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  1. After a great meeting with @Padre J Roulston last night. I wanted to give you an idea as to what the future holds for HelpToGo.com. With the recent launch of my social network platform over at www.frdmo.com I will be essentially taking parts of this network and pushing it to Help v3. After looking at the Help archives we realized that my current social platform is not much different. Now... you will sit there and say this is a social network so how will it work with Help? There are features that I have disabled at the moment that I am rewriting that will better fit what Help needs. The goal is to allow our members to be both social, and have the options to post into a category. So that being said... I can tell you some VERY VERY important features that will be launched with it. 1. Anom posting option. When you make a post you will have the option to choose where you want it to be a social post or a category post. If Category then you select the category, and then if you want it to post publicly under your name, and or anom. This also means that it will not post on your profile either if posted as anom. 2. Although I have the chat feature in there now. It is not built for a group chat. So we will be adding that feature so that everyone who has an account will be automatically added to the group chat. This will allow for much easier and more responsive member engagement. (specailly since we are working on the mobile app), that essentially functions like FB messenger. 3. The filter options will of course be completely different. 4. The welcome page will allow for quick anom posting and an idea of what is being posted. However to see what we truly have to offer we need to give them a reason to engage. 5. Yes I will be exporting this entire 12gb post db and importing it into the new system. 6. There will not be groups or pages, and of course some other features will be reworked... The main goal is to make everything easier for you all, and to help generate traffic back to the site. All in all I believe this is a great step forward, and I am hoping to honestly have this done by the end of the year if not soon, but I will not make any promises.
  2. You've been a regular at the gym, local running path, or super popular boutique fitness class for some time now. At first each workout presented a huge challenge: You struggled to complete reps. You prayed to the fitness gods to speed up time so you wouldn't have to trot on the treadmill for another second. And you thought burpee was code for baby burps. These days, though, you can bang out those bicep curls (and burpees!), or climb for hours on the stairmaster without even breaking a sweat. What gives? It's called adaptation. And now that your body is accustomed to your workout, chances are your sweat sesh is a little too easy for you. You know what that means—you've got to push even harder to make those gains (but that's a good thing). Here, five cues that confirm your exercise routine needs an overhaul. You do multiple workouts a day If you have the energy to run 10 miles, spin, hit the weights, and then attend Bikram yoga, you might want to re-evaluate the effort and exertion levels you're putting into each workout. Plus, multiple daily sweat sessions without proper recovery can put you at risk for injury. Now, if for some reason a single workout just isn't enough, double up on ones that complement each other. For example, pair high-intensity interval training (like this 10-minute HIIT workout) with a yoga sequence (such as this routine for flexibility). You can't recall the last time you were out of breath Granted, everyone’s endurance levels are different, but heavy breathing or being out of breath for a short period of time is a good indicator that you're really putting in some work. Another: the talk (or sing) test. If you are training at a high enough intensity, you shouldn't be able to carry on a comfortable convo (or belt out the lyrics to your favorite Bey song). RELATED: Here's an Elliptical Workout That's Actually Fun You always work out at the same intensity level Because your body is constantly adapting to your routine, it won’t be challenged enough if you do the same thing over and over (and over) again. This could also explain why you've stopped noticing physical changes. Try venturing into the anaerobic/maximum effort zone. Workouts that can get you there (such as this HITT treadmill routine and these fat-burning plyometric moves) don't last as long, but you fatigue faster because your cardiovascular system can't supply enough oxygen to your muscles to create the energy you need. I have nothing against steady-steady cardio. But you can also meet your “cardio” levels in this way too. Your environment has become a distraction If you spend more time selecting a playlist, finding the perfect angle