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  1. 1) It would make no difference to reality whether it existed or not. Therefore, it would be a pointless being 2) You would never be able to prove such a being existed. Some might argue that no god could be proven, but one which is absent is always absent of proof 3) The being itself would, logically, not care what people did or thought, or it would be present. And no reason to create a universe. 4) Assuming it was an all powerful being, free will would not exist. The being itself would not interfere, and no mortal could do anything not ordained. 5) The being would be no help or use in any day-to-day situation. It would not care who prayed or why. It would have decided who will burn and who will be saved, and that is that. Basically, a deistic god simply makes the least logical sense.
  2. Padre's advice is pretty much the 'standard' advice a gentleman can give to another. Seeing a doctor may be a necessity if the problem is physical. If medical, then a standard smear test can help - it's just a quick test a nurse can do. Or it may be psychological. A ladies biggest sex organ is her brain. If she goes into things thinking 'oh no I hope this does not hurt', then she has just created a self-fulfilling problem. Telling her to relax is obviously not very helpful, but you may just need to work hard at being a nice, calm guy with her, consistently, to get to happy times. Alternatively, you could consider positioning. Have your lady friend lie with her bum on a pillow, and let her control the movement: it's the most 'user friendly' way to introduce yourself to a lady. Good luck. Above all, have fun.
  3. Ask her if you can borrow a pen, as the good lady suggests. Make sure you smile, look a little embarrassed, and thank her. Make at least one positive comment to her during a lecture. Then return her pen, and make sure you say 'thank you'. That little transaction in trust is the basis of a massive school of psychology, which states that, if you help someone who reacts positively to your help,and the transaction is fair, you associate them with a feeling of trust. If nothing else, she will at least get to see you talk to and smile at her. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so try it
  4. I hate to say it: but you have to adapt to and pick your poison. You can't keep taking substances to combat other substances. If you load yourself on a combo of highs and lows, you will end up being unable to cope without a careful mixture of artificial chemicals, and what happens if you wake up in a particularly good/bad mood and throw it all out of whack? I think you need to either wait it out and see if you need to quit, or find memory/note taking techniques that suit you better. Association works best for me: linking names with sharp and stark images. What 'note taking techniques' or 'memory association techniques' into Google for ideas. And of course, I can't speak for your personal problems, but you may want to consider seeing a professional for your issues with other people. If you can pick up techniques that help you wean off Valium dependency, the problem is gone! Incidentally, I have issues with using the telephone, and had to speak to a trained professional in order to use one without sweating/panicking. Sounds dumb when I look back, but I still get a bit nervous now :/
  5. The world is in need of more good sex. But What you have here? is emotional blackmail. I basically agreed with the Red Fox, but things now change due to your last post. If he has gone from threats, now to begging that you have allowed him his tantrum, he clearly isn't taking you seriously. I hate to say this, but although ladies may have a more fickle heart, us men (or boys, for that matter) tend to have much more fickle stomachs: This guy seems the type that, if he seems someone that he thinks looks tasty, he will go ahead and eat her. Literally and figuratively. Because it's pretty clear what is important to both of you, and even the best result here seems to end in pain.
  6. I know what you lifters will say: 'REST DAYS SHOULD BE FOR REST'. Well, I am a slim build, and as far as size goes, im not going to get much bigger. I am currently on 3.2k calories +100g of whey protein just to maintain weight. If I didn't lift, I would look gaunt, like I did for my entire teenager years (hate my metabolism). So, I am going for fitness and toning rather than bulk by necessity. Does anyone know of any good programs to get me started? I frequently walk long distances and am in at least average shape and fitness, but have never been a part of any strict fitness program, other than 'do at least x amount of time per week'.
  7. Beef
  8. Personal knowledge is that child voice that tells you how much smarter you are than everyone else, and how important you are. Shared knowledge is the adult voice that shows you how much potential you have to learn.
  9. I don't know. I'm nearly 26, which is hardly old, but I've done all the things I wanted to achieve when I first became an adult. I got married, have two children who are healthy and happy, and I even have another one on the way. I went through a short period of depression, brought on by not finding employment where I can use my degree, but I've come to terms with it, and am content to continue with the job I have for afew years. I discovered about myself that being un-employed has a MASSIVE negative impact on my self esteem and life in general, and im glad that's over. Basically, I have nothing 'big' to complain about in life right now. I feel... content. I'm very happy with my home life. I have a tolerable working life, but have my degree as insurance for a better future job, once I have some solid work experience. I suppose I actually feel frustrated without having some immediate 'bad' thing that needs to be conquered. Is it even logical to be annoyed at the feeling of contentment? Can anyone relate?
  10. I.E seems to hate quoting atm. Apologies for that. But Ironically, I HAVE had my immediate fam DNA tested! When I was a child, they used my dad as a test subject for some sort of investigation into people with low natural heart beat rates, so also did the generation either side. Was a waste of time. my baby is doing good thanks.... and I have a new one on the way
  11. Death
  12. An Irishman walks into his local, and orders 10 shots of whisky. 'What's the celebration?' asks the barman. 'My first blowjob' 'Well then, congratulations, have a couple on the house!' 'No thanks' says the man ' if 10 don't get the taste out of my mouth, nothing will'.
  13. learning
  14. I get what you mean by that, Amando. Placebo medicine works in the same way. When you are at your worst, you try to find a solution. Because you were at your worst, you would start getting better anyway, and doing something pro-active feels good. So, you may as-well be doing any of the traditional fortune-telling techniques, because you are making yourself feel better by thinking about the problem and looking for solutions.
  15. Faith