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  1. Be save Sherlock
  2. I'm still waiting for the book of rules, please don't forget.
  3. Sorry to hear Padre.
  4. I hope he is okay.
  5. Just by starting somewhere and not stopping till its done.
  6. Find out first if he might have a problem with his bladder. Take him for a check up. It might be a medical condition. Then only can you start looking into other causes and treatment.
  7. Happy

    1. Gone.


      You OK?:-) 

    2. Ilse


      Hei, sweetie. Yes I'm very well. Happy. 

  8. It's okay, I figured it out.
  9. No it does not make you a bad friend and you do not have to feel bad for saying no. I suspect your reason for not feeling good about it is your annoyance with your friend being so inconsidderate towards you. Stand your ground. Have a chat with your friend explaining exactly what you said here to us. It drains you, so you would much rather not go.
  10. Have to agree. We are flooded by people who beg all the time, just to use the money to curb their addictions. I have no problem helping someone, but I do have an issue of being taken for a ride. If it is a genuine validated request, then it is all good, but not if it is because of some ninkimpoop trying to scam me. Unfortunately there are people out there who really needs help, but most of these posts are just a con. Reality. Makes one just ignore all of it rather. Sad but true. My own situation is dire, so I just see it as charity starts at home. As a family we have a rule, that we can't give money, but we will supply a meal. This is what we can afford.
  11. I think that if nothing else they should learn from this. The zoo is at fault for not enclosing the gorillas properly. I blame them completely. I know for a fact my children had a will of their own at that age, no matter how closely guarded they managed to get themselves in a fix at times. None the less, if visiting a place that have wild animals, extra precaution should be taken. Gorillas are extremely strong, and can mood change on a whim. Seems the crowd also made it anxious, so there was just no telling which way it would go. Had to be put out to save the child. Human life should always take priority. We live in a sick world where people are dislodged from nature and the natural order of things. This is causing problems and fanatics then come in to place the life of an animal above that of a human being. Yes it is sad but a human life takes priority.
  12. No he is not married. Everything is happening so naturally. It feels like no effort.
  13. Sherlock, this might be an excellent time to remind you, I'm still waiting for your book of rules...