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  1. He doesn't expect me to. I offer, I offer the same to all of our other friends at these parties. Before I leave I always go around and make sure EVERYONE has a way to get home. I'm sort of the Mamma of the group, I take care of everyone and like I said. I said no and he stopped. He is a slut he will happily admit that himself, but he's also the one who fed me when someone stole all of my money out of my bank account and the one who put the fear of God into a man who called me fat slut when I wouldn't give him my number at work. He gets drunk and he acts silly and gets very cuddly and touchy but he understands no which is a very big deal to me. And Ralph so do you think that because a victim put themselves at risk the rapist shouldn't be punished as badly? The big big thing about this isn't that some people rape. Rape is always going to happen because rapists have mental illnesses, they will rape even if you are covered from head to toe and in full control of yourself, the reason they target the scantily clad and the drunk is because they know when it goes to court that fact will be used against the women and they will get less time if any time at all. when you tell a woman to cover up more or drink less you're really telling her to let him rape someone else. What I AM saying is if a woman is scantily clad or drunk or whatever that doesn't make it okay for someone to rape her, and it shouldn't make his punishment any less. Which is what happens all the time. What I am saying here is that Bob is proof that you can never blame the victim and that what matters is that someone raped someone else.
  2. I know that most guys are. its the criminal justice system that says that men can't control themselves so women have to be responsible for their own safety. I just thought that Bob was an excellent example as to why exactly that wasn't true.
  3. I can't put this on any of my social media because everybody I know would be able to make the connection to who he is and I don't want to do that to him. But i do want more people to hear this story so help spread it around guys.
  4. Hey guys! So something happened tonight and I want to tell someone about it but I can't really tell the people I know personally about it. This is about victim blaming in sexual assault cases. Tonight I broke several rules to avoid being a victim. I have this friend, lets call him Bob. I've known him for roughly 2 years. He's very flirtatious and likes to sleep with a lot of women. He would pretty much sleep with any woman who would be willing to sleep with him. Now he didn't screw around with any feelings, always told them up front that he was just in it for the sex and if they weren't okay with that they could leave. Now I don't sleep around like that and I think it upsets him a little that I'm not like many other women who are just willing to throw themselves at him, but we do casually flirt with each other. (So there is one rule broken, I flirt with him therefore I lead him on.) Anyway, he also likes to drink, I don't. I like to go to parties, hang out and talk to people and quite frankly its funny watching other people get shit faced. At most of these parties I usually bring Bob home. He doesn't drive and he is ALWAYS very very drunk. So tonight there was a Halloween party and I drove Bob home. (3 more rules broken, I left my self completely alone with someone who was shit faced drunk who I knew was attracted to me) and lastly I was in my Halloween costume, which isn't as skimpy as most but it did show more cleavage than I usually do and the skirt was a bit shorter than what I usually wear. (Another rule, I wasn't dressed "properly) Now a big issue with Bob is once he's asleep (whether he is shit faced or not) waking him up is nearly impossible. I've had to let him sleep in my car before because I couldn't get him to wake up. That; however, wasn't an option tonight because I have to bring my brother to work in the morning and wont have time to bring Bob home too. So every time I noticed he was falling asleep I slapped his leg to keep him up. At one point he grabbed my hand and held it for a bit before attempting to have me fondle him. I told him "Knock it off, you're drunk" he said "okay." A little bit later on in the drive while I was trying to keep him talking to keep him awake he yanked the sleeve of my top off my shoulder. I said "Excuse me" and he replaced the sleeve on my shoulder and said "I'm sorry." after that I had no more incidents with him. If something had happened. If he had forced himself on me. All of those rules that I broke would have been used against me. "Why did you flirt with him?" "Why didn't you have any friends with you?" "You knew he wanted to have sex with you." "He was drunk he wasn't in full control of himself." and "Why were you dressed like a slut?" But tonight Bob just debunked every single one of those. Because even though I do casually flirt with him he knew that no means no. Even though he was shit faced drunk and I was wearing less than usual he still understood that I wasn't interested. And I am proud of Bob for being a better man than society has painted men to be. Because society has painted them as weak minded creatures and can't possibly be expected to control themselves around women but Bob has proved society wrong and more men should be doing the same thing.
  5. TehJackal thanks but I'm trying to get out of the heat, not go to a different kind of heat. texas and florida are both very warm and humid places. Vegas is a dry heat. BuckingFastard I have 2 dogs what's the likeliness of me finding someone who would be okay with that? lol. Thanks for the help guys I really appreciate it. Evidently I'm not going to be able to leave Vegas as soon as I had hoped. My older brother is trying to get me to go closer to the east coast (and as much as I would enjoy that because I do tend to get along better with those people.) I don't want to go TOO far away because my baby brother is here and I need to be able to have quick access to him if necessary. If anybody has any nice smaller towns in washington or oregon that they would recommend I would appreciate that as well.
