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Meeting New People



Meeting new people is always a good thing.  It may often be hard for people to do, but a necessity in life.   New people allow you to discuss things out side of your normal group of friends, it allows you to try and do new things, it opens you up to a possible world of new adventures, whether it's being encouraged to travel to a new state, or country.  New people are great.

Since my return back to HelpToGo.com I've met some great people and have some really great conversations, there is one in particular that really stands out, we really just connected.  Very similar interest, similar life style, past, etc.  Which has been great.  This person has been a breath of fresh air, the conversations are enlightening, education, profound, deep, funny although this person seems to think the British language is better than US, but hey... can't do much about a country that uses the metric system, or drives on the wrong side of the road right?  Lost cause kinda thing...lol just playing.  In all honesty it has been great.  I've looked forward to speaking with them on a daily basis about whatever it is we discuss.  When I get settled in Florida, I'm going to have to encourage this person to come visit for sure.

Anyways the point I'm getting at, is this.  Being part of a community, a group of people often encourages you to act differently, people are very influencal, and it's important to find a good group of people.  Before I moved to Texas I was struggling to get by.  But I worked hard at my new job, was invited into a group of the elite of the company and it put me in a whole new level of wants and needs.  The need for success, the need for adventure.  These where good people, God loving people, wealthy, fun, and I was the no body in the group.  They encouraged me to behave a different way, to dress a different way, and explore new things.  

I remember looking back at my old friends in VA and why I struggled so much, and realized that they where all gang banging drug dealing losers with no life or future.  

You may have seen this already with friends, maybe even yourself.  But we must all go out, find new people, new interest to explore and have fun.  Human beings where not ment to sit around and watch TV, and play angry birds on our cell phones. We are explorers, builders, inventors, writers, So get out there, get out of your comfort zone, and go have fun!  Learn something new, be something new, live a full and happy life, with people you enjoy it with.

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