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  1. I don't see anything wrong with the age gap. To be honest as long as you're happy why does it matter what other people think? As long as you generally want to be with him and not out of spite of people your own age, because there are some 21 old males out there who are genuinely nice people, then go for it and be with who you want to be with
  2. Oh wow, well I never actually wanted to date him . I am going to be 20 soonish and he stopped being my teacher about 2-3 years ago now but yeah I know what you mean, as soon as a female likes a young male teacher people start saying you fancy them and are doing something dodgy, I got that quite a bit and I don't really know why because I would never do that especially when he was my actual teacher. Looking at this now I'm thinking a facebook message would be the best bet as I know nothing now of getting in contact any other way. I still think it would maybe be nice for him to receive a message saying that his teaching was actually appreciated as he received a lot of hate from students and teachers alike. I guess the hindrance is not knowing how he would take it and how he would reply to it.
  3. Haha that's alright I did my test and I think it went pretty well and there wasn't actually anything where you needed to know this particular thing anyway but thanks for asking
  4. Haha that's alright I did my test and I think it went pretty well and there wasn't actually anything where you needed to know this particular thing anyway but thanks for asking
  5. I actually never did... I did read all your responses but I was still unsure at the time and then other things came around and this got forgotten about...
  6. I don't have the test until next week so if you could find out that would help a lot
  7. I have an exam coming up and I'm a little stuck on a complex number question. I've done the majority of it (or understood most of it) but there's one thing I'm stuck on: i being the square root of -1 why is e^-i*pi/4 equal to e^i*7pi/4?
  8. I am going to be 19 in about a month so age is not really a problem. When I was in year 12 (just over a year ago) I had this teacher (male) and I liked him. However, not many other people did do he used to spend a lot of time alone. As a result, he always seemed to talk to me when he could about anything, usually physics or sometimes just his life about where he used to live. This weekend I started thinking about him and so I've been thinking of maybe writing a letter to him to say thank you. I feel like I never really thanked him at any point or never thanked him on his last day so I sort of feel like I never made that closure. However, the problem is I don't know where he lives... All I know is his new school which even that I didn't find from him I receive from another source. So I have two main problems: Firstly, I don't want him to think that I'm a weird stalker. Secondly, I don't know if I can just send a letter to a school for a member of staff not related to anything to do with the school... I am assuming that teachers like receiving letters from students they used to teach?
  9. You need to find a doctor who will help you or get insurance for doctors to help you. If you have a lump in your breast it may well be cancer and therefore dangerous especially if the lump is that big.
  10. I'm a sixth former and one of my favorite teachers left a few months ago and I was just wondering if it would seem weird to message him on facebook (as the only way of contact I have with him) just to say thank you as I didn't have the chance on his last day?
  11. I've been asked to find out what the similarities and differences between right turns, left turns, roundabouts and crossroads are
  12. Okay, thank you
  13. I got a little bit of shampoo in my eye and I put water in it and tried washing it out and it now feels a lot better than it did but whenever I blink it hurts a little bit. Will this eventually go away?