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  2. Cool, I should probably kick it up a notch.
  3. I get annoyed when I'm hiking fast and someone tries to go way faster than they have been moving so I don't pass them when there's no space to get around.
  4. That's definitely my favorite so far.
  5. I have been busted with people who said they were their brother and knew their brother's social security number and date of birth and got off scot free while the cops went looking for the brother. It is a BIG problem... unless you just happen to know where you were on 6-4-2017 at 11:32 PM and can prove it. These people always said they didn't have any ID on them.. usually hid their wallet when we got pulled over or just didn't carry one with them. I have seen it happen numerous times in the states with all the pain and suffering going to the innocent party.
  6. Am I the only one not on acid today?
  7. That being said someone is going to be butthurt errr I mean insulted no matter what you say about anyone in this day and age. Everyone is exactly the same. Jews do not have large noses, blacks are not prone to violence, white people can dance... yup. Just ask whoever is in charge
  8. Yeaaahhhhh... no pictures needed. An open mind creates a much better image than any picture ever will. Mick Jagger refused to disclose his lyrics or what his songs were about, saying that what each person makes of the song is what it is. John Lennon said the same thing. I remember reading the book Jaws when I was a kid and when they made the movie the shark was a hell of a lot less scary than the one I had imagined....
  9. My advice, as a fellow author, is to forgo this feature, and describe the person in your writing. If your description is good, then the reader will be seeing what you see. I once heard it put, that reading is turning squiggles on a page, into a vivid halucination. If you take that away, then what do you have? I guess that isn't an answer to the question you asked, but it is my advice none the less.
  10. On Wattpad, there is a feature where you can "cast" celebrities for your characters. It's for reference so readers can have an idea of what you picture them--what they look like in your head while you were writing them.
  11. What kind of book are you writing that you need a picture? Or is it for the cover?
  12. Although, I should clarify: What I meant by his story is my story is that it's about my bitter experiences in high school (and some parts of college) and learning to forgive (a certain girl in both instances--my life and the book) those who have hurt me (as he does in the story), not the going back to the faith/roots aspect.
  13. Because the character that I'm writing is a Jew who is going back to the roots he has so long turned his back on. And I "cast" Henry Cavill to "play" him (since, really, it's my story and some people have said that I look like him, kinda).
  14. Would a Jew be insulted if I asked for a picture of Henry Cavill to be photoshopped to look like a Jew, with a tallit over his shoulders and thicker facial hair (it's for a story I'm working on on Wattpad, where Cavill's character is Jewish)? My post on Reddit has been downvoted, apparently. So someone must've been insulted. Did I do something wrong by asking for Henry Cavill's picture to be edited to make him look like a Jew?
  15. I love him though. He's my beautiful boy.
  16. That was my sad attempt to draw using a computer app. It was supposed to be a cool looking weird looking dude but it didn't work out all too well.
  17. One computer says to the other, "I just can't bring myself to believe in humans."
  18. Earlier
  19. I used to love watching that programme. I think every girl wanted to be her at one point,however,she's still not a patch on Superman.
  20. Like Emerge says everyone dies. You can not live your life through some Idol. What about your life? Just think of the time your wasting by fretting over the inevitable.*hugs*
  21. There is no rule book to say you need to be married at a certain age. You do what you feel is necessary and forget other people's opinions,
  22. This is a recurrent problem with friends and siblings. I wouldn't worry about it too much,if you have proof of your whereabouts at the time then your back is automatically covered.
  23. That's fascinating.
  24. In 2017, I think its pretty common to marry into your 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. Your point of view may be skewed because you are noticing your married friends, but trust me the world has never been so full of singles in mid-life. My view is skewed the other way, got married young and had kids and now its seems like all my university friends are just having kids now, while my son goes to university next year - lol. It's all relative, just keep hope and don't worry. Hawk
  25. I have trouble believing that the police do not ask for ID. If she is charged, her identity will come out so I don't think there is much risk to you. However, if she has your ID and similar looking then that falls into category #2 of Padre's list. Short of that, it's annoying but something I would deal with in house (within family). Cheers, Hawk
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