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Home away from home and falling through the cracks.

 Been a bit since my last post. I've been 'camping' in the driveway (kitted out Grumman Stepvan) for about a month and 1/2 now. My mom FINALLY got placement at an old folks home that specializes in Alzheimer's patients. She adjusted quite well to being at the hospital, but they had her totally spaced out on drugs and some of them rather nasty. Now, being in a place devoid of expensive/delicate/dangerous equipment, they've started titrating down her meds. She's getting the sparkle back to her eyes, but I fear it'll be rather short lived, seeing that she's an advanced case and they don't generally live too long. Unfortunately, the place they placed her is over an hour long drive away from home. Not ideal, since my dad isn't allowed to drive (lost his license an car has been disabled). That leaves things more or less squarely on the shoulders of my sister.

 Living the kind of lifestyle that i do means very little time spent anywhere near my parents (ahh.. such is the life of a nomad) and, 'cause of that, my youngest sister has been saddled with 'power of attorney'. That means she basically has to take care of everything. Talk about a shitty deal. With my mom in the ol' folks home my dad is left by himself at the house, and he's rapidly declining into senility. Actually, according to a social worker working where my mom is, there are people at the home who have higher psych evaluation scores than my dad! Problem is, unless the 'wheels fall off' and there's a major incident, the powers that be refuse to admit new patients unless they pay their way.. at over $6000/month!! Puts us in quite the pickle here. Dad doesn't want to sell the house/move and we can't really do anything til he has a stroke or goes completely off his rocker. They also don't have enough saved to pay for a room for any length of time. The local government has also erected soooo many hurdles to jump over, each taking inordinate periods of time and costing piles of money, that we're basically dead in the water.

 Well folks, I guess the lesson learned here is 'don't get old', cuz then you'll get royally screwed. HAH! All kidding aside, better plan for such things before it's too late or end up frantically paddling up shit creek, and it's one gushing torrent too. ..Willy.

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I've been somewhat down the road you're on BW.  Nothing regarding the altimers- but with the declining health of parents.  Both of my folks are long gone now. All I can say is hang on an hang in there.  Yeah, bloody care system is about as evil as it can get.  If the System were wrapped up into one person, I'd grab it by the ears and send it strait to hell.

All you can do is do your part.  Look, if sister has all the legal power, why not bring mom home to dad and the both of you (u&sis) take care of them together?  It doesn't sound like they're long for the world, you know....  I took care of my dad until he basically died at home (as for my mom I cared for her up to a time when she fell into a coma, so...she sadly died in the hospital shortly after.)

And remind your sister that the power of atty ends when the person in question dies - then it becomes a matter of probate.

Really sorry to hear about all this, BW.  May everything go as well as it possibly can brother.

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