for that sweaty selfie, or channel surfing on your machine's TV than getting your heart rate up, something's got to give. Now there’s nothing wrong with changing the playlist to suit your mood, or capturing a memory of the moment you hit a squat PR, but if you’re more focused on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it's time to refocus ASAP. RELATED: 24 Fat-Burning Ab Exercises (No Crunches!) You no longer feel accomplished after working out No matter the style of training, when you call time on your session, you should feel a sense of accomplishment, whether it's because you were able to hold every pose in yoga class or because you finally bench-pressed 40 pounds. When that feeling disappears, try pushing harder. Tamara Pridgett is a former All-American sprinter from The University of Arizona and a NASM certified personal trainer. She currently resides in New York City. View the full article
  3. If you’re a fitness fanatic like Health's editors are, then you probably have at least one pet peeve—something your fellow gym bunnies or trail mates do that drives you bananas. In a recent article in The New York Times, Jen A. Miller lamented the use of smartphones in races, noting that the devices have become “social media spouts for runners to take selfies, FaceTime a family member on a crowded course, or chat on the phone in the middle of a race, oblivious to the people behind and around them.” She pointed out that in her 10-year career as a runner (her new memoir is Running: A Love Story), there have always been racers who did inconsiderate things. "But with the advent of smartphones, such incidents have blossomed." Miller's piece got us talking (okay, ranting) about the some of our biggest workout woes, below. We are sure you can relate. Puddles “Guys (sorry, but for some reason it's always guys) in hot yoga class who leave big puddles on the floor and don't bother to wipe them up when they leave. There are few things grosser than stepping barefoot into a pool of someone else's sweat.” —Jeannie Kim, executive deputy editor RELATED: 9 Things You Should Never Do in Yoga Class Irresponsible spitting “My big pet peeve? Runners who don't practice spitting etiquette. I get it, it's really annoying to have that phlegmy feeling in the back of your throat. But please watch before you hock a loogie to make sure there's no poor innocent jogger in the landing zone.” —Jacqueline Andriakos, associate editor Getting too close for comfort "It seems whenever I'm in the gym, someone stands right next to me. I've been in big empty rooms and someone starts working out on top of me. It drives me mad! To calm myself down I just tell myself they are right next to me because they see me as competition and want to keep up. But in reality I think they just don't have my personal space issues." —Dwyer Frame, contributing editor “Mat placement in yoga class gets me really riled up. If class is basically empty, for example, it annoys me if someone comes in and puts their mat down super close to me. (Give a girl a little space for sun salutations, please.) Then I start wondering if it would seem rude if I moved my mat away from them, and I'm stuck with this internal struggle when I really should be feeling zen.” —Kathleen Mulpeter, senior editor Abrupt stops “I cannot stand when I'm running in a race, and the person in front of me comes to a halting stop or transitions to a walk without moving to the right. It messes up my rhythm and pulls me out of my zone. No one would do that while driving, so they shouldn't do it during a race either!” —Alison Mango, assistant editor RELATED: How to Fall Asleep Fast, According to 6 Health Editors Wet surfaces “In the gym, I hate when people don't wipe off the equipment after they use it. The last thing I want to do is sit on a soaking bench, or grab some piece of equipment that is dripping. It only takes a second to wipe things down—I should know, I do it myself!” —Rozalynn Frazier, senior fitness editor View the full article
  4. Talking with the server tech, it seems that we are leaking memory... which is really strange as this has never been an issue before. However part of this issue could be because the db is growing, although slowly it is... and every bit puts more stress on the server. Part of that issue is that this system isn't really built for a some 20 year old website and it's 15gb of mysql data. The good thing is the new system will be. Tonight we will be working to optomize the the db, with hopes that it helps while I continue to build out the new system. If you all would like to get a general idea of what the new system will be loosely based off of. Your welcome to check out the social network I created. www.frdmo.com Also... it seems that we have lost some user profile images... not sure why. But it does not appear that we can't get them back. You will need to reload them.
