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The Lizard is Sick



Straight from those lizardy fingertips.

Super congested and mouth super dry.  I've been drinking all day.  Not the fun kind  ugh.  Eff you human born illnesses.

I think I got the girl I' started dating last month sick.  Sorry girl I started dating.  I just really wanted to make out with you and didn't care that there was a tickle in my throat.  I said I was sorry, for th record.  

Don't feel like sleeping because I'm congested so decided to come on here and waste some time.  Tired but can't sleep.  At least it's the weekend.

Also feeling sad because I feel like I'm a terrible employee at my job.  I come to work 10 minutes late on a regular basis.  They don't say anything, but they notice.  

I'm not really an above average employee in terms of productivity, though I am a responsible one (except for the lateness) and I learn quickly.  

Super happy about having a gf but sad because I'm sick and we can't hang out right now.  

That's all I've got to say tonight, I guess.  



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