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  1. So, My cat hurts me. We got her as a 2 month old kitten (she's 6 months now), the first week she was lovely, calm, exploring. The next week, probably because she became familiar with my boyfriend and me, and our apartment, she began attacking me (not him as much). Mainly biting ankles, feet, hands, arms. We got her lots of toy mice, and stuffed toys, a scratching post. She goes at them viciously, at least, but she directs that at me too. When she started attacking me, I decided to get one of her toys, and just play with her until she got too tired or bored. This would be during the night too, since she hurt us both while we slept. Twice she went for my neck while I was asleep. Anyway, this has helped somewhat, playing with her when she gets like that, but she still doesn't stop biting at my legs and ankles when I just walk by her. She is also very sweet at times, before she eats each time (free feeds), she seeks love and attention from me, she kisses me in the mornings and lies next to me before she gets food. Once in a blue moon, she'll have a really good day where she doesn't hurt me at all, she's loving all day, or just lies somewhere in another room and I hardly see her most of the day. On the days that she's 'good' I treat her tremendously, I'm also training her to come to me when I call her with these treats. I do treat her every day (picking a time when she's been calm for an hour or 2). Why I'm posting this, is that, recently the attacks have become slightly more aggressive when she does decide to. In that, she's started attacking me from behind when I'm sitting on the bed, going for the back of my head (which she digs her nails into and bites) - and yes, it hurts like hell. So, I want to know if anyone has advice on redirecting this behaviour elsewhere, how to do that and if I can 'calm' her down in any way and also how to do that? I realise she is a cat, that this is instinctual behaviour for her, learning how to hunt and whatnot, so I have no intention of 'removing' it. I've just had many cats from young and my boyfriend has too, and we've never seen such behaviour before. I know she likes me to some degree, she always picks me to sleep near, and I'm the one to feed her, clean her litter box, play with her. The only reason for the aggression that I can think of, other than learning to hunt, is that there are days that I'm at school, or work (Mo-Th), and she's upset that I've been away (but my boyfriend is at home when I'm not). We never leave her alone for more that 3 or 4 hours, and usually it's only an hour or 2 when we go grocery shopping or whatnot. I'm at home the entire weekend, and she's nicer to me on these days. I would still like to know if I can redirect her frustrations though. She's also an 'only' cat, so I guess a friend would help, but we can't afford 2. My boyfriend suggested that she sees me as a playmate, and him as "just some roommate she has to live with."
  2. I just want to say, that saying "read the Quran" shouldn't be against the rules since it's not the same as "convert to Islam" - you're broadening your knowledge of an entire group of people. If one can say "Meditate according to Buddhist practice," how's "Pray according to Islamic practice?" If you make it a rule to not read one book, then no one can say "read [insert name of book here]." I took a Cultural Anthropology class and I recommend it to people, because it broadened my understanding of others' belief systems and cultures. Anthropologists sacrifice a lot to study people. They immerse themselves in a people's beliefs and customs, having to suppress their own to try and gain understanding of another way of life. I also recommend taking a Greek Mythology class, many religious stories have striking similarities (across cultures) and the stories are beautiful. The Bible, Tora, and Quran which cover the same incidents, are basically exactly that, stories (a mythology). Something easy to do, I think everyone should watch Doctor Who.
  3. I'm the brooding type. What I've found, is that taking personality tests have helped me realise my tendencies and natural reactions to certain things. Mainly the MBTI and Enneagram tests. And also, its's fun to know. I used to write when I felt lost, I don't write anymore, so I have conversations in my head instead. I don't like the idea of someone reading my thoughts. I hope you find the words you need Savanna. But it's good to sometimes just feel instead of trying to constantly describe it.
  4. I was a member of the original Help. And I'm still here... Sort of.
  5. <3
  6. It's good to take extra precautions. Let us know if it helps
  7. It's great that you're reaching out, I don't have the courage to do that, but I admire people who do. Take the friendship slow, just see where it goes, don't stress over all the possibilities. If you run out of things to say you could suggest watching a movie to avoid more conversation. I always want to put something on the TV to distract people who want my company, because in real life, I don't enjoy talking all that much. I find it easier to talk to people when I've made it clear that I may seem awkward at times and that they can just ignore it, so I don't know if it would help to bring the topic up. Many friendships spring from randomness. I remember one guy sat down at my table in the library and started talking to me as though we were already really good friends, and I had only passed him in hallways prior to this. And after that, he sat with me everyday, and I enjoyed the company. He was a stoner guy, lol. Sometimes, taking the chance is worth it
