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  2. Like Emerge says everyone dies. You can not live your life through some Idol. What about your life? Just think of the time your wasting by fretting over the inevitable.*hugs*
  3. There is no rule book to say you need to be married at a certain age. You do what you feel is necessary and forget other people's opinions,
  4. This is a recurrent problem with friends and siblings. I wouldn't worry about it too much,if you have proof of your whereabouts at the time then your back is automatically covered.
  5. That's fascinating.
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  7. In 2017, I think its pretty common to marry into your 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. Your point of view may be skewed because you are noticing your married friends, but trust me the world has never been so full of singles in mid-life. My view is skewed the other way, got married young and had kids and now its seems like all my university friends are just having kids now, while my son goes to university next year - lol. It's all relative, just keep hope and don't worry. Hawk
  8. I have trouble believing that the police do not ask for ID. If she is charged, her identity will come out so I don't think there is much risk to you. However, if she has your ID and similar looking then that falls into category #2 of Padre's list. Short of that, it's annoying but something I would deal with in house (within family). Cheers, Hawk
  9. Hi Wil, I have found when faced with a tough decision about pursuing a relationship I ask myself which is the lesser evil. That might have me walk away depending on what else I have going on, or it might have me jump in as the risk of being hurt or sacrificing might be lesser than the price of never knowing. I've walked away from a few, and it was the right decision but I am a firm believer that we often know what we can't live without sometimes sooner than we identify what we want. Close you eyes and imagine life without that person, or that person in a relationship with someone else. If you can't bear it, you may want to question why that is and how much you are willing to sacrifice for that? Good luck, Hawk
  10. Though interesting... what is it supposed to be?
  11. Thanks, but I'm cool with it. One of the benefits of my medication (for neurological pain) is that it's also an antidepressant.. WOOT! ..Willy.
  13. Willy I'm sorry to hear about this struggle. Thank you for sharing. If there is something we can do to help. Please don't hesitate to ask.
  14. A thousand cuts.

    It's been a while since I added anything, so here goes.. Anyway, I'd been nicely ensconced amidst the hills outside Osoyoos when I received a text from my sister. Evidently my mom, who'd been slowly spiraling down into full blown dementia, had been restrained and carted off to the hospital. She'd gone ballistic, kicking/biting/punching and threatening to kill anyone who hindered her. Well, I had an important doctor appointment to go to, but headed over the mountains back to Abbotsford ASAP. I tell ya.. she was in pretty rough shape, totally zoned out on anti-psychotics, antidepressants, and whatever else they were stuffing into her. She's never coming home. On top of all this my dad is slowly losing HIS mind, more-so now that he's basically rattling around in the house all day without mom. She just got placement at an old folks home, needing 24/7 care, and my dad is probably soon to follow. As it is, my moo is scared, unhappy with her surroundings, declining mental faculties, drug fugue, and loneliness. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot we can do except visit as often as possible. Dementia (Alzheimer's) is a truly nasty affliction, taking years to do you in while slowly whittling away at your mind. It's hard on everyone in our family, as we get to watch it progress and suffer accordingly. Yup, it truly sucks. Well, that's the shitpile I've been wading through for the past while and it looks like more is pouring down the chute. Oh well, there's always comfort to be had with my dog. That's all for now. ..Willy.
  15. Its hard to say, I have never been in that situation. But I would imagine circumstances would play a big part, distance, moving away, and if someone else was involved would deter me. Other questions I would ask is would working hours get in the way of spending time together? Are our interests and future goals aligned?
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  17. Hello all, Took me awhile to re-find this website. Looks like it's had a bit of a makeover. Who would like to share with me their personal experiences making a difficult decision of deciding whether someone was right or not right for you? To clarify - this is making a decision to pursue a relationship with someone, not a decision whether to stay with or leave someone. I'd like to know why the decision was difficult, what factors you took into account to help with your decision, and whether it worked or didn't work out. I thought about sharing my own conundrum, but I think the question framed in this way will help me with the pickle I'm in . Thanks in advance for your time and sharing.
  18. Unless you can prove that she has either: 1) caused you and/or your reputation harm or 2) stolen your identity in some way Then as far as I am aware there is not much you can do about it. If you can prove one of those two things then you could involve the police and have her charged appropriately.
  19. A few days ago I found out that anytime my sister gets pulled over or anytime a police Has stoped her. She gives them my name. Is there something I can do about that? Can I report it? I don't want to call and bother the police for nothing. I just don't want nothing to go against me. My sister is a big meth head, she hangs out with terrible people. I don't want to be associated with those types of people. She is calling me selfish because I don't want her to use my name. I really just want to disown her and take the kids and change all of our names. I'm so pissed!!
  20. I know how you feel, I'm nearing 30 and never had a serious relationship and I don't want to get married. That doesn't stop me feeling bad about myself like I should be getting married and having kids. Just like everyone around me. As long as you're happy it really doesn't matter. Other people shouldn't affect how you feel about yourself.
  21. No you should not be worried, nor should you feel like a loser. I know couples who met in their fifties and only then got married. I know of people much older than that getting married as well. My personal opinion on dating is that the purpose of dating is to find the one.... to lead to marriage. So my advice is stop worrying, start casually looking for dates, but keep in mind the end goal. If the fellow you date isn't the one, move on. If he might be the one, then set up another date, and go from there. Don't worry about when you will get married, just try to find the right one to get married to.
  22. I'm 30 years old and freshly out of a relationship. eveyone around me is married with kids which includes my friends and cousins. but I am newly single and 30 years old does my age make it harder to settle down? Should I be worried? it has created a new sense of stress in my life and I'm not sure how to handle it my parents don't seem to worry too much about it but when ppl ask me I feel bad,sad?? Like a loser? when should a girl start looking for marriage? When is it too late?
  23. Met a 90 year old couple a few months back that had been married for 65 years. Asked them what their secret was... the wife leaned in conspiratorially, and said "sleep every night together, in the nude". Couldn't believe it, but man on so many levels this is a pearl of wisdom. Hawk
  24. Things are getting better :)

    1. Padre J Roulston

      Padre J Roulston

      And that is a good thing. :D


  25. Everyone dies, you could die tomorrow. An asteroid could obliterate the Earth at any time. It's not worth worrying about. Every day is a gift, enjoy your life and appreciate the ones you love while they're around.
  26. I'm 26, and my idol is 71. I've never met her, but it scares me to death how she'll most likely die before me and last year's death toll certainly didn't help with all these unexpected deaths. I just also had a great-uncle die today which made me feel even more scared. God knows how I'll react if/when she dies which could be in 10 years or 10 days. From what I've heard she's alive and well but look what happened to Prince, Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman etc. last year. I'm just so scared
  27. Hey Snar, hope you're happy and healthy. I don't come here much anymore, but I just checked in and saw you were here recently, so thought I'd say hi. I think I saw a picture of you and what I assume is your girlfriend on Facebook a while ago and you guys looked happy. Made me smile. :) I'm well, I maybe turned into a crazy adventurer at some point. I'm in Peru now. Anyway, all the change just drives home how grateful I am for everything that brought me here and helped me grow, so thanks for how you were my friend at one of the hardest parts of my life, and I seriously hope everything is good with you or that it's working towards that. :) 

  28. Thanks for the replies guys, I think it's really cool that you all added stuff I wouldn't have considered. Creative answers.
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