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  1. I'm with you on both of these
  2. sex

    Did you feel comfortable doing other sexual things with him? There is nothing wrong with having sex before marriage, just make sure you feel safe and comfortable with the person you are going to have sex with and of course use protection Try and talk to him about how you feel. Sex is such an intimate thing, especially for the first time that if you don't feel comfortable talking with him about then you probably won't feel comfortable actually doing it. Religion can be a positive thing, but I don't personally think it should make you feel wrong or guilty about doing things that aren't hurting you or anybody else. Sex is a natural urge and there is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy it. You are old enough to make your own decisions about YOUR life (because remember it is your life not your parents or your brothers) and sex is one of them.
  3. On old help you couldn't permanently delete your own posts, could we change this?
  4. My apologies for laughing at your grammar/spelling new admin. Grammar police sounds crack up
  5. That orange is hideous! lol
  6. Yeah, it was good because it wasn't just like any old forum. You had to see all posts and ended up helping with thing that you might not think to go and look for.
  7. Relationships also has a typo
  8. Thanks for answering some of our questions. As a side note, looked good yellow
  9. Also you seem to have forgotten a family section, seems like a biggy.
  10. wow detective work!
  11. The chatroom was one of the best things about the old site, well the old old old site that had a great chatroom. Please bring that back I also think the categories thing is kinda strange and will make it harder to give and get help and this site doesn't seem to have an anonymous option (correct me if I'm wrong). What else do we need team?
  12. Who are you new admin? Did you have anything to do with the previous site?