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  1. I'm hideously late, I heard about this when it happened. Puck was one of the first people I met on this site. May she be forever peaceful.
  2. Congrats man
  3. Oh I forgot about bluestacks.
  4. Good to know Told you it was probably gonna be fine
  5. It's quite a common thing for women in her position to take a major hit to their self confidence, you just ned to find a way to show her that she is adequate, more than that, perfect for you. Like BuckingFastard said, if she's not responding to any other methods of communication, try a letter, try in person.
  6. If it's in a large mall then I doubt there'll be a problem. The company who owns the mall will probably do checks on the backgrounds of the people who own the stores to try and reduce this problem. It does happen often yes but only really ever in small dodgy looking shops. You get a lot of it for example in Chinatown in London. I reckon you'll be fine
  7. One of two things will probably happen. Either the money will appear in you're account and everything will be fine and dandy, or you've been scammed by the shop. Is the shop a large well known shop? If so you're probably ok. It's probable that everything will be fine but if the money doesn't appear, alert your bank immediately. They may have swiped your card details.
  8. PewdiePie 0.0 PewDiePie EVERYWHERE
  9. If you have any data you wish recovered I may be able to help if you PM me, but getting the original site back will not happen. Unless I get bored in like 46 years time and decide to remake it from the limited files I have
  10. Guinness? Lol not sure that has anything to do with it. If they';re on iPhones or android they're using multi tasking. Idk about android but on iOS, tap the home button twice and you can quickly switch between apps. But you should be working your butt of during school
  11. I'ts been a while I forget the options. S Is sending D is delivered and R is read. I think? I might be wrong.
  12. Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-26525149 Nobody died luckilly, hopefully they'll learn to take their own advice in future :3
  13. If you don't like how things go here, then feel free to leave We get plenty of open discussions here with many varying views. Maybe you just aren't looking hard enough.
  14. It seemed to work well enough. I don't see what was wrong with it and it was highly customisable. Just checked the webside and it does appear to have gone through an overhaul. It was called PHPFreeChat http://www.phpfreechat.net/
  15. Do you remember the chat old help.com had? Not the original one but the one on it's own separate page. Well that's free and incredibly easy to set up. Might be worth a look into.