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  1. 1 hate tt when walkers walk 2 and 3 abreast, totally blocking the running trail. 1ts pretty selfish 1n my opinion.
  2. No politician other than trump has addressed the concerns of 'OLD SCHOOL AMERICANS' 1 am sick and tired of political correctness Seems like hilary cant hold a candle to trump.
  3. Bring back the old format PLEASE. All this newfangled stuff s a total turnoff.
  4. hmmm....
  5. Do whats right 1n your heart. Who cares wat others thnk
  6. 1s there anybody out there. Just nod f you can hear me. 1s there anyone home.Sorry to be late. NOW pour me a nice reunion drink e poo
  7. The word racist has digressed to just about anything the black community deems racist including clamng that only whtes can be racist.
  8. What's left of the great artists. Glenn Frey also of the eagles.
  9. Buy a blow up doll. ITS there when you need it without all the hassle. Sex is over the top too powerful an attraction to mess wit esp[ically with the wrong one. Get tired of your doll, just deflate it and move on.. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.
  10. nevermind..... You say you are not forcing your will on someone and then you turn around and say if they dont believe what I believe there f ig stupid. You didnt read a word I wrote. I give up. do what you want.
  11. Again pepperjelly i get it and i wish we all lived in a more humane manner. hugs
  12. Hey you cant force people to have the reaction you believe in. IMPOSSIBLE. You seem to want to control other people belief system. What about man spread. I personally have no problem with guys relaxing in public and have a spread happening. To me personally it isnt offensive or sexual in any way. But thats my perspective. GUYS are just being chill when they do this, but guess what. Women have made this an issue and some women are offended by it. Do I try to change the way they feel about it because in AEOLIANS mind its not something to take offense to? I simply cant force my will on every hum,an being on the planet. My take is why would I draw angry aggression to this NATURAL posture. To me its natural. To some its wrong. I personally dont want to piss people off in public. Again I ask, why would you want to draw aggression to yourself and your baby in public. ITS ok in your belief system and its totally cool in my belief system, but we have a lot of humans walking the planet. You simply will not get everybody thinking and feeling the same way as you. Maybe some are offended by religious reasons, maybe some guys get aroused,by this. Who knows. Again you simply cant force how you feel on everybody. So you have to ask yourself is it really worth it to make a scene in public. IS IT?
  13. Padre is the man. Without padre theres no hel dot com or whatever this site calls itself. i
  14. Well, lets be real here. Why draw aggression to yourself and your child? Even if its totally natural and theres nothing wrong in your mind about breastfeeding in public, you cannot control the reactions of others no matter how much profilitizing you do. You have to understand that some humans may be offended by this. Why put yourself and your baby in a situation that may be unpleasant. You cant legislate how someone would react to this. Personally I dont have a problem with this and for some reason all sexual idation gets blocked,.. I i
  15. I dont know what your condition is [adre but all good health starts in the intestines. The first order of business is to totally clean your colon out. This will be an effort on your part because it involves a fast. Go online to a site lihe and get the best colon cleanse you can afford. man the top 1% ers have really screwed our health up. The merchant bankers that control the planet has created a very diseased planet. Ill leave it at that. Please find a naturopathic doctor not a dietician. I can give you a number to a very good one who would probably to help you over the phone..