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    I don't know why I'm writing here. I'm just crying probably because I'm so tired, but I can't sleep because I'm so upset about my relationship. It's a vicious cycle. I'm helplessly angry (not a normal condition for me at all) and I really really need a hug or something. I love my person, but he didn't talk to me for almost a month again. I thought I was somehow going to be okay with that. Not right now. I am a wreck and I have class early tomorrow. I thought I would stop crying if I wrote this dumb thing out. Maybe I'll get imaginary hugs if I post it.
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  4. I'm thankful to do whatever I want, which right now is sleep.
  5. I'm thankful that someone somewhere is really happy and their dreams are coming true and they are having such a great day. I am thankful that they exist and that life is good for them and I'm thankful for their happiness. And I'm thankful for people.
  6. Hi Manthy, I'm training in dog behaviour, I don't have experience with cats but I might be able to help. Have you had her examined by a vet? Aggression may be due to a pain or illness, visible or invisible. Without observing her it would be hard to see what would be triggering it, but I would take note on what occurs right before the attack and see if there's any kind of correlation. Its great your training her to come when called, maybe set up a little agility course and train her around that too. Also make sure she has a nice high spot to sit and observe. I take it she is a house cat too, so prehaps she needs more puzzles to solve and things to do. I hope that helps a little bit. If she is still being trouble then a feline behaviourist could really help you out. Honestly I wouldnt recommend another cat until you figure this one out.
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  8. I'm thankful for October. I'm thankful for leaves, pumpkins, candles, campfires, and stories.
  9. I'm thankful for love.
  10. at this point.. all i can say is i feel ya. LIFE throws so much stuff at you. my recipe probably doesn't suit everyone, i just deal with it, take arms when the forces are against you and lay back when the world is in favor.
  11. And I'm thankful for rainy mornings.
  12. "Thirteen reasons why" I think it's still on Netflix. Its definitely worth a watch. And Ozark. Happy watching!
  13. How are you feeling Anon?
  14. The formula: do your best to solve all your problems, perform your tasks and achieve your goals. Beyond what you can do--turn it over to God.
  15. Hello. Life can be so good, I'm sorry you're in a shitty patch. I think that after life, there really is nothing to worry about anymore, which is why life is so precious. Anything can matter just as much as you want it to, you know. You don't really have to do anything you don't want to. Mostly, I just hope you feel better. I know how it hurts to feel alone and wrapped up in problems nobody even wants to help you with. Sometimes though, the harder you try, the easier things get. I think people usually say the opposite, but that hasn't been my experience. It has been my experience that I want to yell at the world and say, "I CAN'T TRY ANY HARDER!" but then I calm down and try to take better care of myself so that life feels more okay and I can try better. I can't tell you how much it helps to be able to recognize when you really need sleep or exercise or a hug to feel better.
  16. Aaaaand I'm thankful for healthy food and for being able to cook some really tasty food.
  17. I'm thankful for life!!! I am thankful to see this beautiful list. I'm thankful to take this time to express that I'm deeply grateful for my life and that I can see through the hecticness of a busy daily schedule to the underlying values and meaning and love. Also, I'm thankful to try harder to keep up an appreciative presence.
  18. Hi there, You are not alone in feeling like that. I have been there myself. IMO the best thing you can do is to talk about what is making you feel the way you are feeling. And we are here to listen.
  19. What makes you think people will be better off if you didn't exist? I to used to think that. I've seen how dark that's tunnel can get. You need to believe that things can/ will change. Bad things happen to great people every single day,you can not change that. However what you can do is open your eyes a little wider there is so much more to see. There is light at the end of the tunnel trust me..
