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    Some where out there is a guy that needs you to complete him:) You deserve better. Take your chevy and go get um! Be well honey:) Max hugs Emerge.
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  4. I am thankful for sincere gratitude, comfort, love, hugs, healing, healthy habits, exercise, balance, affection, attention, and much betterness.
  5. i used to think i was just whining all the time about what i was looking for, by the luck i ran into this well said seminar. charisma is not new to me.. its been an effort of mine.. tried and failed.. but this lady nails it.
  6. And I am thankful there's heat in the house where I will be soon! AND...I am thankful that I have this day mostly to myself to do whatever I want with.
  7. I am thankful for the Blazer some more.
  8. I feel like the only one in the world that stopped watching 13 reasons after a few episodes. I wasnt in a good place at the time and felt it was making it worse. Maybe I should watch again
  9. I'm thankful for freedom and the Chevy Blazer.
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    Thank you so much, just for saying something nice. It's so helpful.
  11. :)

    Emerge, I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. Have an e-hug from me. *hugs* I don't really know what has been going on in your relationship, but from what you have mentioned... the fact that this isn't the first time he has gone silent... It sounds to me that there are unresolved issues somewhere along the line. I hope that you are able to resolve this soon so that you won't have to go through it anymore. Though we are slow here, Know that there will always be a shoulder to cry on.
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    Editing is like cleaning. I appreciate the love.
  13. I'm thankful to do whatever I want, which right now is sleep.
  14. I'm thankful that someone somewhere is really happy and their dreams are coming true and they are having such a great day. I am thankful that they exist and that life is good for them and I'm thankful for their happiness. And I'm thankful for people.
  15. Hi Manthy, I'm training in dog behaviour, I don't have experience with cats but I might be able to help. Have you had her examined by a vet? Aggression may be due to a pain or illness, visible or invisible. Without observing her it would be hard to see what would be triggering it, but I would take note on what occurs right before the attack and see if there's any kind of correlation. Its great your training her to come when called, maybe set up a little agility course and train her around that too. Also make sure she has a nice high spot to sit and observe. I take it she is a house cat too, so prehaps she needs more puzzles to solve and things to do. I hope that helps a little bit. If she is still being trouble then a feline behaviourist could really help you out. Honestly I wouldnt recommend another cat until you figure this one out.
  16. I'm thankful for October. I'm thankful for leaves, pumpkins, candles, campfires, and stories.
  17. I'm thankful for love.
  18. at this point.. all i can say is i feel ya. LIFE throws so much stuff at you. my recipe probably doesn't suit everyone, i just deal with it, take arms when the forces are against you and lay back when the world is in favor.
  19. And I'm thankful for rainy mornings.
  20. "Thirteen reasons why" I think it's still on Netflix. Its definitely worth a watch. And Ozark. Happy watching!
  21. How are you feeling Anon?
  22. The formula: do your best to solve all your problems, perform your tasks and achieve your goals. Beyond what you can do--turn it over to God.
  23. Hello. Life can be so good, I'm sorry you're in a shitty patch. I think that after life, there really is nothing to worry about anymore, which is why life is so precious. Anything can matter just as much as you want it to, you know. You don't really have to do anything you don't want to. Mostly, I just hope you feel better. I know how it hurts to feel alone and wrapped up in problems nobody even wants to help you with. Sometimes though, the harder you try, the easier things get. I think people usually say the opposite, but that hasn't been my experience. It has been my experience that I want to yell at the world and say, "I CAN'T TRY ANY HARDER!" but then I calm down and try to take better care of myself so that life feels more okay and I can try better. I can't tell you how much it helps to be able to recognize when you really need sleep or exercise or a hug to feel better.
  24. Aaaaand I'm thankful for healthy food and for being able to cook some really tasty food.
  25. I'm thankful for life!!! I am thankful to see this beautiful list. I'm thankful to take this time to express that I'm deeply grateful for my life and that I can see through the hecticness of a busy daily schedule to the underlying values and meaning and love. Also, I'm thankful to try harder to keep up an appreciative presence.
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