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  2. You know.... I thought about that a year or so ago. Have I been so ungrateful when I have avoided the giant hole? .....And then I decided to keep count. Sometimes, when I pull out onto the road, I'll come to a stop and wait.... Abandoned. Looking ahead for distant headlights. None. Moving slow, moving fast' slowing as I get closer....closer and then perfectly timed traffic shows up to keep me in place. The hole is unusual because it's paved... Odd, I know. The ground under the pavement sank, but the sunken area is so big the pavement actually melded with it instead of breaking. It's crazy. It's been brought to the attention of the council... Something will happen one day...
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  4. Lol, are you sure its every single time and youre not just noticing when it doesnt happen? Maybe get the council on it to fix it
  5. Is it me, coincidence, or something else? Okay, this may be a bit long but there's a reason for it - semantics and nuances are a factor that are key to the conclusion. The road I live on used to be gravel. A time came when it was paved. Since then, it has never been maintained and has fallen into decline with the passing of nearly 2 decades. It's not umberable, though, there are some spots which are completely unbearable. Through sheer incidence some length of the road was repaved by a specific branch of our local government. The other branch of our government responsible for determining the remainder remains hidden under the bed like a frightened child. In other words, the worst parts of the road still remain, specifically, in one one of the travel lanes (outbound). Here is a case where people of the subdivision have formed a driving habit to avoid the rough spots by going into the otherlane when possible. Sometimes inbound traffic will not allow you the luxury of avoidance and you are forced to drive over this mentioned rough spot. Here is where I feel that I am an exception to this rule - I HIT IT EVERYTIME. And I'm beginning to take it personally. Here's how it works.... I live in the largest state in the U.S which is also the least populated. There are roughly 700,000 people in my state. There are about four hot spots where a majority of the population is divided into not to mention native land reserves and general rual areas that are spread through out the state which all involve road systems. So, basically, the entire population isn't in my lap even though I DO live in a hot spot called "The Valley." The Valley is a bourough that is about 500 miles X 300 miles -a that's a lot of space for a population of 50,000 or more. Not all of these people live at my back door.... Let's talk about activity and habits of people as regulated by a 24 hour day..... Some people are night people, most are not. 9 to 5 is typical and a majority of people are in bed at night. Due to the nature of my own problems, I am an "anytime" person. I could be up day or night. Usually, I lean on the night side to avoid the push of busy people during the day- so, I go out at night quite often. It could be midnight or any given wee-morning hours. ....BUT.... It seems quite clear, when I go, I'm still hitting that rough spot in the road. Why? ....Why... I've stopped asking why and started asking HOW.... How is this happening? How is this even freaking possible - of the 480 minutes of the night, I can't lose! My fury swells - "What in the hell are you doing here right NOW?!" So...before you think me completely insane- just one more thing.... I'm not unreasonable. People live in my neighborhood where there were once trees... I get it - I do but, there is a space just for me on this road AND IT ISN'T ON THAT GIANT HOLE IN THE ROAD AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT OF THE NIGHT! .....the main stretch of road that leads in and out of the subdivision is over a mile long and perfectly straight. That giant hole in the ground is a mere blip when it comes to traveling the distance of the road. I don't have a problem with people who "coincidently" are up and about at the same time as me, moving about on the road - truly, good to see ya... ....but why are you showing up at such moment as to defy ALL probabilities...EVERY TIME. PERIOD. There is no exception. I want to know why I would lose my entire financial world betting in Las Vegas, yet can't lose when it comes to avoiding the monster on my road? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ....Thanks for letting me rant people.
  6. Can't believe, I wrote this last year... well anyway a little update. We have been together for almost two years now. Everything is wonderful between us, we are moving in together next May. He is a great man! I've never had anyone treat me so good. He is also a wonderful father to his child. Last year after learning about why he got divorced changed a lot of things. Sometimes you have to realize that it's the men who get left and hurt. It's not always the guys fault.
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  8. Thank you everyone for your input. Definitely sage advice. I listened to my heart and it told me I cared a lot about this person, but that I'd be settling for them if I jumped into a relationship. We would've been 'happy' with each other, but nothing more. And I think everyone wants to be in a relationship with someone who thinks they're the best thing since sliced bread, not just 'a really nice person'. I've now met someone who definitely seems to be the wonderful unicorn I've been looking for, and I feel confident I made the right decision. Wish me luck!
  9. Hmm... Here's what I would do: The boss presses you with regard to what this woman does (or doesn't do in this case). The boss seems to make you responsible for correcting her expecting positive results. Meanwhile, she's feeding you lies. This presents a nasty pickle. Just tell the boss: "I did the best I could - she said the boss can go fv(# himself, that she's doing just fine as she is." Problem solved.
