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  1. Hi all! So... you might or might not remember me. I was in a pretty bad place early to mid last year, and this site helped (well, it was called help.com then, but anyway...) Yeah, so I wanted to share an update. I'd bet few (if any) will remember me, but oh well, I'm posting anyway! xD I'm still stuck at home, and have basically been told I will NEVER be able to move out. I'm bitter about that, but at least I'm getting in fewer fights with family members. Probably because my medicine has been changed a bit, so I am able to let go better. Still, I'm not happy about being forced to live with my family, and plan to find any solution I can to get out of this. But I am feeling better! I am out of the closet with my immediate family, and I'm told I don't have to hide it. So, I won't. I'm BIIIIIIsexual. Actually, demibisexual. I don't feel physically attracted to anyone unless I form an emotional attachment to them. Unfortunately, that's not hard to do. What IS hard to do is let go of those feelings, like I'm trying now. I had a crush on a guy for about 7 months, and it's hard to fully accept that we will never be together because he's not interested, but I'm trying. Also of note, I got my Associate's Degree! Whoot! The downside? Because of the aforementioned not being able to move out, I have no way of getting a bachelor's besides online courses, which I don't have a good history with. So... I'm stuck home with nowhere I can go. I can't get a job (I'm disabled, hate it, stuck with it) so I will be getting absolutely no social interaction outside my family. I know I have to find an alternative, but I don't know what I can do without alienating my entire family. My cousin says I'm being held emotionally hostage, and I agree. To explain, I'm being told I can't leave because of two main reasons: 1) my family uses my disability money to help pay for the house, and 2) I am in a weird situation where I help prevent our electricity from being turned off, even though it is never paid. If I move out, that spells disaster financially. So yeah, I'm being forced to stay where I'm unhappy because of money. I know it's to help my family, but honestly, I don't like my family as much as I should. They're not letting me breathe. So.. yeah. Sorry. This is more depressing than I intended... Urgh. Sorry
  2. I'm currently on disability (living off the government). I hate it, but feel I have little other choice. I can't do something for too long without getting overwhelmed, but I'm building up to it by going to college. Hopefully I'll either own a business or work as a programmer. Or both. Both would be good.
  3. Sorry I was gone - I have been distracted lately. Anyhoo, I live in the US. Does the self employment tax apply to all income or just profit? Marketing would be difficult for me as well, mainly because I tend to do things slowly, and there is only so much time in the day. If I ever got popular, I'd have to figure out how to handle so many ways of communication. It's not that I don't like talking, I just need a balance between what I have to do, so I don't feel as though my attention is being pulled around. Thanks all! I feel more confident now
  4. I can't make any programs that are very usable to anyone yet. I have only taken a couple of courses, and they were for different programming languages. I'm being secretive because I have an idea for a hook, and I don't want to put it on the internet yet (although it's probably a commonplace idea online and I just don't know it. Still, secrecy just in case ^^) I think I have to be able to do most of the same Dollyesqua, not sure yet though on which ones. I'll have to look into that book, NobodyCanBeatMe, but I'm pretty sure that isn't entirely true, at least not when you start up and of course it is dependent on what you do. But I will look into that book to see if it will apply to me. As a result of my searching, I keep coming across the very large website for small businesses in the U.S., sba.gov. It is a lot of reading to do, but I will do my best. Should be a good place to start
  5. Thanks all! Seems I will be looking into learning much more about the taxes portion - I'm clueless right now but I don't mind learning. My main focus will start with the blog, but I will also be doing other things to generate income (trying to remain secretive right now though). I am sure I will have trouble generating enough to live off of. I just don't know if I can mentally handle a full-time office job, though a part-time one may be perfect. But then, how many people hire programmers (my chosen field of study) to work part time in an office? Probably not many. I looked at that website (love the art!) and I understand your point. But I still want to try it. Few successes happen overnight, or even over years. But I want to try. I have a tendency to not stick with things. I fall in and out of interests. I am testing myself here to see if I can handle blogging regularly by typing up the posts in a document, then saving them for the future when I start the blog (unless they become outdated, in which case I'll have to revise or scrap them, but at least I will have the practice). Thank you all! I will start my research now. I have plenty of ideas, I just gotta find out if and how they could work.
  6. Ok. So, I'm thinking about self-employment as a blogger. Lord knows I can write a lot, the challenge will be cutting down. I KNOW bloggers do not make much (if any) money. I know that. But I would like to try anyway. I feel I am meant to write, and even if it is only a hobby, I would like to try! So, with that in mind, has anyone here been self-employed before? What is it like? What challenges should I be prepared to face? I'm mainly focusing on the business end of things. I know what it is like to be a blogger - I've tried it before and liked it as a hobby. Thanks all!