  5. Due to an ever increasing workload, and launching my own company... dubbed FREEDOM Online, as well as personal health issues with myself and family... it is only fitting that I step away for the next several months until the dust settles and I get things figured out. What does this mean for HelpToGo? Honestly not a damn thing. Unlike last time when I left the company that owns HelpToGo. I am not leaving, HelpToGo is mine... end of story. I own everything minus the domain. This means that if one of the admins reaches out to me and they need something I will be here for them. But at this time the site is under complete control of @Padre J Roulston and the rest of the admins. Over the past several weeks @Padre J Roulston and I have been discussing the future of HelpToGo, and we have some great ideas on how to increase the traffic while bring the site back to it's "almost" original form. When the time comes (and should be in the next few weeks) @Padre J Roulston will let you all know what is going on as I am currently in the process of launching something else that the new help site will for the most part be built off of. I can tell you as Padre has been helping me beta test this new site... that we feel confident with some slight changes that this new site will allow the entire community to become extremely active with each other, and return HelpToGo to it's form glory. You guys have built an amazing community here... and I am doing my very best to bring life back to it, and I hope to be able to put it on that path in just a few months. @Padre J Roulston @Nix @BuckingFastard(JN) @Gone. In my absence... I leave HelpToGo in your more than capable hands. If anyone needs anything from me. You are welcome to email me at ryan@valkyriecreative.com, hit me up on facebook. Otherwise I will see you all in a few months. (If not sooner...lol kind of depends on a few things) God Bless you all.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong ladies... but when a man watches porn it makes the women feel that they are not doing their part in the relationship... really no different than a women using a toy after a couples adult time...
  7. @Nix reach out to me on FB so we can chat about this much easier.
  8. @flowerchild thank you for being brave enough to reach out to us. Discussing issues like this are never easy. That being said to answer your question in my personal opinion I would be more concerned about making sure you are comfortable with what we are doing than how you look. Sex has nothing to do with how someone looks in my opinion either... it's all about what you do, and how you do it... So personally I got for Personality > Eyes > Smile > Other things > Then Figure Let's not forget... light switches are wonderful things for insecurity
  9. Since the websites revamp traffic has not been all that great, in reality we should be getting 50-100 members a day with lots of topics to post. There are a few reason why we are not. Facebook itself is a problem. Everyone can talk to everyone there right? But they can't do without people knowing who they are. Current sites layout - when we purchased help.com we had to get a quick solution and this was it. Recently I've updated everything and it's much better however... the problem still is not everyone likes the site. Content... yes the global chat feature is awesome, but in reality it's not that great, we nee people posting content and people being active. Solutions.... @Padre J Roulston @BuckingFastard(JN) have seen 1 of the two new designs I have planned for it, needless to say it brings us back to the ORIGINAL layout design of Help.com. With a modern look, code and colors, with some special features and such like global chat box etc etc. This is going to take several months and money that I do not have right now. Because their is next to no traffic, there are is no funding to this site anymore, I pay for everything myself, the software updates, server cost etc etc... so money is tight for this. Server cost will be covered as I'm purchasing a extremely large server for my social network that my private investor is working on and has agreed to let me host HelpToGo.com over there. I've been building a social network for a specific industry. Both @Padre J Roulston and @BuckingFastard(JN) have seen this. Well Padre has not seen the latest changes, however bucking is an employee of the network, or well will be officially shortly once we launch into beta. The reason I'm telling you this is I've been debating turning H2G into it's own private social network. With nearly 75% of FB's features. There are some things i can't do like phone calls, payments, shit like that... but I have all the important basics down. Chat, Friends, Wall post, tagging etc etc. This particular network is geared towards a certain industry. If I went this route (and I will probably install a demo in the next few weeks when a few other modules are running) so you guys can test it out and let me know your thoughts. Let me know your thoughts...
  10. I am looking for some developers to volunteer their time to help me build out the new HelpToGo.com. I have the design done, but I am not a backend developer. I am looking for someone who can get this done fairly quickly and for free. There is no funding for the site so I can not pay you. If interested please email me ryan@helptogo.com Please provide portfolio and knowledge.
