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A thousand cuts.



 It's been a while since I added anything, so here goes..

 Anyway, I'd been nicely ensconced amidst the hills outside Osoyoos when I received a text from my sister. Evidently my mom, who'd been slowly spiraling down into full blown dementia, had been restrained and carted off to the hospital. She'd gone ballistic, kicking/biting/punching and threatening to kill anyone who hindered her. Well, I had an important doctor appointment to go to, but headed over the mountains back to Abbotsford ASAP. I tell ya.. she was in pretty rough shape, totally zoned out on anti-psychotics, antidepressants, and whatever else they were stuffing into her. She's never coming home.

 On top of all this my dad is slowly losing HIS mind, more-so now that he's basically rattling around in the house all day without mom. She just got placement at an old folks home, needing 24/7 care, and my dad is probably soon to follow. As it is, my moo is scared, unhappy with her surroundings, declining mental faculties, drug fugue, and loneliness. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot we can do except visit as often as possible.

 Dementia (Alzheimer's) is a truly nasty affliction, taking years to do you in while slowly whittling away at your mind. It's hard on everyone in our family, as we get to watch it progress and suffer accordingly. Yup, it truly sucks.

 Well, that's the shitpile I've been wading through for the past while and it looks like more is pouring down the chute. Oh well, there's always comfort to be had with my dog. That's all for now. ..Willy.


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