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  1. Actions speak louder than words. He wants his cake and eat it too. You really deserve better and you know it if you are honest with yourself. Try not to break anything over his neanderthal head.
  2. Lying doesn't help either. Keep it honest and real. Lying makes you a fake. You know it. And eventually others will see it too.
  3. It is what that is inside that counts the most. That said I think you yourself are putting more emphasis on looks over substance. If you PROJECT a confident self-image, people will notice.
  4. The question should be where do WE go from here. Remember they're in the same boat as you. Don't make this all about just you.
  5. There are some memes that are hilarious (10). Others, I think are more WTF (0). That particular one is more toward the WTF on an analog meter. Tops 1.75. But that's only an opinion and like all those with bellybuttons, everybody has one.
  6. There is nothing that can erase a memory other than time or God forbid, dementia. Do not try to minimize the hurt and disappointment your mum feels. Having you to lean on is comfort enough. Call her often and meet face to face as many times as your schedule allows. As for your sister, she has to do what she feels is right. Making her feel bad and guilty for standing mum up may do the trick. On the other hand it may not. You might try a little trickery. Find out where your sister may be going say on a date. Contact the person she is meeting and beg them not to show. Instead, you and mum show up. Awkward I know but it might just smooth some of the rough edges.
  7. I like your answer, Sherlock, but the desire to harm yourself is usually more immediate. There are some, and mostly male, that instead of hitting themselves hit the closest human within reach. And that close human is usually female. This is highly, highly unacceptable and needs to be avoided at ALL COSTS. The safest thing you can do is remove your physical presence from the situation as quickly as possible. To put it bluntly, take a walk.
  8. I would just take it to a reputable repair shop. They have extra screws of a good variety and can replace them in just a couple minutes. And usually for free.
  9. It is called self harming. It is similar to those that take razor blades to make small cuts in their skin. It comes from a sense of needing to be punished for some random negative emotion. If you have no source to channel these emotions in a constructive manner it gets channeled in a DESTRUCTIVE one. For some it can and has lead to alcoholism. I would suggest wearing a rubber band that is fairly big loosely around your wrist. Instead of hitting your head try snapping the rubber band against your arm. It might take several times but the pain it causes is less severe and so is the potential for permanent brain damage. Long term (if this behavior continues) please seek counseling. The need to self harm can be deep rooted but treated successfully with professional help and without drugs.
  10. Mine too....
  11. He obviously likes you quite a bit already and considers you a close friend. Just keep being honest with him and drop hints about movies you want to see and things you would like to share with him. He'd be a fool not to take the bait and ask you out first. Be natural. Be yourself. He's not brain-dead.
  12. On the right day and time, you can pasteurize a pastor during Passover and get a porn star. Reversing the process takes a 2/3 majority vote in congress... on a Sunday.
  13. If you give into his extortion, and that is exactly what it is, he will never EVER treat you as an equal again. He will know that given enough pressure you will give in. If he won't abide by your wishes please leave and find someone who will. You will thank me later. SO will your off-spring.
  14. Well this sucks. Guess nobody cares.
  15. Let me put it another way. If you met him in grade school, he would have been considered the school bully after everyone's lunch money. Is that really the type of guy you would consider having a relationship with long term???