  11. Sherlock I heard something about you being a developer is that correct?
  12. I agree with @BuckingFastard(JN)
  13. We all ask this not so simply question when we are growing up, when we are married, when we are dating, when we are alone. But really what is it? In my personal opinion it's when you wake up and the first thing that comes to mind is that person, you think about that person throughout the day, and you go to bed thinking about that person, it's where you will do anything for that person, where you change yourself for that person (because any healthy relationship is give and take), and you will do anything to put a smile on this person's face, no matter the time it takes, the distance between you two, etc etc... Now yes that does sound somewhat stalker(ish) right? But I'm not talking about following the person around, blowing up their devices, etc etc... True love is just that... They are the TRUE REAL DEAL. This is often confused by your current status. If you've been with someone for a long period of time and the relationship ends, that first next relationship could be the real deal... or just a rebound... I've personally just experienced this. I was married for 10 years... dated her for 13, had two kids, and divorced in 2014...then dated a long time high school friend and yeah the relationship was good, but it wasn't great, and yes I do care about this girl... but the Love... the true Love just wasn't there. I didn't have the urge to keep fighting for her, and to stand by her. I knew then it wasn't true love. See we all get lonely, and I think that's what this was. Feelings get mixed up between wanting and needing, between lust and love. But that being said DO NOT DISCREDIT THE POSSIBILITY that they next person, or that first person you date, isn't your true love. See I recently just fell for this girl... well over the past few months I have been. We've not slept together and won't be for awhile. We don't live close, but spend every day all day talking to each other, we've skyped for hours, we've been as intimate as possible with each other with our distance. So we are starting off away from each other, the HARDEST thing about a relationship is distance and communication... communication is there. So I fell in love with her.... and I told her that... and she returned it, This isn't that "I need someone" feeling.. because that physical presence isn't there, and let's be honest here... some of you ladies who will read this post know what I look like and you all know it wouldn't be hard for me to find that "physical" connection with someone... But I have no interest in it. I have no interest in going to bars, and flirting, or being rude, or anything else... my only focus is getting my love here, and being loyal and faithful to her. I wait for her to wake up before I go to bed, just so she sees a good morning message from me before she heads to work, If we can't skype I send her little video's just so she can hear my voice. And let's be honest it has been rough... we've wanted that physical touch, and we've both had nights that we've really needed each other. But me being that hopeless romantic... have a special surprise for her. That I hope will solve that missing piece for her. It's going to be a long road ahead for us, and there are plans to seen each other soon when work slows down and we can get the time off... although she is coming to me since I live 10 minutes from the beach and it's like 90's all the time and well... It's the BEACH... and it's cold and crappy and rainy and NOT THE BEACH! lol. But in the end, I believe that we both believe that the struggles we have now are worth every bit of it. Because together we will be in the best relationship we've ever been in. Who knows... the only thing I know is that I've not been this happy in about 15 years... and I love every minute of it, and I hope she feels the same way. One thing I want to say to the young lovers out there is this... follow your heart. Remove the crap from your life, the lust, the porn, the bars, the bs... the poison if you will... remove that... and if you are completely happy with your partner without all that poison in your life... then that's the one. This in my opinion is true love, and it doesn't need to be found after a year of dating, or two years... it can be found early in a relationship. Oh yeah... and I found her... not on a dating site, not on facebook... but here... this very site. If she want's to reveal herself that's her joice. But... I love you baby!
  14. It was suppose to be about love and it's question... I have a hard time not making examples out of what I was saying... but it was suppose to be a question... so answer away!
  15. I would look into Austin, Texas, Florida, anyplace without state tax usually has lower living cost, but that also means lower wages as well... I've lived in several states growing up, and honestly the best places I have found where Austin, TX, and now Boca Raton Florida.
  16. I struggle from both tbh... but I keep myself overworked and on the brink of burning out in order to prevent me from slipping into either. The biggest and scariest thing is getting help. I know several people who have done a complete 180, it may take several types of different meds as well before the Dr's find the one that works for you. That being said though Nix, you've got several of our FB's, you know where we are, who we are.. you can always reach out to us if you need to chat. <3 keep your chin up kido!
  17. I've never dated anyone that was older than me, that cougar if you will. All the women I've dated where anywhere between 1-3 years younger.
