Which seems wrong.  I must have tried listening a long time ago and just didn't like it for some reason. 

I bought this new board game called Monarch.  It's where you play a princess (or prince, I suppose, but the directions specify the characters as female) who's competing with her siblings to succeed the throne of an imaginary kingdom.  It took about twenty minutes or so to figure out the game.  I haven't actually played it yet.  I might post again to report how that goes when I try try it.  

Other than that it's been a lazy day.  Had fun eating on thanksgiving but there was a bit too much football watching for my taste.  Brother visiting for the weekend.  I also bought the Dungeons and Dragons starter back.  I might take a look at that later after I got to the gym.

I plan on watching another episode of Westworld today.  I saw the first one earlier this week, it seems like a good show!

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