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  1. Hey guys , share the now playing songs....a youtube link of the song you are currently playing keep the notificatons on, so you don't miss any of the songs. #keeprocking
  2. when I use chrome it just takes up all the ram and I can't browse smoothly anymore or use other applications like word, excel alongwith it. Will increasing RAM improve my speed?? (1.7GHz processor, 1 gb ram currently, using windows 7 installed quite recently)
  3. like just now outside my room , in the next room....people are having drunken revelry and all. guys and girls are going gaga....dancing and all behind closed banging with pervy songs....alcohol smelling strong n i m just sitting here..... so i guess you understand what i mean? In the evening today, it was a beautiful weather outside, and we could many see couples strolling around in the campus....but i spent most of my time in my room...
  4. so I had been part of this whatsapp group for the last one month...they kicked me out today. Reason? Coz I was not "active" Now I am an introvert guy. I don't make many comments on the group. But this doesn't mean I was not active, I read each and every one's comments on the group. I spent millions of my seconds from my busy schedule on this group and whenever I replied I made it sure I made a useful comment. But now what should I do? Personally, I want to goto the house of the creator/admin of the group and thrash him up....jk But in all seriousness, what should I do? plz reply soon #feeling dejected #demoralized
  5. I need an online group chat/messaenger app for android/ipone. It should be able to accommodate more than 50 people. Whatsapp is one such app, for group chatting , but it accommodates only 50 ppl.
  6. lano try spirits...
  7. yeah. only 60 people can be in the group. we have 70 in class. so membership is a limited commodity...but i am sure i was not among the bottom 10 people coz many people are just so chill and do not contribute anything,,... or maybe, unknowingly, I was among the bottom 10. I don't know anyone I can talk to ...I am just so introvert :/ they have added some popular students recently, so the not so popular students like me got kicked out. :'( dunno if I should just accept it , or fight for the right....
  8. yes it was very important ...all important discussions regarding classes used to happen on that group i would miss them all.... I already talked to admin... he said as I was not active, he can't add me. but if some other member becomes non-active, in that case he would add me. I think I went over-polite and over stooping in persuading him to let me in again, but that a-hole still didn't let me in :( I already talk to admiin ....i guess I should let my feelings open to the group also. but it would be very awkward. I don't mean to sound like a cry-baby or a touchy person over an issue of a group ....dunno what to do PS: Thanks for the replies. I feel a bit connected now, which is soothing...
  9. I have to fill a survey on a google form. It is feedback for some article. It says the feedback would be anonymously fed in, and no email id/name etc. are required. But I just wanted to confirm if it is actually anonymous? Or can it be manipulated to know who filled in the survey. Thanks
  10. well i need some help to how to cope with this character that is making my life really miserable. we have a mentally deranged professor. he abuses everyone...including his wife (vocal abuse , speaking derogatory things against others).and he clearly needs psychiatrists help... while all other people find it really easy to deal with him ...i get really upset....and i m not really able to cope with his method in his lectures i m thinking about writing a letter to college admin people...because he vilifies the college also, which is against their interests...and probably they will look into the matter.
  11. Which antivirus should I install for win7 ? ...preferably a free one. Which one do you use? :/
  12. some people had planned to skip his lecture on fb...i was too late to notice ...should have skipped *bangshead* he is famous as a psycho, terror professor...he himself says i think 10% of his class "won't be able to cope up till term ends" .....unfortunately , apparently i m one of the them coz i m not able to continue...
  13. @phoenix: well actually he targeted me four times today which got me really upset...then again as you said it is his freedom of speech so cant do much about this... firstly i arrived at 14:29 in class that was scheduled at 14:30 so he tiraded me for that. said if this is a class or some public place. sent me out of the class as i was entering. later called me back from door. i didn't know his mood would be to arrive 5 mins earlier to class. (i was the only one last (not late) becoz we had a different class before this and only i went out of college for some work) secondly my case study didn't have 'much' highlights on it. he walked near me, saw my sheet and assumed i didn't read it....again scolded and called if i was saving it for my grandson... third when i couldn't answer a question (this was the only legit one) fourth ,by this time i was getting quite nervous and almost shaking from inside. he called me for some minor work on a ppt - to start the slideshow. (called me coz i was sitting in the front ; as i had arrived last and all other seats were occupied). and i got so nervous i couldn't start the slideshow ...harsh words again... these all might sound silly but imagine being singled out for these in a class of 50+ students... he targeted 4-5 other students also including girls. but they seem to be unfazed about it. i am not idealistic but he is too difficult for me handle...
  14. thanks padre.. much appreciated.
  15. padre by abusing i meant just vocal abuses...he makes derogatory comments against girls in class and against his old wife, and he does it a very harsh and upsetting tone. can this be considered illegal? just to add more, he also makes bad comments about our own country and praises other nations...not sure if this can call for reporting. but it is really upsetting.
  16. it is 1gb padre. closing them sometimes helps, .sometimes not... 1gb again.
  17. You know how a mirror swaps things left to right and vice versa. Why doesn't it swaps top-bottom?
  18. Happy Birthday JN!!! :D (sorry for a bit delated now)

  19. current job - none dream job - hotdog seller on the bank of thames
  20. depends... if it is like google, amazon, barclays...take it anyday otherwise small company is generally better in providing exposure , freedom , and personal growth. also depends on your personal life , career aspirations etc. e.g have kids? take the one which is more secure and stable. want to do mba later? take the one with better brand name. btw congratz for the offer from mnc.
  21. umm any specific reason for ur conversion to islam?
  22. A process in windows 7 named svchost.exe(netsvcs) keeps using half of my bandwidth - it just keeps downloading something. I try to end process/end process tree from resource monitor/task manager, but it just keep popping up. I have new windows (1 week old), and no program installed or running. So no automatic update is on (even that of windows is turned off)... Any one knows how to turn this thing off? I searched it on internet but to no use. Thanks in advance :/
  23. Jihad is considered religious duty in Islam, and its 'literal' meaning is war against non-believers. This motivates many terrorists to commit atrocities willfully. Pacifists believe a more subtle meaning - war against one's inner non-believing self. It would lead to total surrender to God.
  24. i didn't mean to troll , i was just trying to put a child's perspective in place :/
  25. okie my love

    1. okei!


      its okei! lol