  18. Let me first introduce myself to all the new members of this community. My name is Ryan, I was the original project lead for Help.com when our parent company purchased the domain and moved it to HelpToGo.com. It was my job to transition everyone over, get the admins setup so that you could continue business as usual. I'm a father of 3, a Veteran, a Web Designer / Developer, and a Christian. Now you know me So what changes are we making? Clean Up: One of the biggest things we've seen was that you liked the way the old site looked and felt. So instead of having all these many different categories we've moved everything into one general forum list so there is less to scroll and find and more specific category's such as Life, Health, Money, Entertainment, Misc, all the previous sub forums and their topics have been moved into those general categories. Software Update: I will be updating the software to the latest version in the next few days, which will allow me to make some more improvements to the layout of the site to provide you all with what you are looking for. Design: Over the next few weeks we will be revamping the design and colors of the site, as well as the logo. The logo although not really that important. Chat: Still waiting on confirmation of this, but we are planning on upgrading this feature. ShoutBox: We are looking at getting this back up for you guys. SEO: IPB is suppose to be one of the best at SEO, however there current system was not that great, with the software upgrade this should change this. Ads: We are talking about an advertising program that will allow small business owners to promote their business on this site in order to help drive sales for their business. THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED YET, but it is something we will be discussion near the end of the revamp. Mobile App: This is a big one, I would like to get this done as soon as possible so that the community is able to check and post more frequently as well as get updates to their posts and so forth. So let's hear it. What are your thoughts, concerns, questions, complaints etc etc. If you don't want tell the public you are welcome to of course privately message me, and I will address your issues as they come in. On a side note, I would like to thank everyone for being part of this community. As dark and selfish as society is today, it is great to see a group of strangers unite under one location to do their best to show their support and help where they can. Let's continue to build on what you have done already and push HelpToGo into the #1 source for those looking for help. Sincerely, Ryan
  19. I've been debating this post for quite some time to be honest, and quite frankly I've debating long enough. Here is the thing. I personally do not care what our members post about. As long as it's not straight up hate!, racist, or bigotry, we as a FREE people from across the globe have the rights to say what is on your mind. We may not like it, we may completely disagree with it. But it's your right to say what you want to say. If you want to provide a valid argument as to X,Y,Z then so be, I encourage it. This is a SAFE place for you to discuss whatever it is you want to discuss, to ask for help, to get opinions from outside parties, so do it. Say what is on your mind, I'm not going to stop you. Let me first say this. What happened in Orlando was a tragedy, period end of story, regardless of these young men and women being gay, it makes no difference, they where brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers, and friends... For President Obama to sit here and spin the issue back on Firearms again is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Clearly showing that instead of presenting a solution to a problem, they want to point fingers. Why are they pointing fingers? Because the uneducated, the ill informed will listen to their every little word like dogs. Now at this point in our election it won't matter. We all know Trump is going to take the win, It's already been decided. Many have wanted Hillary gone for years, and it will happen. But the problem is still how the media itself try's to control us. Because we are to busy being anti-social then actually talking with people and seeing what is going on in this world. In the US media, and maybe other country's as well... you hear shit like we are having a race war, God Hates gays, and Muslims are bad! BOOO the muslim... look people. There is NO fucking race war... God does NOT hate gays, he loves all his children, and it's NOT the Muslim people's fault that they have no balls to do what is right to protect their own freedoms as human beings. Oh yeah and the idiotic thought of banning firearms is just what it is... idiotic. We don't even need to leave the US to realize this attempt of bullshit won't work. When our own President's home state has the STRICTEST gun laws in the country and has the highest crime rate in the freaking COUNTRY!!!! So please tell me again... how stricter gun laws will help prevent more killings? You ever heard the saying don't take a knife to a gun fight? Pretty cut and freaking dry right? Now do we need some laws that need to be changed? Yes absolutely. Should you be able to buy a firearm at a gun show just like that... no of course not. But banning certain weapons is an attempt by the government to control it's people so that their is no way to defend themselves. On top of having the strongest Army in the