  20. Hey, Im here I'm listening to you love. Talk to me.*hugs*
  21. Just really down. You know when you're young you go through some depressed phase, making posts, getting some sort of consolation because things aren't really all that bad, even though they still suck a little. Then you get older, and posting anything seems futile, because there is no consolation. The problems get more complicated and too difficult to solve, and costly to do so. I feel alone, wishing I never existed really. I wish I had never been born. The point of this post is to say, I really hope that after death there is peace, just nothingness. Just a dark blackness, non-existence. Not to say I intend to end things, I unfortunately have religious beliefs, and not to mention the selfishness of it. Although I know some would be better off. I want to be booked in somewhere and stare at a wall until I die. I want my existence to be simple. I hate feeling this way. And here I get to the point, do I post this or erase it all and go to bed? I feel so alone, and I want to feel okay.
  22. I hope your joking. You can't treat animals like that. That's just wrong imo.
  23. I think I'd grab her by the back of the neck and throw her into a wall if she bit me. My dad was a veterinarian and he had to deal with strange animals every day and he always let them know who the boss was. He didn't work on dogs and cats though, mainly horses and they can really hurt you, kill you if they want. He didn't have a problem beating the hell out of them and it seemed to work. Of course I'm not sure you want your cat to fear you. Animals feared him.
  24. Manthy your cat sounds like a bitch. Is she a female? Females are known to be queens who tend to rule the home. I to had a female cat,she never hurt me like yours did,if she had I would have set her straight. When she attacks you,you are enabling her behaviour by rewarding her with treats. You need to change the rules. She can't go on attacking you like this,she may be young but that's no excuse. The next time she attacks you stop her treats. Stop feeding her. Let her know you are the Queen of the home not her/him. Don't let her sleep in your room either.
  25. So, My cat hurts me. We got her as a 2 month old kitten (she's 6 months now), the first week she was lovely, calm, exploring. The next week, probably because she became familiar with my boyfriend and me, and our apartment, she began attacking me (not him as much). Mainly biting ankles, feet, hands, arms. We got her lots of toy mice, and stuffed toys, a scratching post. She goes at them viciously, at least, but she directs that at me too. When she started attacking me, I decided to get one of her toys, and just play with her until she got too tired or bored. This would be during the night too, since she hurt us both while we slept. Twice she went for my neck while I was asleep. Anyway, this has helped somewhat, playing with her when she gets like that, but she still doesn't stop biting at my legs and ankles when I just walk by her. She is also very sweet at times, before she eats each time (free feeds), she seeks love and attention from me, she kisses me in the mornings and lies next to me before she gets food. Once in a blue moon, she'll have a really good day where she doesn't hurt me at all, she's loving all day, or just lies somewhere in another room and I hardly see her most of the day. On the days that she's 'good' I treat her tremendously, I'm also training her to come to me when I call her with these treats. I do treat her every day (picking a time when she's been calm for an hour or 2). Why I'm posting this, is that, recently the attacks have become slightly more aggressive when she does decide to. In that, she's started attacking me from behind when I'm sitting on the bed, going for the back of my head (which she digs her nails into and bites) - and yes, it hurts like hell. So, I want to know if anyone has advice on redirecting this behaviour elsewhere, how to do that and if I can 'calm' her down in any way and also how to do that? I realise she is a cat, that this is instinctual behaviour for her, learning how to hunt and whatnot, so I have no intention of 'removing' it. I've just had many cats from young and my boyfriend has too, and we've never seen such behaviour before. I know she likes me to some degree, she always picks me to sleep near, and I'm the one to feed her, clean her litter box, play with her. The only reason for the aggression that I can think of, other than learning to hunt, is that there are days that I'm at school, or work (Mo-Th), and she's upset that I've been away (but my boyfriend is at home when I'm not). We never leave her alone for more that 3 or 4 hours, and usually it's only an hour or 2 when we go grocery shopping or whatnot. I'm at home the entire weekend, and she's nicer to me on these days. I would still like to know if I can redirect her frustrations though. She's also an 'only' cat, so I guess a friend would help, but we can't afford 2. My boyfriend suggested that she sees me as a playmate, and him as "just some roommate she has to live with."
  26. I have to admit the animals that weren't human seemed a little smarter.
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