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  1. I would hope that you would have taken the time to realize we have been lied to about the moon landings, if not then nothing to see here, go back to sleep you good sheeple For those that do know the next question of course is how much of what NASA tells us is true. At the risk of upsetting the religious scientism types I would say... nothing.
  2. This is a link for a debate blog where they discuss the argument from design. Life is built on information. Information is non material. (look at your computer screen the physical elements that describe the existence of it do not explain the information you are reading) For those that prefer a video format in a presentation style (leading to a logical, rational world view that includes God) An interesting magazine
  3. Honestly who has not thought of doing this?
  4. Understand that most buildings in Japanese cities were wood structures and highly susceptible to fire bombing which would look very different to the fire bombing of a European city.
  5. It looks like it was fire bombed (i.e. identical to the photos of other towns and cities in Japan that were firebombed), the stone structures remain standing (even right at the centre of the blast area), no blast crater either. search for firebombed cities Japan search for Hiroshima images search for Nagasaki images
  6. A link to one of my favourite bloggers form UD (warning contains content that could be considered religious)
  7. What is intelligent design? Instead of reading the caricature, straw man, misrepresentation that you get from the dept of evolution why not here it from the people who present it.
  8. At this site you get the evidence presented with a different narrative to the official narrative (the official narrative being that which is underpinned by the philosophical commitment to materialism so is not a search for the truth btw)
  9. Could be a mother that does everything for them. Also some unusual dynamic developed by the mother to keep her children dependent and at home.
  10. My Golden rule used to be 'there must always be more booze at home' Now I guess it would be 'life is strange, and I mean really weird'
  11. Think of the billions that have been spent on this. Motive number one. Also to keep the sheeple living in fear and in need of their masters who are able to defend them from such a horrible threat. You have heard of the 'nuclear club' my guess it is the governments that are sufficiently controlled by (or in bed with) the NWO and need that cemented government structure that comes with the responsibility of having such weapons. Anyway I no longer live in fear of nukes. It is a great place to be. I really do think there is something to this. I remember when I first saw the film of a destroyed Hiroshima I thought it did not look quite right. Further investigation reveals much. Glad to hear you are keeping busy
  12. It suggests that nuclear explosions as they have been shown to us as weapons of mass destruction do not exist. Nuclear power does. (radiation heating water somewhat different to splitting the atom) Anyway it is what it is. Watch the video, think for yourself, reach your own conclusions.
  13. You might need to take that back to the start it seems to start NOT at the beginning! Important information right at the start
  14. Just in case any of you are worried we might get nuked please watch this
  15. Pain serves a purpose. It serves as a motivator to do things differently. I used to think I had a low threshold for pain however given how much suffering I would endure before making any changes (to myself) then it turns out I have a high threshold for pain! The thing about depression is it is a lonely business. The desire to get out of it for ones self is powerful (in my experience) however the nature of the illness means that is incredibly unlikely to happen. The best solution I have found to depression is fellowship with people and understanding the truth about myself and the world I live in. The greatest truth I have discovered [despite all the indoctrination and saturation in the materialist scientism that I have received (living in western culture)] is that life is designed and full of purpose. Even Dawkins admits that life looks as though it were designed for a purpose (but despite the evidence he chooses to believe in random chance ) So I have challenged my foundational world view and found that it was built on rhetoric and assumption. Life is built on information and that information requires a mind. Therefore life is designed, design suggests purpose. This will take a bit more investigating to get to the bottom of and to firm up for you however despite all the evil in the world there is a maximally good God in charge of the world. life is designed which means there is a way to live it that will yield peace of mind. That way is to take responsibility for yourself and let go of (stop worrying about) the things you have no control over. This may not sound that big of a deal but it really adds to my depression if I do not live by it. The number of times I have been sat on the sofa in fear of the state of the economy or wars going on with a dirty kitchen and no food in the fridge. When I realize that what i need to being doing is tidying the kitchen and getting food for the fridge then all things are restored to their proper size. The prayer goes like this God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change (people, places, things) courage to change the things I can (me) and the wisdom to know the difference (the wisdom usually requires the help of others because we are relational beings) I know this may not be the type of help you are looking for so feel free to say if you want me to stop because I intend to come back later and post more of my experience. Feel free to ask questions. there is only one principle that will hold man in ever lasting ignorance and that principle is contempt prior to investigation. I think you have a real chance of beating this because you have gotten honest here. Disgusting though it may sound (because it sounded disgusting to me) recovering from depression will mean accepting the need of other people in your life. For me other people of a like mind (I am a recovering alcoholic) really helped and some group therapy may be required for a long term solution and I would look for a group with a spiritual angle (given that I believe the spiritual life is the real life)
  16. When I was younger I knew (after my early forays) that I did not have what it takes. I did not know what it was but what ever it was I did not have it. So I became a professional drunk, much easier but far less appealing to the other sex. What I now realize is that I did not have any strength to offer. I was emotionally constipated, I was fearful, I lost my ambition, I was confused, Work hard (invest time) building friendships (proper ones that are emotionally close, I use the term relationship interchangeably now with friendship because my friendships are so close), finding things you love doing for the sake of doing them, Take responsibility for yourself financially, physically emotionally and spiritually and you will find you want to be in a deep and meaningful relationship and you will attract such a person to you. I think yours is a spiritually (the true life) more normal position. It is only by indoctrination and saturation that we feel strange for this.