  10. I've been somewhat down the road you're on BW. Nothing regarding the altimers- but with the declining health of parents. Both of my folks are long gone now. All I can say is hang on an hang in there. Yeah, bloody care system is about as evil as it can get. If the System were wrapped up into one person, I'd grab it by the ears and send it strait to hell. All you can do is do your part. Look, if sister has all the legal power, why not bring mom home to dad and the both of you (u&sis) take care of them together? It doesn't sound like they're long for the world, you know.... I took care of my dad until he basically died at home (as for my mom I cared for her up to a time when she fell into a coma, so...she sadly died in the hospital shortly after.) And remind your sister that the power of atty ends when the person in question dies - then it becomes a matter of probate. Really sorry to hear about all this, BW. May everything go as well as it possibly can brother.
  11. I don't do well in the corporate world because of situations like this. I work construction where things have to be right and not kind of right because I don't have time to do right. It works out well for me and I am rewarded well for it, but I have to stay away from the office and all the people who just smile and lie. It seems to be universal in every office and management job in the world.
  12. (Closes eyes, lowers head). ....sigh....
  13. It is better to marry later than sooner--within practical limits, of course. If I lived to be 120, and were single, I would never remarry at that time. But at 30 you are still at a young age. However, as you approach 40, your "biological clock" will be ticking quite loudly. I have, Danielle, seen otherwise logical and practical women go absolutely nuts as they approached 40--they were ready to have a child with Osama bin Laden because they were so desperate to have a kid. One piece of advice I would give you is this: don't waste time on relationships that are going nowhere. If you are dating for two years and the guy has no interest in marriage, you need to drop him--no matter how "comfortable" you may be in the relationship. We don't have a lifespan of 10,000 years--we have about 8/10 of a century. I have seen women waste the best years of their life in relationships that were going nowhere. You do need to know that your standards will start to drop after age 35--you will be heeding your biological clock over your sense of logic--kind of like the Vulcan "pon-farr" (remember Star Trek?). So, yes, be open to new relationships, and be very, very selective in the men you date--and retain. You don't want to jump into anything, but then you don't have forever, either. Remember, also, that the men of your generation have less proclivity for commitments than the men of previous generations. They are less inclined to marry--most came from broken families. And, I hate to say it--but it's true--American women have pretty much trashed the institution of marriage. They institute 67% of divorces, and the courts still favor them over men in martial and child custody matters. So men have also been disincentivized to marry. Too many American women want to compete against their husbands, and most of them show little appreciation or respect. They feel they can behave badly, because if everything goes south, the courts are still on their side. That's not just my opinion--it's also my wife's. So, dear Danielle, be open and focus on the good guys. Don't give any of the bad guys a second look. There is someone out there for you--an eagle to soar with if you can just distance yourself from the turkeys.
  14. I guess all you can do in a situation like this is to just do your job to the fullest and not worry about anything else...
  15. So, part of my job is sometimes I have to call people on the phone and let them know if they're not doing their job, or how to do their job, even though I'm not their boss, and in a lower pay grade than them. It's awkward. But hey, it's my job. I call this woman on the phone and let her know that she's doing something wrong and what the right way is. She intentionally gives me an untruth because she doesn't like the fact that the way to do her job correctly isn't as easy as not doing her job correctly. Basically explaining how she has a special situation where she can't do her job correctly, because it would actually be INCORRECT in this case, using a fancy word that I'm not familiar with. I accept this tentatively and hang up. OF COURSE I check with my boss on this but sometimes my boss is awkward and he explains to me that the woman is wrong, but also kind of right (but really she's just wrong and was lying to me). So I'm having this awkward unnecessary conversation where I'm just trying to get the right info across to myself, which I'm sure annoys my awkward boss as much as it annoys me, except I'm sure that it's MY FAULT in my awkward boss's mind (Komodo Dragon racism). So I call her back and she lies to me SOME MORE and I basically just say ok, but it doesn't matter because reality is still reality, that's the funny thing about reality, is that it's always reality no matter how much non-reality you dress it up with. And finally, she says, "ok" probably lying again and going to continue to do the wrong thing, which I will have to call her AGAIN about because apparently it's absolutely necessary that we always call these people for this particular no-no. That's my vent.
  16. I could never get 'into' working out. Rather, I like to actually work instead, making money or accomplishing some task. For example, I used to pick fruit and would make up to $450 in a six hour day. Of course, that meant almost running and climbing up/down ladders with up to 60lbs hanging off my shoulders. My resting heartbeat was around 40 and I was pretty cut. ..Willy.
  17. I'll check it out in a bit. Have a blog entry that's been percolating for the past few months AND it isn't a lame 'sux 2 be me' one either! ..Willy.