  6. I hate the big city. I always have. I'm already used to being the source of hate and gossip so I can handle that too. I only did one year of college and got $25000 in debt so yeah the degree isn't going to happen anytime soon. As for my company it doesnt really work like that. It's a small business and I would basically be asking my current franchisee to give me an excellent recommendation to the franchisee there. And hope that my current one isnt going to be bitter that I'm leaving.
  7. That's one reason why salem would be a good idea. It's more of a tourist attraction and I could probably get transferred doing the same job I'm doing now. This way I can stay in management and not have to start from the beginning. As of right now I can save about $2400 by next July (unless I get another raise.) And I know that's not enough but there is just no way I can handle another summer out here. I have to spend 8 hours a day outside in 115° heat. The process of moving isn't going to cost much I don't own much stuff and my dad and brothers will happily help me move with their trucks so I don't need to worry about renting a uhaul or anything. I do plan on going out there for like 3 days to check it out and look around first (probably in January) I'm not worried about neighbors I already deal with assholes here in vegas it can't get much worse. And I'm whiter than white so I don't have to worry about racist rednecks giving me crap I'm more worried about religious nuts. I'm thinking salem may be my better option but I've never been to either so I really just need to get a good look around first and foremost.
  8. I'm trying to move. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have never lived any where else. I'm kind of desperate to get out of here. I hate Vegas, the whether, the pollution, the people, the environment! I'm really interested in either Jacksonville, Oregon or Salem, Oregon. But I have absolutely no idea how to even begin to go about moving out of the state. How do you find a job before you live there? I'm terrified of moving there and using up all my savings before I find a job and then just get stuck going back to Vegas. I don't know ANYBODY in either of those cities so I would be completely on my own. And there is the matter of choosing between the two cities. Salem is closer to Portland so if I need to go into the city its right there, but Jacksonville is closer to Vegas so it would be easier to visit friends and family. Jacksonville is also smaller less than 3,000 people Salem has about 10,000 and those are both extremely small compared to Vegas which has about 800,000 people. I'll take either I love the small town idea. But pretty much everything comes back to finding a job. I'm 20 years old I only have 1 year of a college education and 2 years sales experience. I would have to be able to find a job with enough income that I could completely support myself with no help. I've tried doing research on the difference between taxes and pricing of everything but I'm just getting more and more confused! All I know is I can't take another summer out here! And I would really love a white X-mas. And I just don't know where to start or how to even begin the process! I need to be out of here by next July, I'll be 21 by then. Anybody who has moved out of state before or has ever lived or does live in Salem or Jacksonville could help me. I just don't know anything. For reference in Vegas: I'm in management selling sunglasses. I make 9.50 an hour plus commission and a bonus structure. (After commission and everything I average about $14 an hour working 76 hours a week) minimum wage here is $8.25) So my net income is just under $1800 a month, gross income is about $2100 a month. After my car this is enough for me to afford a 1 bed, maybe 2 bed, apartment by myself in Vegas. Any help is welcome PLEASE! I'm kind of desperate.
  9. Thanks Emerge but the disadvantage of living in the middle of the desert (Las Vegas) means that fish gets really really expensive.
  10. I've never really been a big fan of meat anyway. Only ate it because in my dads house it was eat what you were given or dont eat at all. He's a gourmet chef so he had to come up with all the big meaty dishes. He loved his steak. I havent come across a veggie that I don't like yet, beans are where I'm worried because I have NEVER liked beans. I know I'm not going to be able to eat fish on a regular basis, that's way too expensive. Also, I have aortic insufficiency, I have a leak in my valve, it was very small and minor but I recently went in for my annual check up and they told me that it had widened and could become very serious if I didn't change my lifestyle. That included stress, diet, and exercise.
  11. dietitians cost money that I don't have.
  12. So, due to my current health situation, I have decided that becoming a pescatarian would be beneficial for me. However, I have no idea where to start. I don't know what to eat to ensure I'm getting a full diet that will cover the spectrum of vitamins and nutrients I need. I also don't know how to go about paying for this kind of diet, from what I've heard it's pretty expensive. And I don't know anyone who is a vegetarian/ pescatarian to help guide me. Any help would be nice. I have no problem giving up meat, in fact I prefer a veggie burger over a real one any day. Fish, however is a completely different story, which is why I'm going to be a pescatarian, not a vegetarian, sorry but sushi is life. Please help me with this transition. Thanks.
  13. i like ur new hair cut

    1. Angel


      Thanks, I shaved it all off last October, this picture was taken I think in January. It's about to my shoulders now.

  14. Exactly... Bros who like My Little Pony... I have found groups in every other city other than Las Vegas and I don't have the money to leave the city for conventions and stuff, and I don't know anyone here who likes it
  15. Oh and I will welcome discussions from any one of my other fandoms as well.