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  1. Godammit i knew i should have read this post for further updates. Decided i'd use that link later when i wasnt busy and now it doesnt work anymore. I dont think anyone would want to use the old anyway though...i mean there's nobody left there, and if you bookmarked before you'd get sent here anyway.
  2. WOW Eddie where did you get that from? I cant believe all my stuff is right there! Thnx heaps. And to the admin - i agree with the other people when they say not to rush with getting the site up and running (unless you are on a tight schedule). Sleep is always important.
  3. Im just asking because sometimes i liked to go to my previous posts or read other people's posts from the past. Was any of that information saved, or has it been completely wiped permanently? If that was the case i wish we had gotten a notification of some sort.