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  1. Hi Aeolian!!! I rarely get on here either...Its just not the same. =[
  2. Ok so I need some help and advice and cheering up here. Me and my friend were supposed to go up north on a camping trip at my parents camper for a week. We both have multiple dogs, me having three, her having two. One of her dogs has some...issues. Whenever she comes over, she pees in my house, chases my cat, and intimidates my dogs. She has attacked one of my passive, happy-go-lucky, love everyone dog multiple times for no reason, and she doesn't get along with my other dog, who is dog aggressive. So, originally, we were going to bring her dogs up for the first half and then switch out halfway through. Then, my parents, who are letting us go up there and stay there, decided that they weren't comfortable with her dog going up due to her bing unpredictable and her always peeing inside whenever she's in my house or whatever. So, I told my friend and she completely flipped. She told me its bullshit, that my parents suck, and that she's not going anymore, and that its like her saying my dog aggressive dog isn't allowed at her house anymore because he's unpredictable. He hasn't gone to her house since she gave up on working with them on getting them to like eachother a little more. And even then it was very controlled. But I'm respecting that that is her house, and so I don't bring him there, so why can't she have the same respect for me? I'm upset because she's one of my best friends, and I don't want her to be upset and I still want her to go, and she's overreacting completely I think. I mean, I get where she's coming from because its her dog, but she isn't seeing where my parent's are coming from. Whats worse is I have anxiety, and I used to have vindictive friends, and I'm worried that this is going to tear us apart, or its going to make her cancel future plans. I honestly don't know what to say to her. I'm really upset.
  3. Wait...did she pass away or just leave help?
  4. So I'm looking at getting a new laptop to use in class. I want a lightweight, small one, that isn't SUPER expensive. Any suggestions?
  5. Making dinner and started crying for no reason. Yup thats healthy.

    1. Max


      Happens. What do you think the trigger was?

  6. It's a flat one. Pillow form.
  7. Three years ago, my dog died. I still have his bed sitting in my room and I can't seem to put it away, get rid if it or let my other two dogs sleep on it. One of them really likes dog beds, so she keeps laying on it (getting her her own bed soon). The question is, does anyone have any ideas of how I can reuse his old bed (without completely ruining it or throwing it away?)
  8. What is a warning point and how do I get some?

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    2. Padre J Roulston

      Padre J Roulston

      Warning points are bad... They are for if you break the rules... So why do you want some? O_o

    3. Tiikeri


      Thought they sounded fun...haha

    4. Padre J Roulston
  9. That sounds perfect. Thanks!
  10. I'm not really sure. She never told me that. But I feel like they're not working, combined with the fact that she's drinking, since alcohol is a depressant.
  11. If only...sadly that won't get me enough. Gotta do something "productive" so I can donate money to save tigers. Maybe I'll counsel tigers with marital issues.
  12. Yeah!
  13. So my friend suffers from depression and normally talks to me when she feels like its too much. She is on meds, but they don't seem to be working. She seems to think that since I'm going to school to be a psychologist (Undergrad, not qualified, going to school for an LMFT) that I'm someone to talk to, which is fine, but she seems to think that I'm able to solve her problems, which I can't, especially when I can't even begin to solve my own. She's drinking--which worsens depression--and won't listen to me when I tell her she should stop drinking for now. Basically, whats the nicest way for me to tell her that she can't keep coming to me with these problems because I honestly don't know how to deal with them? Its doesn't seem to be helping, and I feel like she should see someone who is actually qualified, and also get her meds adjusted. Someone give me advice now. Please.
  14. Petsmart. Retail. I hate it and love it at the same time. Hate=People are rude to me. All day long. I get ignored. Asked for advice on something, then ignored. Love=I get to see puppies. And I work with amazing people.
  15. Because eye contact and real life socializing is scary, and we all avoid it at all costs.