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  1. I feel like the only one in the world that stopped watching 13 reasons after a few episodes. I wasnt in a good place at the time and felt it was making it worse. Maybe I should watch again
  2. Hi Manthy, I'm training in dog behaviour, I don't have experience with cats but I might be able to help. Have you had her examined by a vet? Aggression may be due to a pain or illness, visible or invisible. Without observing her it would be hard to see what would be triggering it, but I would take note on what occurs right before the attack and see if there's any kind of correlation. Its great your training her to come when called, maybe set up a little agility course and train her around that too. Also make sure she has a nice high spot to sit and observe. I take it she is a house cat too, so prehaps she needs more puzzles to solve and things to do. I hope that helps a little bit. If she is still being trouble then a feline behaviourist could really help you out. Honestly I wouldnt recommend another cat until you figure this one out.
  3. Lol, are you sure its every single time and youre not just noticing when it doesnt happen? Maybe get the council on it to fix it
  4. For me personally, I have more walls than the tower of London, so I would just shut it down and forget about it. But then again, I'm weird and prefer being single
  5. Its hard to say, I have never been in that situation. But I would imagine circumstances would play a big part, distance, moving away, and if someone else was involved would deter me. Other questions I would ask is would working hours get in the way of spending time together? Are our interests and future goals aligned?
  6. I know how you feel, I'm nearing 30 and never had a serious relationship and I don't want to get married. That doesn't stop me feeling bad about myself like I should be getting married and having kids. Just like everyone around me. As long as you're happy it really doesn't matter. Other people shouldn't affect how you feel about yourself.
  7. Things are getting better :)

    1. Padre J Roulston

      Padre J Roulston

      And that is a good thing. :D


  8. Sorry, I have no idea. Why not pick a dorm and try to find out as much as possible about it. If you live in the area, drop by and see if the date is on the building.
  9. Take time out for yourself and do something completely meaningless. It took me a long time to figure this one out. I always felt guilty for doing something unproductive, like playing computer games, so much so that I never did anything fun, didn't watch much tv, movies or anything that just wastes time, so I got burned out working until 10pm every night. But its really freaking important to do nothing and not feel guilty about it.
  10. Harry Potter, because obviously I would love to be a witch and study at Hogwarts
  11. Movies are dramatised, they do it for effect. I'm sure every soldier has pics of their loved ones, and it's rare that anything happens to them and its definitely not because they took a picture with them.
  12. I'm so sorry to hear that Pepper, I hope you're getting help too, sending hugs to you. I am feeling better, I considered stopping taking the meds but then reminded myself that I probably feel better because of the meds. It drags because i have to keep having appointments every 1-2 weeks. But Im more hopeful, determined and motivated now
  13. I did it in the woods twice, in the snow too. And im not convinced we wouldnt have been seen, i wasnt thinking with my brain in those moments. Same with barns and car parks. Honestly i much prefer in a bed where you can be more adventurous.
  14. Take a deep breath. You have a lot on your plate, but it sounds mostly out of your control and not really your problem. Does the roommate situation really effect you? It sounds like they're moving out and two new ones are moving in. Yes you have to live with them but it doesn't sound like there's much that you can do, or that you need to worry. I think your roommate could be dragging their feet because they're scared of moving on to the next chapter. Your dad clearly loves you, he takes your calls and offers support, but you feel he owes you financially? You're an adult so he doesn't, he is focused on his kids because they can't support themselves, and he might just be able to keep it together with nothing to spare. Your mum sounds needy and unable to cope with life alone. Maybe she is depressed, struggling. You could try to help her by showing her how to manage money. You seem to have a lot of fear. Mostly unfounded fear of things that haven't happened or might not happen. If you're contemplating suicide and feel depressed you should talk to a doctor. It will help.
  15. Maybe hold a meeting with parents telling them all the activities that you do etc so they know what the kids are up to. And be a little more authoritative when it is time to pack up and leave. Most kids these days have mobile phones so they should be able to let the parents know what theyre up to