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  1. Extracted The last time We are all A comment at best So much said Almost real Dozens of colours of dread All very stuck Tourtured and twisted, within this rhyme in my head
  2. It is fun to be be naked. Right until the point you catch cold. . .
  3. So without rhyme, or many words, I hope you get it.
  4. Be aware, without notice and full agenda, this post will soon find it way to "Poems and Writing".
  5. Where is the apology for the grandest of thefts . . .
  6. Really! This is how it is. No wonder. You have a made a very quiet bed.
  7. I much prefer Help.com As for the rest, I don't see how it matters. You could just as well call it starsandmoons.sky. . . The people that are here are here for simply typing "help". That is I came to find help.com anyway.
  8. Eddieee writes.. Longer then I should have,more then was given, but less then I owe. . . It is my time to stand down as I am tired and now must rest. Along this journey, I have come to understand the power and condition behind my poems. They have both guided and owned me. Not to worry, I am grateful for both. Mostly I am thankful for the friends I have made. Thanks to each of you for the walk and the wonderful conversation.
  9. LOL

    I only write poems right!?! It's NOT that I would ask for help or have anything relevant to say or sort.. . I'm very sure that is all left to 'posting'. And all good posts get properly placed per their relevance. LMAO!!!
  10. It must have needed some quiet time.
  11. Yep, chat is broken.
  12. LOL

    Best if we all invite some more 'users' to help sort this.... Ohhhhhh ... dang, we can't! I guess a 'post' to this 'post' will be the best we can post. Then again, I'm sure this is a poem. LOL
  13. LOL

    I'm sure I am meant to post/post lol , Oh crap, "reply' as a 'user'. Now what? Call this a poem ? Come back and shout. . . All very funny indeed! More then likely, I will be told to sod off Now what...... Do so love the new forum!
  14. Nothing better then dead.
  15. Sharp Enough Blue to red, Drip to drop. Won't someone grab the mop.. Holds the tool, No longer playing the fool. It's time to give the devil his drool.. Brings down the door, I don't give a fuck anymore. Come the morn, the mopper's gonna be sore.. Sword sharpened and gleaming, Who knew demons did such screaming. Slices.. and turns the drops to streaming