  17. Sounds like what may help is some fellowship. Ideally you would get this in a church however I have never found it in a church like I have at AA (alcoholics anonymous). See if you can find a group for the depression and PTSD. This is quite a specific thing to deal with and it helps to be around people who identify and who want to move through it. You need people who will meet you where you are at. Church is great for spiritual growth and higher spiritual principles but my own personal experience is it tends to lack the fellowship that should go along side of that. (that said I have to work harder than most to reach the level of 'normal' behavior so that might not be their fault perhaps they just do not need the same things I do) What is the definition for them of you becoming a member? (not that you would now) just curious. I would say be honest with them but be specific giving examples of why and where you felt unwelcome etc... You can choose to give them another chance however it would need to be on the basis that all parties were willing to move forward. Never under estimate the degree our own attitude and perception can affect things. Having a program of self improvement and growth regardless of the life circumstances is the key to developing deeper relationships. If I 'risk' and make my self vulnerable with people and they meet me with identification and compassion then we have a basis for deeper intimacy (emotional) if they meet me with opinion and judgement that is about them and I do not need to risk with them again.
  18. I watched a film on video less than a year ago however I can not remember the name of it. Plot Something to do with a message picked up on radio airwaves, taking some weird drug and a mention of MK Ultra. genre: horror Anyone know the film?
  19. Thank you all!!! It was Banshee Chapter. :D Well done duckie!!!
  20. The first time I attempted suicide I "bought into" a lie. And the second for that matter. I would bet a lot of money that some where in your thinking you have bought into a lie or been convinced of a lie. One of mine was "I am going to end up just like my father and there is nothing I can do about it" Now there was a very good chance that I was going to end up like my father (that was not the lie) it was the fact that there was something I could do about it. I just did not know it at the time. So the thought itself was a lie and I rather suspect it came from the enemy. Hope you are feeling better. It always helps to share stuff.
  21. I'm 46 and still have my koala by my bedside (i dont cuddle him anymore!!). Not sure if that helps. My daughter loves that I do because she (3years old) loves her cuddly toys. Not sure your daughters behavior is normal but I was drinking myself under the table at that age. Which version of abnormal would you prefer?!!
  22. Good stuff, it is the structured environment that AA (yep alcoholics anonymous) offers that gives/lends the opportunity to help others and help myself in the process. That I think is what is missing for you, in what ever form it may end up taking i.e. CODA possibly or a counselling group (going on to mentor a counselling group). It can sound like a tall order (daunting) however finding a group that is already running and that has something for you to take as well as give can have quite an immediate effect. A new sense of hope and purpose. Not your sole purpose and not a drain on your limited (at the moment) resources but a place that where you come out of a meeting or session you feel more connected than when you went in. I feel you there! CODA is worth a look as you can just observe and figure out if it is for you. It has a spiritual element but that is to challenge our thinking not to have us praising Jesus! Group therapy will be devoid of such talk but CODA is free and you will meet interesting and damaged people looking for solutions outside of themselves. Not sure what CODA in america would be like the meetings I have been too (in the UK) have been interesting. Even if you do not stick with it knowing what it is and what is on offer there maybe of some use later on.
  23. Sadly there is a thing called the gift of desperation. When I get into a pattern that I know somehow at some point I should/need to get out of I often have to go quite a way into the pain before I feel motivated to take a risk or to do something different. I used to think I have a low threshold for pain tolerance but I now know it is quite high. (because I will suffer rather than do something!) It is the action we take though that is important. It needs to be in a fresh (new) direction in order to get a fresh (different) result. The biggest trouble comes when I have run out of ideas or willingness or am so befuddled that I no longer know what my own truth is never mind anyone else's truth. The best way to get out of 'self' is to help others. And for me (and I rather suspect you) helping a granny across the road with her groceries does not carry the kind of depth that we are looking for when I say 'help others'. The most powerful way of helping others is with our honesty and our experience (I have found in AA) Perhaps you should be doing what you are doing here (help to go) in a (safe/organized) group somewhere in your home town? The thing about AA for me is I can go there and be me and get inspiration (outside of my own thinking) and this stuff works better in person (rather than over the internet forum although the internet has its benefits as well) A group situation needs boundaries and principles in order to keep us safe from sick individuals but there is the opportunity to get engaged at a deeper level and unblock some of the stuff that is preventing me from being 'free' (for want of a better word) If I thought this were something you could do on your own I would be the first to suggest that. I don't enjoy the idea of depending on or trusting others. Yet it has always got me to grow through the trouble. You would think I would be keener on the idea than I am still, after all these years!!!
  24. dismiss this if you will however I was told that if a food looks similar to a body part then it often helps it. Now the bad news, runner beans are the only thing I could think of for you!!