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  1. I love him though. He's my beautiful boy.
  2. That was my sad attempt to draw using a computer app. It was supposed to be a cool looking weird looking dude but it didn't work out all too well.
  4. At the risk of being one of THOSE people I think having a significant other that you see regularly and with whom you can relieve your natural urges with and also cuddle with is a great way to destress healthily.
  5. Also
  6. That's a movie trick. The director wants you to feel extra bad for the guy when he dies in the next scene so they show you a pic of his wife and family who seem oh so happy and beautiful. Then they gut you with feelings.
  7. Oral tends to be awkward, maybe because of our body types? Like I find it hard to reach her, and also my oral skills need work honestly. I'm better with my fingers. We're not rural enough to have a random patch of woods we can just roll into, unfortunately. I'd love to do while driving or in a plan, for the novelty, exactly. I'd get arrested so fast around here for the car thing though, it's just not practical.
  8. I hate it when people ask me to be creative. If I was creative, I wouldn't be asking this question. Ya'll need to make up for my lack dammit.
  9. The cheapest motel I could fine by googling around me was 90 dollars.....We would be going to a motel a few nights a week if it was that cheap. What I'm doing now is I lay two thick mattress covers down in the back and we do it on that. It's hard to get leverage sometimes, but it's been working reasonably well. The biggest problem now is that sometimes weird stuff happens around us, like there was a robbery in a store near where we did it last time. It can be spooky when you're alone in a parking lot and suddenly hear car noises and she starts twitching her head back and forth.
  10. It's probably also super competitive and I'm sure there are things like politics and nepotism involved. Not necessarily family nepotism but friend nepotism. Only a select few can become generals, there can only be a certain number of them at any given point in history, probably less than 20.
  11. I have a crossover vehicle. Me and my gf tried it and it's terrible. We had an easier time in my old sedan. The problem is the floor is too hard to support our knees. And there's this weird incline that makes things complicated and uncomfortable as well. Can anyone think of any kind of mat or something I can put down back there? That would improve the situation dramatically, if we could kneel and it not hurt like a lot. PS we both live with our parents and it makes sex at eachother's homes problematic.
  12. how did everything go?
  13. Well, it happened again, different scenario where she basically tells me that she posts about me on social media but doesn't tell me what she posts. I'm going to mention it the next time we hang out. I'm just going to say, "I'm sure you're not doing it on purpose, but it's really annoying when you say "x" thing is a secret and just refuse to tell me. If you really don't feel comfortable telling me, you should be able to at least tell me why it' a secret, or failing at that, avoid bringing it up at all."
  14. To answer the last question first, no. But you should break up with him because you don't like him. You shouldn't date people you don't like. It's not good for either of you. Leave him and that way you'll be open to other, better relationships. Dealing with loneliness means finding ways to distract yourself: Hobbies. You need to find something to be interested in. What I started doing is using this site called I search for invents centered around my interests and I attend. I meet and talk to people. I don't always perform the best socially but it gets me out and makes me have to socialize and exercising those social muscles, so to speak. If you start going to the same meetup regularly you end up friends by association.
  15. The Lizard is Sick

    Straight from those lizardy fingertips. Super congested and mouth super dry. I've been drinking all day. Not the fun kind ugh. Eff you human born illnesses. I think I got the girl I' started dating last month sick. Sorry girl I started dating. I just really wanted to make out with you and didn't care that there was a tickle in my throat. I said I was sorry, for th record. Don't feel like sleeping because I'm congested so decided to come on here and waste some time. Tired but can't sleep. At least it's the weekend. Also feeling sad because I feel like I'm a terrible employee at my job. I come to work 10 minutes late on a regular basis. They don't say anything, but they notice. I'm not really an above average employee in terms of productivity, though I am a responsible one (except for the lateness) and I learn quickly. Super happy about having a gf but sad because I'm sick and we can't hang out right now. That's all I've got to say tonight, I guess.