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  1. hey I couldnt reply earlier struggle to find the right webpage for the site on my phone. I do keep trying to avoid him and he knows I havent been like my usual self. I do feel he is trying to latch onto me a lot and when in class and people have to find one person to work with he focused on me for quite a while. I really feel he has overstepped my boundaries and I want to try and pluck up the courage to tell him, which I think he would appreciate. I still feel confused in making sense what his true intentions are but if I had a partner who behaved that way to someone else I wouldnt be happy.
  2. A guy much older than me who could be married on a course I am on made a lot more physical contact with me than what I felt comfortable with. I agreed to go and have a coffee with him and he put his hands on my head twice when I was talking about head massages after I said what I liked (with no intention for him to put his hand on me). He then told me how stunning my eyes looked and before we separated he hugged me and then kissed me on the cheek (I didnt expect) in public. I felt really uncomfortable and humiliated. I felt really uncomfortable and told my teacher about what happened as I wanted to share how uncomfortable I feel around him but now I feel bad for bringing it up. I feel so stupid for saying anything. Im in class and just want to avoid him now I feel he went over my boundaries big time. he also wants to meet up again for a drink.
  3. I keep tracking back on my past and get angry for not doing things what wouldve seemed the 'right' way. I keep wishing to change things which I can't change. Like examples In school not complaining to the management team about a teacher who was not following the curriculum and used lessons to talk about his person life, was deluded and predicted one student an A when and she got an F and many people failed in their subject because he would never teach or interact with students. He would use the entire session talking about his personal social life and didnt care about my educational needs. I felt angry for not being able to do my wedding bouquet when I had a wedding and kept wishing I could change that All the time the topic changes in my mind and I reinact the scenario in my head how I wish I resolved the issues and then I feel really frustrated. I feel stuck in the past and it feels so real and alive in my mind, including of events which have happened over 10 years ago. I feel trapped in my mind and addicted to wishing I had power and control of what cannot be changed, and then feel hopeless because I dont have it. Wishing to want to go back and make change feels addictive, even though deep down I know it can never happen as the past is finished and gone now. It gets to the point it makes me feel ill inside and yet I want to move on but feels like a struggle to because I find it hard to forgive myself for not being how I wish I could be and solved things 'perfectly' in the past. I always struggled with being assertive too and continously feel i left myself down for not sticking up for myself enough. I always feel disappointed with myself and also towards those who have wronged me, even at times when it probably was not intended. and because I've been unemployed I think about things more which hasnt helped.
  4. 'she still cares about me' 'she is so caring' try not to come up with any justifications. You are comforting yourself with a lie believing you two will be together. you are not allowing urself to live your life to the fullest if you become engrossed with someone who does not want to be with you. Its lonely living in denial.
  5. I am 26 and I have decided I want to start a baking career I am planning to do a cake decorating course, which is one day a week. I am creative and studied art and I to do a job in which I can use my talent. I want to specialise in cake decorating, but I assume if I work in a baker, I should study this too?! unsure. please some advice! Thankyou Florence