  8. So, I'm taking Greek Mythology classes at uni at the moment, I find this topic very interesting. Although I may deviate from the Nephilim. I'm looking at things from the perspective of Apollo, who was equated to Jesus (pbuh) so that the Romans would adopt Christianity. Since there are similarities between them, even from the Quranic view. Apollo was Zeus's son, and his mother was Leto. Hera (Zeus's wife was jealous and would allow any place for Leto to rest, no place that the sun's rays touched. So there was a city that was just emerging from the waters and Leto found rest there, and she promised that her son would be the God of their city (Delphi I think). I'll tell you what the Quran says of Jesus' (p) birth: The Quran narrates the virgin birth of Jesus numerous times. The Quran states that Mary was overcome by the pains of childbirth. During her agony and helplessness, God provided a stream of water under her feet from which she could drink. Furthermore, near a palm tree, Mary was told to shake the trunk of the palm tree so that ripe dates would fall down and she could eat and be nourished. Mary cried in pain and held onto the palm tree, at which point a voice came from "beneath her", understood by some to refer to Jesus, who was yet in her womb, which said, "Grieve not! Your Lord has provided a water stream under you; And shake the trunk of the palm tree, it will let fall fresh ripe dates upon you. And eat and drink and calm thy mind." That day, Mary gave birth to her son Jesus in the middle of the desert. Mary carried baby Jesus back to her people. The Quran goes on to describe that Mary vowed not to speak to anyone that day, as God was to make Jesus, who Muslims believe spoke in the cradle, perform his first miracle. The Quran goes on to narrate that Mary then brought Jesus to the temple, where she was immediately ridiculed by all the temple elders. But Zachariah believed in the virgin birth and supported her. The elders accused Mary of being a loose woman and having touched another man while unmarried. In response, Mary pointed to her son, telling them to talk to him. They were angered at this and thought she was mocking them, by asking them to speak with an infant. It was then that God made the infant Jesus speak from the cradle and he spoke of his prophecy for the first time. He said, which are verses 19:30-33 in the chapter of Mary in the Quran: He said: "I am indeed a servant of Allah: He hath given me revelation and made me a prophet; And He hath made me blessed wheresoever I be, and hath enjoined on me Prayer and Charity as long as I live; (He) hath made me kind to my mother, and not overbearing or miserable; So peace is on me the day I was born, the day that I die, and the day that I shall be raised up to life (again)!" —Quran, sura 19 Maryam, ayat 30-33 Taken from wikipedia. Now with Apollo: Hera invited the Goddess, Eileithyia, to Olympus so that at the time of Apollo's birth, Leto would have to be in great pain, and she certainly was. During the time of her labour she was near a palm tree and is said to have embraced it due to the pain. When Apollo was born, he spoke immediately, proclaiming something to the effect of: "I conduct the will of Zeus/proclaim his prophecy, and my instrument is the lyre." - not exactly the same, but there are some similarities that got me really excited when I read the myth of Apollo's birth. So if God is equated to Zeus - since Zeus is the God that has dominion over the others, and Jesus (p) is equated to Apollo, Leto to Mary - then God slept with Mary somehow (or put a seed in her). According to Islamic belief, the Holy Spirit IS the angel Gabriel, since Gabriel is the one to reach out to human in the Quran (as a messenger to all prophets) and in the Prophetic traditions when wanting to educate ordinary people on the laws of God. Based on this Islamic belief, if Gabriel is a servant of God, he would obey His will and if it's God's will that Gabriel copulates with Mary, so it would be. Angels in Islam cannot disobey God's will since they don't have free will. This goes against the belief that Nephilim are a type of angel as believed in Christianity, they are a different kind of spirit called "Jinn" - which the Devil is taught to be, not an Angel, since Jinn have free will like humans - according to the Quran. I'm sorry to have gone off topic so, my mind just runs rampant with these things
  9. I believe in positivity, and I will pray that you are healed of all ailments. I'll keep you in my prayers, and hope for the best for you, dear Mariam.
  10. I'm thankful for my mom who is alive and recovering well.
  11. On the topic of searching for meaning, for Snar. Logotherapy not implying that you need therapy, I just had a thought that you may find the topic interesting. Meaning is something to be found rather than to be given, discovered rather than to be invented (Frankl, 1982).
  12. That's reality Snar, I've reached a number of Jewish people via Facebook (and know 2 in real life), and they are delightful, I find Islam and Judaism to be very close in terms of beliefs and religious practice, and I often wish that I was taught Judaism first, before Christianity (as my own religion) - although if I were Jewish I would not have become Christian. But it's not a religion you can just enter, it's a complicated matter, because you become a part of the Jewish Family, and it's not one you can easily leave. According to Judaism, from what I read in The Torah for Dummies, only 600,000 Jewish souls exist at any given time which corresponds to the 600,000 letters in the Torah. So there is a process of reincarnation. And I just looked up the conversion process, because it doesn't make sense that a gentile soul turns into Jewish soul upon conversion, since there can only be 600,000. I found this in my search: "The soul of the ger [similar to convert], our sages taught, stood at Mount Sinai. In at least one way, the ger is yet greater, for the ger is the lost child who has found his way home." * "A ger literally means someone who has come to live among a people to which he or she was not born." I've always found the Jewish community a difficult one to find.
  13. I read a book, The Torah for Dummies. It explained things nicely, and also a piece on how their Saturday services are conducted, and how the Torah is written - very interesting. They have to read from scrolls that have been written, not typed. There must be no mistakes in the Torah when compared with a printed copy, if a mistake is found, they put all 'discarded' scrolls in a room (called genizah) where all unusable religious texts are kept since they may not be thrown away. I'm not sure how the Torah and Talmud are treated in the homes of Jews. When needing to empty the genizah, I believe they have to bury the texts, preferably near a sacred spot such as a shul (synagogue). Muslims also have to treat the Quran with respect, and when discarding religious texts, they must be burnt and not buried. I like to treat all religious texts (regardless of religion) with equal respect. If you would like to reach a mainly Muslim and Jewish Facebook community, there is a group called Abraham's Tent that welcomes questions that are aimed towards interfaith relations. You can try posting there too I think you will find responsive, helpful people there.
  14. It's sometimes too easy to act on feelings, but that's why we try to do the right thing based on our own judgement. But our hormones interfere which can mislead us, as Padre said. He has explained it all well and I would take his advice on this.