  18. :

    I can honestly say this was one of the worst days of my life and time at I got carried away with my own ego. It was immature and unprofessional something that I have regretted many times over the years. Up until this point everything was going great. I did not open that post for my own gratification.At the time it was the wrong thing to do. Idk what was going on in my head on that day,maybe I was having a moment idk. Mood swings tend to do that to you from time to time. .. I loved helping people and still do (if I can) .All that aside I hope who ever is reading this realises I have no malice then or now and I just hope all who was involved in that post a happy wonderful life.x
  19. For me personally, I have more walls than the tower of London, so I would just shut it down and forget about it. But then again, I'm weird and prefer being single
  20. What I have learned is to follow heart. The head usually just gets in the way. The heart knows things the mind cannot comprehend. It wont make sense in the beginning. Thus it can be discouraging when things change and plans fall to pieces. But.. when we do let our guides guide us, and we follow heart, wonderful things unfold.
  21. "Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou, dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, a veritable butterfly, enjoying itself to the full of its bent, and not knowing it was Chuang Chou. Suddenly I awoke, and came to myself, the veritable Chuang Chou. Now I do not know whether it was then I dreamt I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man." So, maybe, is life itself. ..Willy.
  22. The one person I envisioned spending my life with,sadly passed away so I know to well what a broken heart feels like. We shared 31 wonderful years together. There's not a day goes by that I don't think about him.. However I've found myself in a new relationship. This one was totally unexpected. We've both been online friends for 8 years,we've had lots of banter along the way . Neither of us were interested (sexually) we were both spoken for and had no intention of cheating on our (Partners) but neither of us saw this coming..You could say it's destiny. Fate even. I think if things are meant to be,one way or another you will be together. What sacrifices did I make you may well wonder. Well for one I chose to grab any kind of happiness that was on offer. I chose to live. In doing so I nearly lost my family. I've lost friends whom I've known for many years, Because I'm a Widow I'm no longer considered "on the market" I should mourn my Husbands death and follow whatever rules apply to Widowhood. Do I think I've done the right thing by finding love once more? Hell yes! If it's destiny/fate you embrace it no matter what bs stands in the way. X
  23. All those members/none members who were having such a rough time I hope you all managed to find comfort and peace within your lives. I was happy being part of that community,it was full of spirit,courage and love.
  24. It's posts like these that kept going. It was great to be part of that kind of humour and even if they was trolling they did it with fun. I miss these people. I've been looking through the archives which held such good memories. I wish it could be like this again..
  25. I agree. I have examined the archive footage of "the landing" and there are problems with what I see. For example: we see the capsule landing on the moon... How is THAT possible? How did the camera crew get there first to film it. Not only that, the landing took place in 1969 - the same year Stanley Kubrick was filming 2001 A Space Odyssey....just saying it was a bit strange that certain gubbermental persons came to visit him on his lunar set at the production studio.....
  26. Looks like, Dr Ralph.:P
  27. Been a bit since my last post. I've been 'camping' in the driveway (kitted out Grumman Stepvan) for about a month and 1/2 now. My mom FINALLY got placement at an old folks home that specializes in Alzheimer's patients. She adjusted quite well to being at the hospital, but they had her totally spaced out on drugs and some of them rather nasty. Now, being in a place devoid of expensive/delicate/dangerous equipment, they've started titrating down her meds. She's getting the sparkle back to her eyes, but I fear it'll be rather short lived, seeing that she's an advanced case and they don't generally live too long. Unfortunately, the place they placed her is over an hour long drive away from home. Not ideal, since my dad isn't allowed to drive (lost his license an car has been disabled). That leaves things more or less squarely on the shoulders of my sister. Living the kind of lifestyle that i do means very little time spent anywhere near my parents (ahh.. such is the life of a nomad) and, 'cause of that, my youngest sister has been saddled with 'power of attorney'. That means she basically has to take care of everything. Talk about a shitty deal. With my mom in the ol' folks home my dad is left by himself at the house, and he's rapidly declining into senility. Actually, according to a social worker working where my mom is, there are people at the home who have higher psych evaluation scores than my dad! Problem is, unless the 'wheels fall off' and there's a major incident, the powers that be refuse to admit new patients unless they pay their way.. at over $6000/month!! Puts us in quite the pickle here. Dad doesn't want to sell the house/move and we can't really do anything til he has a stroke or goes completely off his rocker. They also don't have enough saved to pay for a room for any length of time. The local government has also erected soooo many hurdles to jump over, each taking inordinate periods of time and costing piles of money, that we're basically dead in the water. Well folks, I guess the lesson learned here is 'don't get old', cuz then you'll get royally screwed. HAH! All kidding aside, better plan for such things before it's too late or end up frantically paddling up shit creek, and it's one gushing torrent too. ..Willy.
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