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  1. It's about Anne of Green Gables, a fictional character, reading about Anne of Green Gables, a fictional character. You know how the premise of Inception is dreams within dreams within dreams within dreams? Hence, ANNEception--because it's a fictional character reading ABOUT A fictional character.
  2. And here I thought all Canadians were polite (he is Canadian).
  3. No, it WAS sarcastic. He's sarcastic on and offline.
  4. Last night I dreamed I was trying to win the heart of one of my best friends, Abigail (since I first met her two years ago, she has been like a sister to me--until my feelings changed one day). In my dream, she had a boyfriend (in waking life, she doesn't--she's holding off on relationships until she's fully mature and established with a life of her own). It was this super-tall (and I mean unusually tall--inhumanly tall) Jewish guy (we're Baptists). I'm able to convince her to break up with him and go out with me instead. And then her boyfriend, who I have no clue is actually a golem (he doesn't look like a golem--he looks human, all flesh and blood, although he is, as I've said, unusually tall), attacks me. What in the world? What could my dream mean?
  5. Does anyone GET the humor of this? A friend of mine commented "Except that Anne of Green Gables is a fictional character." And I was like, "Exactly. A fictional character reading about a fictional character." And he goes, "Mind blown" sarcastically. I swear some people have no sense of humor. His comments made me feel like I was retarded or something. Does anyone get the humor in this?
  6. So the other day, I made a joke about Beauty & the Beast. I said that since it says the rose would bloom until Prince Adam's twenty-first year, I'm six to seven years past the deadline and that I would remain a beast forever. Someone called me out on it, calling me selfish, and said that I shouldn't make such crass, pitiful jokes to make the ladies feel sorry for me. That girls don't like jokes like that. What the actual flip? I was actually making fun of myself! If I didn't laugh at myself, I would be DEPRESSED! How is that a crass, pitiful joke? How is that making the ladies feel sorry for me?
  7. Do I have a right to be jealous? I love my baby sister to pieces, to death. Whether she's one year old, or seven, or sixteen, heck, even when she reaches her sixties, I'll always see her as the baby sister I'm protective of and love dearly. If I could compare our relationship to that of any fictional siblings, I'd say ours is pretty much like Edmund and Lucy's relationship in Narnia. After Edmund realized how stupid he was, he and Lucy grew close. They were the closest of the Pevensie siblings. But sometimes, I'm also jealous of my little sister. See, sometimes our youth group leader assigns other members to lead Bible study. It's sometimes either his brother, or his best friend, or this guy named Fred (who, I will admit, is really good and knows his stuff). Sometimes he asks my little sister to lead. But not me. Never me. I love my sister to bits but I can't help but be jealous of her sometimes. I mean, she's younger than me and yet she's leading small group? It's not that I can't--it's just that our youth group leader never gives me the chance. Our mom has this theory that because I know my stuff, he feels threatened and jealous of me so he never gives me the chance.
  8. So over the years, I've noticed that our church youth group leader encourages other people's answers--except mine. When it's my turn to answer, he puts on his "bored face" and either sighs or rolls his eyes as though my answer was either stupid or boring. And I've been letting it slide for nine long years. Tonight, he did it again, and now here I am, a crying wreck with feelings of rage, bitterness, and inadequacy. Why am I letting this get to me now?
  9. Earlier, I was trying to connect to my wifi network on my iphone but it wasn't working. In frustration, instead of cancel, I clicked "Forget." Now it's asking my password every time (whereas before, it was an automatic connection) and it won't let me sign in. It keeps saying "Authenticating" and kicking me out. Then I have to attempt to sign in again. Anyone know how to fix this problem?
  10. So I have a group of friends. And in that group, we had a friend who was 17 at that time. My friend "Iggy" (not his real name) was 20 at that time. And he had the hots for "Cassie" (who was, as I have mentioned, 17 at that time). We were thinking that would be jail bait even though they were only three years apart. So our friend "Monty" talked to "Iggy" and advised him to stay away from "Cassie". Because A: "Cassie" was getting uncomfortable and she didn't like him, and B: She was just 17 and she's a minor when he's not. And then "Monty's" brother "Jonas" talks to him too, telling him the same thing. "Iggy" was happy to back off, but then "Monty" started acting weird, holding "Cassie's" hand, putting his arm around her shoulders, her waist. Being super sweet and friendly with her. Whenever we hung out, even if "Cassie" had money, "Monty" would say it was on him. "Iggy" didn't like that and called "Monty" a hypocrite. However, "Monty" swears to this day he was just being a protective, caring big brother figure to "Cassie". So "Iggy" leaves the group. We did manage to win him back two years ago. Fast forward to last year. Everything's okay in our circle of friends now--things were almost back to the way they were before. But then "Iggy" hears from "Cassie" that she actually fell in love with "Monty". So now he's gone again. How do we fix this? How do we win him him back?
  11. In "City of Angels", Nicolas Cage's character senses Meg Ryan's character's impending death when the candle by the window goes out. In a movie that our family watched on Christmas called "Christmas Orange", there is a scene where the owner of the first orphanage that Rose lived in dies. In that scene, there is a candle by the bed which goes out. In the Celtic Thunder song Kindred Spirits, the opening lines of the song say, "The candlelight is fading as I gently kneel and say/An Ave for my mother/As her spirit slips away..." In the Grimm Brothers story called "Godfather Death", Death shows his godson candles that represent the souls of mortals. Why have candles always been associated with death and dying and the soul?
  12. Oh, he would. He would deny me--no doubt about it. He's the kind of person who thinks he's the best at everything he does and that he's God's own gift to mankind. So I know he would deny me.
  13. I am learning--don't get me wrong! But I want to lead. Just once. Just for once.
  14. I don't WANT to be jealous, I already AM. And I want to lead because I want to prove myself--that I can do something other than follow. I'm a preacher's kid and I feel like everyone expects me to lead--especially in the ministry. Be in the choir, be in the men's group, the youth group. Teach Sunday School, sign up for the worship team. I feel like people want me to be a leader. It's like what people are EXPECTING me to do. By the way, what I meant by "Do I have a right to be jealous?" is SHOULD I BE jealous of them, not that I WANT TO BE jealous, no, I don't--and how do I stop these feelings and be happy instead.
  15. Actually. I have. I was all set to lead. NO ONE CAME! So there was no one to lead. And I'm pretty sure if I ask again, they would say no. I know these guys. They're power hoarders. They like to be in position. They would rather get bitten by a wasp before they would give their position to someone else--unless it was their best friend or brother.