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  1. Re prescription drugs: I have this feeling that would do the same for me... Marijuana: Yes, i believe you are right. I wish i dont go that path. I think what would be good for me and help me get out of my negative circle right now would be a healthy lifestyle. Eating well, exercising everyday, decent amount of sleep, at normal time of the day, drinking water instead of juice full of sugar all the time... i just cant seem to be able to integrate this in my life. It seems like my habbits are deeply corrupted and it comes back to me as negative. I need a lifestyle brainwash, that would be awesome if there would be such a thing. You know, kinda of a ''healthy life rehabilitation center'' or program, with full support... i need to learn how to live correctly.
  2. I have been with N.A. for 7 years, 2 to 3 times a week...and i'm just fed up hearing always the same things over and over again...pre-constructed sentences all the time...People putting those words in their mouth like if it were theirs. And its the same thing with religion. With time and sobriety i went a lot to school and the more i learn, the less i can return to the dogmas of religions. I am trying to find a normal path, centered on taking care of myself, a personnal path. I agree with certain prescincts of spirituality like inconditional love for myself and others, listening, understanding and everything. But i cannot pledge allegiance to a specific institution. there is so much more to life than a one way vision of a specific church or meeting. I just cant find the hability to instore a healthy and consistent life style that will grant me the well-being that i need. A ''life-coach'' could be a thing but it doesnt seem like those are really accessible... i dont know...what do you guys think?
  3. Hi, im SP and im a 28 years old guy. I decided to put my life together couple of years ago and i recently made it (this year) to law school. It's the end of my first year and there has been some errors but overall everything went ok. But things are not GOOD... there is chances i fail at some classes and if I fail, school kick me out. i feel so stressed and isolated right now that i feel the need of changing my mind... i've been running the streets yesterday and today and tried to find some pot to smoke (returning to an old habit, quit 7 years ago) but when i see people who could sell me some, i see their desolation and misery in their face and i dont want to go that path. I've been eating the sh*t out of my life recently to change my mind, i am procrastinating, i feel alone, i just want to hit pause on my life right now. someone please help me :*(