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  1. The new banner ad that no one seems to object to, in my opinion, is a plastic flower on the grave of the old The old owners of let it languish and wither, that's a fact. The new owners spoke kindly to the community and gave it some attention. "Don't worry, everyone, it's just a shower." But then you wonder why there are fingernails in the walls. Do you know how much money it takes to run a site like the one you're on right now? Next to nothing. The hosting might cost you or me $100 a year, but costs the owners nothing. Nothing. They own multiple hosting companies, including Hostgator, BlueHost,, and the IPO for the umbrella corporation, Endurance International Group, was $252 million. And now they want to put fucking ads on it so they can promote it? It's a joke, a diversion. They didn't buy to rescue it, but to exploit it. It was a site that actually saved lives. Now it will be just another business tech solution. Already, traffic on has doubled in a month. Of course it's no longer a truly international site, as almost 70% of the new's traffic is from the US. As for this generic site with an unknown url and volunteer mods and admin, when I logged in today, it had only ONE member online (me) and 40 guests. You could get more traffic than that with a knitting site. Look up, it's raining, and oh look at the pretty rainbow logo! Yah! No wait, what's that smell? We're getting pissed on people. Hostgator boasts about it's dedication to freedom of speech. But I bet it won't take long to remove this post or to ban my ass! Enjoy the new site, ya'll.
  2. Help was once the Wild West of the internet, with gunslingers, outlaws, snake oil salesmen, a saloon and Conestoga wagons full of people passing through and searching for a new start. Now it's a ghost town or maybe a retirement home.
  3. To use the Oracle's expression, I'm right as rain.
  4. Make sure you don't eat or drink anything with caffeine after about 2 in the afternoon.
  5. Maybe the person keeps forgetting your wife's name?
  6. I thought you were going to a spin conspiracy theory with facts, or at least site what appear to be facts. Instead, it seems you expressed frustration over the general lack of control that most people (me included) feel, and fixated over whether to capitalize letters in what we call ourselves. Other than the government being too big and corporations and wealthy people having too much control over the course of everyone's lives, what exactly is it you would like to see instead? The US Supreme Court appointed mostly by Republicans basically just gave corporations the right to determine elections. And the Democrats want everyone dependent on the government. They are two sides to the same coin in my opinion. But there is no viable alternative. People of other nations have even less say over their lot in life than we do. A long time ago I subscribed to an end-of-the-world worldview, like you, but I do no longer. I now see it as a delusion of grandeur that allowed me to live in a state of perpetual paranoia instead of taking positive action to change the world around me. So, those of you who are waiting for Christ to ride in on a white horse and establish a theocracy, are you doing what he said to do.. feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, turning the other cheek, giving to those in need (for my part, I confess that I'm not really living up to that)? Or are you gathering as much money as you can, eating too much, drinking too much, arguing with your neighbors, pissing away time on the Internet, giving in to road rage, and insulating yourselves from the ones that God told us to love like our own selves? Have you become enamored with religious dogma and forgotten that "pure religion and undefiled before God the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep yourself unspotted from the world"? I know I need to change, to be a better person, to work to make sure that my country is more democratic. I'll leave the post now to let the rest of you denounce me or to complain about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket. But you know it's always been that way. The powerful have always subjugated the weak. I suggest that rather than having a bitch-fest, we all get off our asses and do something to help make the world better. Because entrenching and holding on is the same as burying your talent in the dirt and hoping the master isn't angry when he returns from his journey.
  7. You may not want to hear this but in my opinion it's over. And if it isn't over, what remains is him getting laid with no commitment. It's easy in a relationship to forget that you're considerably older than he is, and that your kids are not his. You have all the skin in the game and he has none. And anyone who cheats and then pledges his love is a liar. It will hurt, but be done with him for your sake and for your kids.
  8. Draw me a bath.
  9. Blind devotion to any belief system is foolish. Faith isn't blindness, it's seeing what you think is there.. and may be or may not be. Seeking God is the pursuit of truth, and that's a search that's never a waste of time. Unfortunately most avenues of pursuit of God are intertwined with religions, which are riddled with power-hungry and judgmental people. I don't do religion anymore. If God is anywhere it's inside you. Just know that you when you ask for a sign and indeed get a sign, when you ask for a word of wisdom and get what you expected, that it's your mind that speaks, your mind that fills in the gaps of what you want to believe. The only avenue I have left is to keep it ultra-simple: love God and love my neighbor, turn the other cheek, seek peace, don't judge. Easier said than done.
  10. She said look, not stare. Yeah staring would be creepy, but if someone won't make eye contact while they're speaking with you, they're either hiding something or intimidated. And in the OP's case it would be because the guy likes her/him.
  11. some of my favorites not in order and not necessarily THE top 10 and it's more than 10.. It's a Wonderful Life The Lion King Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban Forrest Gump The Elephant Man The Shawshank Redemption E.T. Into the West (1992) Saving Private Ryan Avatar To Kill a Mockingbird Rain Man Toy Story The Seventh Seal The Empire Strikes Back Slumdog Millionaire Toy Story Monsters Inc.
  12. If she loves you, you won't need to gimmick it up.
  13. the running of the bulls in Madrid
  14. Proposing to someone you haven't really been around for 5 years is not wise. It's too sudden, too much of a shock, sounds stalker-ish. What you have built up in your mind may have nothing to do with her present reality. First propose lunch or grabbing a cup of coffee. If she says yes, then at least that's a start.
  15. Wasps help keep the mosquito population down. Don't bother them and they shouldn't bother you.