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I hate them.  I really do.  I mean look we all lie right? It's human nature.  sometimes we lie to protect the ones we love, sometimes we lie to make others think better of ourselves.  What I hate the most.  Is when someone lies about you to make them selves look better even though they are the sorry shits.

this happens to me frequently.  I don't honestly don't know why they do it.  Specially when they know they will get caught, and I know the truth.  Yet they continue to do this.  My x wife did this, my x g/f did and does this, my x wife's husband does this.  Now yes I have lied to my x wife and her white trash husband to get in their heads to fuck with them.  But I never lie about them.  I don't have to.  

I would say lieing to protect someone's feelings are okay, for example, if your child's pet dies, what's easier to tell them they got out and you couldn't find them or to tell them the truth that the pet died?  Is hope not part of a child's life?

Or when you break up with someone after two years, and everyone asks why and because you keep shit off Facebook, you tell your private friends the truth, that she was a lieing cheating whore.  Then you find out that because the rumor trees are real what she has said about you and it's twisted 7 ways to Sunday.  But of course never tells the truth where she was a raging alcoholic, who has destroyed close to 1k worth of clothing and shit like that... Now these are just example, but the point still is.

Why? Specially when the people lieing are to stupid to lie.  I love those kind, because then when you slam them in front of I their friends and can't provide proof of any of their bs, but you can provide proof to yours... It's a win right?

think about it and let me know what you guys think?

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actually im not the expert on why people lie.. growing up i did so sometimes out of fear of others understanding the full story for reasons i could not explain. .. people lie .. it takes genuine people to be out right honorable true sayers, as long they're not enforcing you into their favor. 

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IDK why people lie


IDK why I used to lie.  I was that person who used to play "mind games" in relationships when I was in my teens and early twenties, which really translates as :  I was a liar.    I guess I just "grew up"  (??)  But even I'm not sure why or how or when I stopped doing that.  It just got old; life became fake; and it was hard to keep up. I craved authenticity

Now, I'm painfully honest, and so much more honest than almost every other human I encounter.  And did I mention "painfully?"  As in: to the extreme lol


I think people lie because it's a hobby; they get "used to it," they have relationships where lying is the norm and they want to stay in those relationships, so they do it too.  I think people do it because they're insecure; because they like drama; because they are mentally ill...idk

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@Pepperjelly I'm the same way, I use to get walked on so hard when I was younger and I just had enough of it, now I don't give a shit who I offend or how I say things, you don't like being told the truth then don't be a screw up.

@EinChorMan I wouldn't say I'm a genuine person by any means. I've got my skeletons, but at the same time.  With all the shit I've got going on, I just don't have time for it ya know.  I just don't have time for the games.   

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I hate liars too. Its frustrating, people would rather see the lies than the truth sometimes. IDK, ive lied to my parents, but mostly about relationships, because theyre so nosy, stifling and judgmental and they always fail after they find out.

I used to know this girl at work, she was super nice and fun to be with but a pathological liar about the dumbest ridiculous stuff that we just new weren't true. every month or so she would have a pregnancy scare. she once told me she could have been a professional ice skater but got injured. she also said she used to be a cheerleader for my fav sports team as well as others. eventually she could have told me the sky was blue and i would still go outside and check. 

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It has been worst lately and some just do and they don't now why. Low self esteem is one cause, but it really causes drama. Some people are hooked on drama. Businesses lie to steal skills and labour. Even if it's pennies.

Calling them out is a waste of your time buddy. A firm smile and a "no" as they talk to your butt when you're walking or running away if you need to is the best coarse and yes; be deaf:)



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I agree with what Max said.....just don't spend time on people like that

My dad is the biggest iiar I've ever known.  He's a sociopath and lying is part of his game.  He les just to get people riled up; to make them question their own truths; and to divide people.  It's a big game for him and he's a master at it (not many people know just how much of a liar he is).  I guess that when I was a kid in that household, I learned from the best.

As a kid, however, I never ever lied because he went around all the time saying things like, "I hate liars," and "The worst people there are are the ones who lie."  Etc.  And if he would catch one of us kids in a lie, he would literally beat us.  So as a small child, I didn't lie.  I only picked it up when I was 16-ish, when I had a bf, and that was who I "played my first games with"

Maybe part of my issue with lying and making sure that I, personally, rise above...is that I don't want to be ANYTHING like my dad

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I honestly wouldn't give two shit's if these particular people where not trying to deliberately try to screw me over.  Specially with some of my mentor's.  That was the best part.  It all pretty much went out the window for them when he asked us to both get drug tested via hair which goes back several months instead of weeks.  I was accused of doing blow, because of who I lived with when I moved back, but my test came back clean... yet they never even submitted the test, even when the judge ordered it.... they still delayed and delayed and never took it.... no idea how there was no contempt of court... smh


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