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  1. I am thankful for music, poetry and peace... The maker made these perfect for humans
  2. here it is... before you can love anyone, you need to first love yourself. treat yourself to a nice movie(go alone), visit the museum, zoo, library(for fun) alone. infact treat yourself to a very expensive restaurant. make yourself happy, only if you achieve this can you make other people happy without it being to get something from them in return. solitude("intentional") helps you think about your flaws and you work on them, it helps you get a good grip on yourself, you literally draw or write out your mind. take that walk alone and see the beauty nature has to offer, you relax your mind doing this. what you get for doing that is you will be happy with yourself, happy with and appreciate how you look, how you talk, you find out how happy you can be or even how wonderful those talents of yours people condemned are. not only that, ultimately, it helps you love people, live above the frustration of trying to get anyone's attention or approval. the scrioture even said "love your neighbor as yourself" which means you need to love yourself first then you can love others like you do yourself.
  3. mercy said NO!...

  4. Hello everyone seeing this. I was using this iron and it burnt one of the clothes I wanted ironed, I tried to clean it with no straight luck; after cleaning it I plugged it but it only made a click sound and then stopped working. I really need to fix this iron, I unscrewed it but found no cuts, no damages. What is wrong and how do I fix it? The iron is not mine and the owner won't take a new one; and that makes me feel bad. How can I fix iT.
  5. please people. why am i always feeling this burning sensation in my head and it seems like i am doing what is unreal when i try to respond from sleep. please what could be wrong?
  6. I need help getting better with my relatioship with people. I get easily daunted by things, books, people virtually everything, so for this I try to be meticulous of things very important. Being meticulous makes me mess up with people who care for me, in the sense that I become so forgetful or absent minded of people probably in my last encounter by not reaching them or not really fixing anymore importance to them. Do you know I ended a relationship due to this reason. My being meticulous has now affected me negatively that once I leave a town for the other and can't see the people in the last town I get daunted with chatting them or calling to hear their voices. The purpose for this lengthy report is that 1)I am seriously, truly attached to this lady I haven't really met enough; though I know she is very reserved, each time I try to show a sense of interest, I sometimes get sarcasm or disdain in return. For this reason, I get easily fed up to think she doesn't need me around and 2)those who care for me are gradually detaching themselves from me because I do not respond their fair treatments. I need help responding to people consistently and help making friends and getting this beauty of my heart to like me for who I am.
  7. Not yet, I haven't chosen my lady. Just this time around my mind seem so far from relationship. I'll spend my time harnessing my goodness and rejecting parts of me I do not like. You know everyone's worth the care, only that those who appreciate it deserve it more; for this I'll let my lord work in me to choose the most appropriate woman to accompany me on this adventurous journey of life. Thanks aunt Aisha, I feel like my head will swell and burst from the love you show.
  8. Yes, this is right. And that's why this (my topic on a particular lady) had to be silenced forever. Love is a mutual deed.
  9. I pray that your heart heal up as fast it can. Amen.
  10. I support you Nix. You should let go of that heart and pray for a new heart. God gives freely to those who believe and ask for it.
  11. The peace all over again. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.
  12. Is there a way to control the insects to fly after her? What will the flies do once she gets to you, fly back into the congregation? Gets me curious.
  13. Even if there is something like "singleness gene" I believe YOU can be the change, make a better choice in life. Make observe, admit and make changes in you that you think is affecting you in this regard. As for me all things are possible.
  14. Prayer for my country. Dear lord; Please make all the hardship go away, Save us from ourselves, we think we are in control and can handle it all but we lie and deceive ourselves even more. Help us be sincere with our fellows; to exist together in peace, true love and bond of trust Remove far from us the deadly diseases that plague our land Guide our hearts that our leaders may make the right decisions and not allow sinful bills which mostly form enemity with humanity. Save us from this lack and help us enjoy the days of haven Give unto us the peaceful harvest of abundance. Our prayers are endless but you know it all, lord. You gave us this land, please make it well for us. We are not smart to handle it all.
  15. smiles, I guess that came from the idea(wrong) that Nigerians depend on government for everything; that's not true, each house in Nigeria is a "government", each house find aw ay of getting potable water by making bore-hole, we generate electricity for ourselves using generator, solar system and inverters, we make the roads that lead to our streets jointly.In the aspect of development, a lot of seminars and workshop and the youths are all fired up with no room for action. Imagine when you have a leader who is meant to bring you ease but instead makes everything work for his good alone... All that is left now is the government... And that's why we pray now, because even the good ones get threatened and some even lose their lives. The good ones whose ambition is not themselves are hindered. If the road be made plane, our craft will be able to take off.
  16. all things are working for my good...

  17. sometimes its hard to stay strong; but whats wrong in staying strong? a lot of times i wish there's a reason or reasons to fall apart bt then i find out i can't handle being not-strong(it has a way of making things get shitty.). if you let it sink in it might take you down more than you are expecting. lol(easy now); i think you are only getting bored of a routine or so. do something stronger aunt. try something that will blow your mind. use one of Joe's seemingly forbidden skills #tellAjoke, #goHunting #goFishing, #takeAstage.
  18. I'm amazed; is it because you are a perfectionist you do these or you do them to please someone who seem not to look that way? I said that because everyone who is your mirror told you you are fine but you seem not satisfied how you look. Dear Joe, the adverse effects of these tampering will make you lose your mind.
  19. Bearing in mind how the currency of Nigeria has lost / is losing value against the Dollar and the happening economy; I hear people talking about bringing down the highest currency from 1000naira note to 100 or 200naira note. Please, how can this help resuscitate the dieing currency or the nose diving economy?
  20. @anon a man is not worthless for wanting to be cared for. Of course everyone wants to be pampered and taken care of. If you ask me, I do not see any reason why feeding the family shld be by favouritisim. Its obvious that preparing a very separate meal for the children means they can't cook for themselves or can't eat what the adults would satisfactorily or even at all yet. Get the food ready for eveyone its simple, whether the man feels like helping in the kitchen once in a while or not.
  21. So my boss told me to make pizza today, but i messed up #*covering my face*#. Is there a super-excellent chef in here? Kindly help me out with a complete and basic recipe plus how-to make a worthy pizza. Step by step from base to sauce...
  22. Does every material on earth contain silica ash? If so, how do I extract/obtain the silica ash in; 1) bones, 2)cocoa pod and 3)egg shell?
  23. Challenge God with worship and Praise songs as it makes you joyful. The solution of even traditional care has limit. But the divine is very much available to them who have the faith. It's well Padre.
  24. I am glad, pray for me that I become sincerely gladder even "gladdest"

    1. Ilse
    2. Gracie


      I hope that you stay happy for the rest of your life

  25. sophie! God you're hot! Lol