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  1. Here is a video about bullying. It contains lots of vivid imagery from several different motion graphic artists. Perhaps you can find some inspiration from it...
  2. You should have said this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcNIJmu6Jh0
  3. How old are you? Any chance they're being pressured from above to recruit you? Isn't that how it works? Privacy doesn't exist for them, right? Some higher up probably took look at those emails and said this guy lives alone - he'd make a good recruit. http://youtu.be/8B6b0tj0-dk?t=2m26s I agree with Dani. Just avoid subject, don't say much, feign interest. Have several excuses ready.
  4. males 18 years or older...
  5. Please consider Cinco Face Time Party Snoozer...
  6. This is an urban legend. The memorial was not established until 1953. The first president to fly to France and attend the D-Day commemoration ceremony was Ron Reagan. Reagan attended once on the 40th anniversary in 1984. Bush Sr. did not attend. Clinton went once on the 50th anniversary in 1994. Bush Jr. went once on the 60th anniversary in 2004 -- he also visited Normandy on Memorial Day in 2002. Obama went on the 65th anniversary in 2009. Obama will attend a second time on the 70th anniversary in 2014.
  7. Deep in the shadows the wheels are already turning. If you listen closely you can hear the whispers...
  8. it must be all of the gym work paying off. how many cokes did you have this time?
  9. i'm not sure how to explain your 14:55. sometimes everything just comes together. i've had days where i felt lethargic leading up to a race and even while warming up. but then once the race starts, i'll start to feel really good. i've also had days where i feel really alert and my muscles feel springy and then for some reason my legs will feel heavy during the race. psychologically, i always feel faster at night (when it's dark) and slower in the morning. as a rule, my best times come when i'm putting in more miles though.
  10. cool! i googled "flordia glass boot" just for kicks and that one was textured and had some writing on the upper middle. it was just a shot in the dark!
  11. wow, fascinating thought!
  12. did you go to disney world? maybe it is this disney hoop dee doo music revival boot? http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NjQwWDQ4MA==/z/MMsAAOxycmBS6HJP/$_35.JPG
  13. i think this is the original report that is being cited. it is from the world health organization. it costs $65 and is 630 pages long http://apps.who.int/bookorders/anglais/detart1.jsp?codlan=1&codcol=80&codcch=275 there are some short articles with limited explanation/data and then there is this massive $65 report. i wish there was something useful in between that provided more data.
  14. this i suppose confirms my idea that the answer will vary depending on the entity: a line, a ray, time, etc.