world. We also have the largest Armed population with over 200m Armed US citizens, with Trillions of rounds of ammunition. So tell me people... if Guns where the problem.... Why is it that there are not more mass murders? Why is that your not seeing the American people revolt, and gun down any Muslim they see right now, or black, or gay, or whatever the current brand of social media hate is? Because WE the gun owner... yes I am one, I own several, are not the problem. It's the GOVERNMENT not doing their damn jobs and pointing fingers because they need someone to blame. What I absolutely can not stand is just how STUPID society has become. I mean just straight up stupid! Why? Because the media panders to them. Panders to the week, panders to the uneducated garbage of our countries... because they are the ones to stupid to make the right decisions when it matters. Yet it's these same people who want people like me to help them and defend them when the time comes, and I will make this clear now. I don't hate people... I love to help people, HOWEVER I also believe that my country should helping it's citizen's first before we try to help others, I believe that if the person your helping is not willing to learn to feed themselves then they are not worth your effort, I believe that as a Free people we have the right to say, do and act how we want within the boundaries of laws in our respective countries. Because at the end of the day. "You", me anyone have NO RIGHT to judge what anyone has done for themselves. That is God's call, and his alone. Unless your rapist, or you hurt children then I will put two in your head myself. The point is people... Live Free! Stop being so damn publicly correct, stop making this world into a bunch of week kneed little bitches who need to hold mommy's hand until their dead... If we do not stop this bullshit now! We, our children, our children's children will pay for it down the road. Let me also state that I don't give a shit what color you are or what you do with your life, black, white, pink, green, some weird color blue, gay, straight, trans I do not give a shit. If your in my country, I will do what I can to protect you, and help you, That is my duty as a soldier of the United States, and a duty I will take to the grave!
  20. The best thing I can say brotha is show her the respect she deserves. Take things slow, and if she invites a certain behavior whether it's flirting or sexting etc etc, still take it slow and respect her. She will appreciate that.
  21. Hey there Pepper, First and for most please thank him for doing what he can to protect those who need it. I've actually got a bunch of blue line bracelts that a friend of mine ordered and selling to give to a blue line charity. As for Trump, I think a lot of the issue we are having is those numbers are seeing with trump right now, are blind republican followers and some blue as well because they know Hillary is a joke. I believe once the GOP stops trying to CO-OP against trump after this convention you will see his numbers sky rocket as you still have sheep waiting to hear what they are told to do. If Trump does not win it will destroy the republican party, it will show the true face of corruption, and the GOP won't want that. The government wont want that. I know it's just a TV show, but if you have netflix I encourage you to go watch House Cards, ANYONE who believes "this" doesn't happen in politics, with the back door deals, the bribes etc etc... has another thing coming. A good indication of this was Director Comey telling the American people he was not going to recommend the government press charges against Clinton... you will see if Clinton get's elected he will be getting a nice comfy promotion.
  22. So I'm 33

    As I sit here at my friends house because I drank to much. I can't help but think about where my life is. I've had it all and lost it more times than I can count, I would like to blame my x wife but in reality it's not all her fault. Ove done one the drugs, the drinking, the late night parrting, I've never gone to school, everything I know I taught myself. So what am I do? I grind 24/7 I work from home so I'm always on call! I don't get to see my kids because of the lies and liberal justice system that is Northern VA until Feb 2017... yes ive got good friends but because of everything I'm involved in and everything I'm doing I can not risk getting involved with them if anything happens. i struggle with depression on a daily basis only to look at my phone to see pictures of my kids on my phone, or memories on Facebook. I stay busy to keep focus on what I'm doing so I don't get des pressed, recently a new women has stepped into my life that has really helped me out a lot. Just her smile brightens up my day. I try to act like a rock for everyone around me, because they rely on me for guidance but in reality I'm falling apart. I dont knowd these these are the thoughts of a guy sober up after a long night of drinking and talking about life an where we are!
  23. It depends on brand, you can get a crap AR15 for next to nothing, and you get them up to 4K, as as for converting it, you can purchase the parts legally, however you need to have the licenses to do so, and they are monitored by the ATF. I've got friends of mine that own tanks, that fire live rounds, cannons that fire lives rounds, full restored Machine Guns from WWII.... Joe Blow can't just go by these parts the legal way... Illegally I couldn't tell ya.