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  1. Thank you! I actually just found the perfect person to marry us. He's a catholic priest but he specializes in interfaith marriages. It's perfect! I can't wait to have a consultation with him.
  2. I've been to his friends nondenominational church a few times and it was nice I've been to a Catholic wedding too though and it didn't click and he's catholic. That's why I thought it would be better if we left religion out of it!
  3. Don't worry guys we won't pressure each other in any way. We talked about it together and so it's fair we will get a justice of the peace to marry us!
  4. My boyfriend just proposed today! We've been together since December 2012. I love him so much and I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him. I said yes! Now I just have to find a way to tell my parents who hate him because he's christian and white and they're pakistani and Muslim. My mom is also recovering from cancer so I'm worried how they're going to take the news Any advice?
  5. Better too thick than too thin!
  6. Get it thinned out when you go to the salon.
  7. Because you should always make it a combination of both. Also, it's easy to remember all of the good things about a past relationship and forget all of the bad things.
  8. You know, being in a relationship that makes you unhappy is so much worse. When you're single, the whole world is open to you! You can do whatever you want and the only person whose feelings you have to worry about are your own. Being single is pretty awesome.
  9. Yeah, don't ask her about the status. Also, stop looking at her FB, she's your ex and that's not healthy.
  10. One of my friends is 20ish years older than her boyfriend. She actually does get tons of odd looks from people. In fact, she has lost a lot of friends bc of that. (He's about 23 and she's mid-40s). I dunno, I find any age difference more than 10 years to be too much regardless if the man or woman is older. But who cares what I think as long as the couple is happy!
  11. Have you ever read Life of Pi? The main character is just like you!!!
  12. This is a tough one since you're traveling. I saw a prank where you replace sugar with ground up alka seltzer tablets. It looks just like sugar and when you add it to coffee, bam! Instant foam everywhere. I'm not 100% sure how you would do that without being in an office setting, though.
  13. Hey all, A few weeks ago I donated bone marrow. The pain wasn't bad-I haven't taken a single Tramadol tablet I was prescribed. Last week, I slipped on some ice and fell backwards pretty hard. The site of the bone marrow donation was very slightly sore before the fall, but now the pain is at a level 3-4 constantly. Is this normal? Also, the doctors told me no strenuous exercise for 3 weeks. It will officially be 3 weeks on Wednesday. Should I still avoid heavy exercise for longer then because of the fall? Also, does anyone know when I'm going to feel 100% back to normal? I'm still really tired all the time. I feel like the doctor went over all of this... while I was coming out of anesthesia. So I remember nothing and my mom wasn't paying attention lol.
  14. Pinterest can be your best friend when it comes to recipes. There are vegetarian and vegan recipes everywhere on that site! In fact, I made an amazing beet dip a few days ago. My favorite salad ever: Romaine lettuce (or a salad mix) Dried cranberries Small pieces of Brie (a type of cheese for those who don't know Almonds Chopped carrots And a little bit of raspberry vinaigrette!
  15. Did you know that being addicted to junk food is actually a very real, problematic addiction for a huge percentage of the world right now? The simple carbohydrates in processed foods release feel good endorphins in our systems and it can be very difficult to wean yourself off them. Whenever I go overseas and come back, I actually find it difficult to consume even one whole slice of pizza. That's because proteins and complex carbohydrates are the general staples to diets in third world countries, whereas sugars and simple carbs are the main diet for most developed countries like the US. I'm in the same boat right now, I haven't been eating healthy in a long time. I find that it's easier to change your diet when you have support! If you would like to make this diet change with me, feel free to message me anytime. (Actually, anyone on this website can message me anytime.) We can hold each other accountable, like they do in Weight Watchers and Overeaters Anonymous.