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  1. Anon, I did not call you racist, and I do not think you are a racist.
  2. The question you should be asking yourself is Did he ever really change? Will he ever change, or will it always come back to this? What guided your boyfriend to change the first time? If he only changed because you left him, then he probably hasn't really changed at all. Threatening to leave or leaving in order to overcome a problem in your relationship is not a viable solution to this conflict. A relationship cannot continue on this way, as you can see it's taking a toll on yourself and your children. Can he change? Did he really stop being controlling because he respects you and cares for your well being? Or will his attitudes of making you a subservient maid always be lingering at the back of his mind? You don't need this. You have school. You have a job. You have a family. You don't need this man taking over control of what little spare time that you have left. If he's not giving back in this relationship, he can't just take.
  3. How did I stigmatize you? Did I call you and your kind evil? Quit playing the victim.
  4. If you could nominate one song to the be Help.com theme song, what would it be? Here's my submission: I WANNA GET BETTER!
  5. I didn't mean to derail the post. I feel strongly about this topic because I know Muslims who are good people, and I don't think they should be attacked or stigmatized for their religion. I've seen this anti-Islam opinion on Help.com way too much and I've always sat it out before. I don't know if it makes any difference speaking up, though.
  6. who has one of those?
  7. that's only because reason doesn't seem to be getting through. I'm sorry I can't do more for you.
  8. ugh. this is hopeless. It doesn't matter if you are Christian. I'm agnostic. You're just finding as many excuses as you can to avoid listening to reason. My point was that Christian terrorists don't make Christianity an evil religion. Muslim terrorists don't make Islam an evil religion. This is like talking to republicans who say that video games and music makes people kill. There's a difference between recognizing some people of a certain race as a problem and being a racist. There is also a difference between recognizing some people of a certain religion being a problem, and making foolish blanket statements about everyone who follows that religion. What those people in your country are doing is wrong and it should be stopped. The laws that defend your freedom in your country should defend your freedom in the face of any threat, wherever they come from. People should not be allowed to infringe upon the freedoms guaranteed by your government, whatever their religion is. That being said, it is still wrong to call Islam a religion of hate and misogyny. If you want people to listen to what you have to say about a religion, actually read about what it is from actual educational articles. Start here or here. Educate yourself. If you refuse to read about the subject you are talking about and instead stick to personal bias and inflammatory news articles as your main sources, then don't get upset if someone calls you out on your ignorance or lack of education in this subject. That is the path you chose for yourself.
  9. This is the same justification people give for being racists. "It's not my fault that all the black people live in ghettos. It's sound judgment to say that all blacks are ghetto." "It's not my fault black kids score lower on tests and have lower graduation rates. Black kids must be dumber than white kids." That sounds the same to me as when you say that because some Muslims have threatened you, all of Islam is evil. You know, there are Christian terrorist groups in the world too. The National Socialist Council of Nagaland has been forcibly converting people to Christianity and engaging in ethnic cleansing for years and is still considered to be active and dangerous today. The Sabra and Shatila massacre was the murder of thousands of Muslim civilians in 1982 by the Kataeb militia, a Lebanese Christian group. This was preceded by the Karatina massacre of over 1,000 Muslim civilians in 1976 by Lebanese Christians. The National Liberation Front of Tripura is a Christian terrorist group in India whose manifesto claims that they are acting to expand the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ. They have killed Hindus for celebrating their religion and have even used rape as a means of intimidation.The Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda is a Christian group that has committed unspeakable horrors in their effort to establish a theocratic state based on the Ten Commandments. It is still active today. The Ku Klux Klan is a former Christian terrorist group in the United States and current hate group that is still active today. A Christian white supremacist group was responsible for the Soweto bombings in South Africa in 2002. In the United States, Britain, and Canada, a group known as Christian Identity is made up of evil people with racist interpretations of Christianity, who preach that non-Caucasians have no souls. In 1984, one of their factions The Order went on a murder spree before being stopped by the FBI. The Phineas Priesthood is an affiliated Christian group responsible for murders, bombings, and bank robberies. It is also still active today. The United States' Army of God, is a Christian terrorist group that orchestrates the bombing and assassination of institutions and people tied to abortion. These are evil people committing evil acts in the name of God and Christ. Does that mean Christianity is evil? Of course not. It wasn't religion that drove these people to do these things all over the world. Religious violence is certainly not restricted to a single religion.