  7. In that case, please keep us updated as often as you can. Good or bad. I don't know what it is, but you've caught my attention. You are capable of great things, and you have something that is important: willpower. Don't lose it, or if you ever do, find it again!
  8. You are a racist. How do I know? I double checked the dictionary, and it said: Racist: a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain human race is superior to any or all others. (Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/racist)
  9. You are absolutely right. My mom did get assistance after a while, and it has helped her immensely. I couldn't find any welfare programs for your state though. Odd. Anyhoo, I do hope you get it. Will you be able to wait things out safely until they give you an answer?
  10. Wow I feel like an idiot. I forgot to touch on food banks. If you get food stamps (you still do, right?) then you may be able to get food from a food bank. Sometimes the food expires before it gets to you, but most of the time it's good and you can pick and choose what you take anyway. Also, I've been looking up programs for Kentucky, most of them are for the disabled, which is ridiculous because non-disabled people often need assistance too. If you get disability it should open up new doors for you, but in the meantime I'm gonna keep looking for low-income assistance there. Also, just found some free and low cost clinics. This site lists them: http://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/kentucky_free_health_care_clin.html I really think the above site is thorough. Here is its more general listing: http://www.needhelppayingbills.com/html/kentucky_assistance_programs.html You can do this! We're cheering you on
  11. Oh my word... I'm so sorry. Ok. If your state is anything like mine, disability will be hard to get (my mom had trouble getting it, and she has sever fibromyalgia) but don't give up hope! Please don't. The world can be a good place, but I don't know how to explain why I think so. Alrighty! Here's a possible plan: Apply for disability Apply for Welfare Seek out extra programs for assistance I think part of the problem may be that some people just plain stink. Life is not being fair to you. So let's even things out, eh? Are you still in KY?
  12. Thank you BF!!!
  13. I have been doing this for about a week now. It's been going well. I still weigh 312, but at least I'm not gaining yet. I'm going to keep at it. I've also changed the rules a bit. I can only have one tupperware cup for every hour I am awake, with 15 cups being the limit. I did this because I'm not always awake as long as the average person, I have a tendency to be sleepy, so if I'm not awake for 15 hours, why should I eat as though I were? I'm really liking this system, though it won't work forever. When I go back to school, I will not be able to eat during class, which lasts more than an hour. Also, I might only have 15 minutes between classes, which doesn't give me much time to both eat and brush my teeth (I hate having food in my teeth in public) So I've got to think of how to modify it to accommodate any things like that, which should be easier to figure out once I know when my classes will be. On the plus side, I should be able to register for fall courses late this month/early next month
  14. Like Southern Comfort said, get professional help. I can relate in a way. I was doing great at school until I broke down from the stress, even though I was doing really well. Now I have the luxury of taking the semester off. It is helping immensely, but I know I still couldn't go back yet. It's too much. I think if you're anything like me, you do need the psychological help (even if it is as simple as having someone root for you on a weekly basis) that a therapist or other mental health professional can provide. Perhaps you could ask your doctor for a referral? In any case, taking time off and away from the situation and remembering tricks my therapist taught me for my issues is really helping me, so it might work for you too. Do I still have bad days? Of course! But I would be even worse off if I hadn't taken the break. As soon as you can, take a break, but even sooner, get some professional help.
  15. I looked up the book, they have American versions too. I will see if my local library has a copy, or can help me get a copy from another library. I can't afford to pay for the book, not yet anyway, so borrowing will have to do. I have been doing well with the portioning. I eat about 1 portion per hour, sometimes a little less often, and it's small, or at least feels that way. It has been an easy transition however, for which I am eternally grateful. I feed the desire to eat, while eating less than I normally would. BUT, I'm not depriving myself. I'm getting enough to eat. I don't feel hungry, other than a little bit, which I can curb with a drink of juice, a super healthy food, or a bite of one of my portioned-out foods. Yesterday I had to guesstimate on something. I at a hoagie-ish sandwich. Basically long bread with chicken and cheese. I portioned it, and it looked like 3 of the tupperware cups. My sister insisted it was 4 or 5 of them. It doesn't matter though, even if I had counted it as 5, I still only ate 13 cups worth of "junk" food yesterday, when my limit is 15. I'm excited! This is making me feel like I'm making progress, while at the same time I'm not making things frustrating for me. Weight update: 312 lb. NOT good. I will try this "diet" for a month or less. If I don't see improvement, I'm calling my doctor. I can't keep gaining weight!