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  1. i used to think i was just whining all the time about what i was looking for, by the luck i ran into this well said seminar. charisma is not new to me.. its been an effort of mine.. tried and failed.. but this lady nails it.
  2. anything worth watching? Post here! .. im usually into documentaries... I highly recommend .. "Cowspiracy" or "Inequality for All" I think both actually are right on and a fresh perspective. check em out
  3. at this point.. all i can say is i feel ya. LIFE throws so much stuff at you. my recipe probably doesn't suit everyone, i just deal with it, take arms when the forces are against you and lay back when the world is in favor.
  4. hey guys.. been awhile since i came around. never thought i needed the help... I've gone incognito for a bit due to the nature of overwhelming forces of influential bs. i mean influence by " too much to handle" Got me thinking.. even though i was doing just fine before all the " upgrades " I've experienced, it had suited me pretty well with a mediocre lifestyle.. with myself grounded and in control in the least. but with the big career change and relocation had me bit excited.. perhaps too excited. Now.. after the big ol wreck ( never been too good at handling change ) im wound up back to this person wondering what did i do? i know i screwed it up.. i had something good.. but i just defaulted myself and im back where i started. the only way i can identify is the story of Icarus who flew too close to the sun is in dire comparison. long story short i got overbearing and overconfident..then came the womanizing and bullying .. a beast that ignored the man i am.. only turned into whats left of me. im at loss. secluded into this introverted sorry ass . Reality is im more than doing fine..nobody died.. i didnt end up on the street. i have a living. .. im just mental, i need an outlet. no more than the next idiot who screws up. i just need human contact. i tried to in the real world.. but it truely feels like im just exposing my weaknesses and about to have it used against me. i've searched everywhere on what im dealing with.. is it my ego? jeez. cant get on with myself high or low. it would be nice to hear the wisdom of my fellow helpers once again... godspeed.
  5. i used to have a Chevy Blazer.. the back area was huge as Ralph says with older vehicles made it easier. As for making car sex convenient these days.. well gee.. creativity helps. .. yoga mat?
  6. .
  7. my basic instincts tell me.. this is some bull.. why are you suggesting you're considering to eat the whole cake when i cant have any.
  8. so .. here i am again.. once finding myself. why... so tired of it. cuz ofc i know why.. still searching or is it just another fight.. should i even care. http://psychcentral.com/lib/the-roots-of-loneliness/
  9. im positive on some end it'll happen. truth is each day after the next i seem to get alot weirder and stranger lacking normalcy, with that said im trying to appear normal without ending up one of those " people of wal-mart " but its a god damn lie!
  10. eh.. my pov..odds are if interfere.. ya get drama if you leave it alone his case might get worse..but i i recommend find out but don't interfere. just to know if its not a misunderstanding - if it is.. you'll allow urself to find an alternative way of bringing it up. everyone gets defensive if they are actually hiding something.. so prepare for it but dont be intervening. its ur bro after all.
  11. honestly its very hard - i hate it and i am tormented by it. a pointless obsession in which im constantly trying to fix I've been independent way too long thanks to my last relationship.. I love women.. i can pull it all off approaching.. being silly getting the " fuck me eyes off em " etc.. but in the end if it comes down to the very end i am insecure ... Im different.. i feel like im probably the rarest being on this planet. im weird.. im cool.. im crazy.. im fun but when it comes down to the funk its very awkward. i find myself presented with opportunities but im really thown off track when it comes around. i recognize it very well and i hate myself for it. meh, gym time .. thats what i need pff
  12. its an invasion of choice.. like with commercials.. buy the better product. why does religion sell so hard converting belief?... its like this with politics and all. bit unfair if you ask me.
  13. new question here.. how can the bible help you? to me it seems like a collection of stories and such.. is it a bunch of lessons to learn from? off point.. i met a guy when taking a uber to a place .. ( oddly same guy picked me up on the way back ) so on the way back i was telling him about how hard i have it cuz i cannot hear what people are saying most of the time.. especially when in groups.. so telling this guy about it.. he says .. to me.. feel my legs... so i did .. and its the prosthetics under the pants. I looked at him with empathy.. he says to me .. the whole jesus sell then tries to cure me with one of those head smacks devil begone... im just saying here, wheres this coming from?
  14. solution to joint pain here.... ELLIPTICALS!
  15. hmm.. dunno how i could help.. but.. i'd keep it strictly .. scientific .. like .. using the the hard 4 letter words with.. intercourse n such.. either that or .. god help ya lol
  16. lol
  17. .. well.. the club scene always was a weird one in my past.. i mean i was not exactly prepped for it.. usually went in got stupid and loud like i was at a house party .., i've prefered mostly pub / bars after it wasnt suited to my style.. but .. years later due to lack of guidance and finally realization.. clubs mostly has to do with moves not chatter.. like .. flirting/ flirt talk.. dancing.. eye contact .. upping the mood etc. not gonna lie .. some folks are always on something, rarely (my assumption may be wrong) some just go to dance.
  18. no detail ..not cool j/k
  19. how did it go if ya dont mind me asking?