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  1. what are your first thoughts on hearing the name Trump to be fair what are your first thoughts on hearing the name Hillary Clinton
  2. shout box is still there
  3. this was 2 days ago, and the shoutbox is still there... what a looooong update oh wait we're still in the Version: IP.Board 3.4.8
  4. 2007? maybe 2006
  5. I get to squish them everyday until may 1 then they are going to Japan for over a year
  6. ok maybe more then a year turning 2 this july
  7. In case anyone cares my sister had triplets what last july i think they went from this to this
  8. lol I guess so they are all walking and talking and one is the mischievous one
  9. OOoh my sister had triplets, you are in for a lot of work
  10. no, FOOD attracts bears
  11. blame it all on CNET for selling and CBS for buying then dumping
  12. Or you could or just told me but instead not doing so makes me suspicious I read Wiki isn't always accurate
  13. What solution's though has he really presented? All I see is what the annoying national news portrays of him
  14. me too pepper and amen to that Hawk
  15. First of all Obama has nothing to do with the race, he's the one leaving remember so Obama shouldn't even be a part of the conversation Secondly its a serious question, I'd like to know if the people voting for trump are racist and hate women, has no one read what he's said? and your last paragraph just is scary- no comment lol I would like to know they think Trump is going to do for this country not how much obama has "destroyed" it even though he has not, look who's in the house making all the laws= republicans.