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  1. Hullo! good to see new faces are still coming here!
  2. @Igkn sweet! well done :3 @BigWilly good to see you too! and thank you :3
  3. No I havent heard yet... The lady from the apprenticeship agency i applied through called to say she was trying to get through to them, and checked everything went well and asked what I got up to etc. Hopefully ill hear tomorrow
  4. @Padre thank you!! @Manthy it was good to find you too!! @Aisha Hullo! and Thank you @TigerLilly I know - I was so nervous but when I got to the office I was like...well I made it here so whats the worst that could happen? @Tantaus...damn you!! *shakes fist*
  5. Hello my lovelies and how good it is to see all of you back in one place again! Today im proud of I thought I would share. When I first arrived at this site (the old one) I was alone and 13. with the help of this site and the friends i have made i have since grown up - (not entirelly mentally but who ever does?) Yesterday I made rhe first steps in making myself a career, something that has been scaring me for a while as I think I have commitment issues over such large decisions - I've been running from doing this for the past year or so but yesterday I think I did it. I'l be hearing back today about the job. Really I just want to say thank you to everyone I know around here who has helped me, talked to me, yelled at me and praised me. I look forward to hopfully being more of a helper than a helpee on this version of the site! Vampy V--V
  6. Hello nice administrator person As alot of us are long term users who will be flooding back here to reconnect and such is there a way of advancing our usership as it were so we are not deemed "junior members" - being penickedy i know just i feel if new users come and they only see new users they might not feel as comfortable with sharing whereas if they know people have been around a long time it may give them more confidence. On a side note - Thank you for updating the site! im not a fan of change but i needed to happen! here's to the rebirth of!!!! ProffVampy V--V