  10. And anon, I am not calling you ignorant. There are many brilliant people who make statements or judgments that are harmful or wrong. It doesn't make them any less intelligent or experienced, but it doesn't make their judgment right, either.
  11. aw, thanks! No need to apologize - I really do appreciate any words of comfort.
  12. That is not why I said what you are saying is ignorant. I'm saying your judgement is ignorant because it is harmful, factually wrong, and blatantly ignores the evidence in the world out there. If you said "all gays are obnoxious and rude" because all the gays you've ever come into contact with were that way, you would still be making an ignorant statement. If you said "all blacks are thieves" because your only encounter with black people involved crime, your statement would still be ignorant. If you said "every immigrant from the Middle East is a barbarian" because you feel threatened by the immigrants' culture, this would still be an ignorant statement. Because it's not true. Ignorance: a lack of knowledge, understanding, or education. Making blanket statements stereotyping an entire group of people based upon a limited and sensationalized exposure to them is the crutch of the ignorant and lazy. It enables racism, xenophobia, and unjust discrimination. The information about the true nature of Islam and the true nature of all the people who follow Islam is out there if you are ever interested in finding it. Both Islam and Christianity have been used to do both good and evil. In 1978, a Christian preacher used his religious influence to murder a US Congressman and kill over 900 of his own followers, including children and infants. This isn't ancient history. It is the past, present, and future. Evil men use anything they can to commit their crimes. It doesn't matter what religion he is, or if he even has a religion at all.
  13. You are speaking out of ignorance when you say "Islam is evil". You are speaking from your limited observations about Islam picked up from news articles about terrorists and barbarism, not from any actual literature about the religion itself. You are speaking from your fear about a particular type of people from a particular area. You are afraid of these people, and it's easy for you to say that they are evil because of their religion and that religion is bad. I get it. But you are wrong. Your judgement on all Muslim people makes it more difficult for normal, civilized Muslims to make a stand. They have been trying. These kind of statements perpetuate xenophobia and religious discrimination. It makes it harder for Muslims to lead normal lives and get jobs. It makes Help.com an unsafe place for people who choose to follow that religion, who aren't terrorists or criminals, who need help. I don't care if you agree or not - it's still wrong. Stigmatizing an entire group of people because of their religion has led to the genocides of Jews and other religious groups for many centuries. Haven't we learned that this is not the right way? I still can't believe some people are still following the same thought patterns. I assume you must be from Europe somewhere because that's where I always hear the greatest Islamophobia coming from. I understand things are different there than in the United States. I understand that things are going on that may seem dangerous, and may actually be dangerous. I know that your exposure to Muslims may be limited to these people who are threatening you. If I were in your situation I would be angry. But that doesn't change the fact that these people don't represent the Islam religion, and they don't represent Muslims everywhere. And they don't condone stereotyping an entire group of people because it's convenient for your world view. I am tired of seeing this kind of stuff on Help.com. I wouldn't sit by without saying anything if you guys were saying these sorts of things about racial groups, and I won't when you're saying it about religious groups. We have Muslim users here on Help.com, and this kind of crap has got to be offensive, alienating, and tiring. You are talking about the nature of a religion that you don't even know very well. What are you getting out of it that's worth hurting and alienating people who aren't involved with your issues with Muslims at all?
  14. You didn't ruin this. You can't lie about how you feel and who you are for the sake of love. He should have told you when something was wrong. He shouldn't have left. He is young and foolish and scared, but that doesn't mean that you did anything wrong. He's just not capable of giving you what you need in a relationship. No matter whose fault it is, I know breakups can be devastating. It's hard to lose your first love. But don't throw it all away. He couldn't be the one for you, but he still cares. It doesn't mean that your experiences and friendship are meaningless.
  15. woah, that was quick. I'm gonna get whiplash. I'm guessing that we can't close topics on the new Help.com? maybe you should take some time to meditate and think about what you truly feel. Faith is a choice, and if you're not willing to make that choice, God isn't just going to give you faith to believe in a religion. If he did, we'd only have one religion out there. You have to decide what you're willing to believe in. Why do you want to be agnostic?