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  1. Off Topic category, for random stuff.
  2. ^ True that.
  3. " I want a help " Just one? or do you require many?
  4. Age doesnt seem as weird the older you go.... 20-34 cool.. 10-24 is the same thing but eeeeee yikes.
  5. I think the main negative thing about this site is the regular spammers
  6. Give the UN everything >.... unless they decide to censor everything too
  7. Sup d00d
  8. What do you guys think of the game titanfall? Its kinda new and idd like to know if its worth getting. To me it looks like a Halo/COD hybrid.
  9. Then how old are you? That feeling usually goes away around the early 20s.
  10. No, thats a common way of thinking especially with teenage boys, it passes as you get older Best way to get past it is to play games and have fun.
  11. Lol its all about love and dating. The guy asking wants to probably date you, and is asking you whether you like the guy because if you dont he has a shot with you. If you still like the guy then to him that means he doesnt have a chance. Tell him that you see him as a good friend. Friendzone solves everything >x)
  12. Backing up data from a phone isnt that hard especially for android.
  13. Awesome. Let's do this.