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  1. In 2017, I think its pretty common to marry into your 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's. Your point of view may be skewed because you are noticing your married friends, but trust me the world has never been so full of singles in mid-life. My view is skewed the other way, got married young and had kids and now its seems like all my university friends are just having kids now, while my son goes to university next year - lol. It's all relative, just keep hope and don't worry. Hawk
  2. I have trouble believing that the police do not ask for ID. If she is charged, her identity will come out so I don't think there is much risk to you. However, if she has your ID and similar looking then that falls into category #2 of Padre's list. Short of that, it's annoying but something I would deal with in house (within family). Cheers, Hawk
  3. Hi Wil, I have found when faced with a tough decision about pursuing a relationship I ask myself which is the lesser evil. That might have me walk away depending on what else I have going on, or it might have me jump in as the risk of being hurt or sacrificing might be lesser than the price of never knowing. I've walked away from a few, and it was the right decision but I am a firm believer that we often know what we can't live without sometimes sooner than we identify what we want. Close you eyes and imagine life without that person, or that person in a relationship with someone else. If you can't bear it, you may want to question why that is and how much you are willing to sacrifice for that? Good luck, Hawk
  4. Met a 90 year old couple a few months back that had been married for 65 years. Asked them what their secret was... the wife leaned in conspiratorially, and said "sleep every night together, in the nude". Couldn't believe it, but man on so many levels this is a pearl of wisdom. Hawk
  5. Glad to see all the fun our members have had/are having. I always found planes, trains and automobiles awkward but worth it for the novelty. As an ongoing solution to living with your parents, however? Not so much. You need creative scheduling (when your parents are away) or to take up camping. A tent, an air mattress and the woods can be a great alternative. Good Luck, Hawk
  6. Hi Sam and Beth, I think part of the challenge stems from the fact that not only is she your youngest, but this is a big change for you both. With all your kids gone your life is about to change dramatically. First let me say, bravo, you made it together and so few couples do nowadays. My own son is 17 and I can relate, I find myself looking at his pictures more lately. In the end you have to let her go, maybe she is ready, maybe she isn't but you can't stop this. All we can do is encourage our kids to plan appropriately. If she has planned responsibly and thought things through then that is the best you can hope for. Best of Luck, Hawk
  7. Hi Padre, Usually there is a shareholders agreement which stipulates how value would be assessed. Often this is 3x or 5x returned earnings depending on the business. I can tell you that the majority of the time these shareholder agreements are only a factor in determining value and not a binding contract as there existence would suggest. Ultimately, unless there is a clause forcing a buyout the shareholder is usually stuck with the shares or has to find a buyer for themselves. I am assuming this is a privately held company, if it is public simply drop the asking price, take a hit, and you should find a buyer on the open market. Cheers and good luck, Hawk
  8. Sure he can ! Dark hair, blue eyes. All he needs is a nasal prosthetic. (Yes, I am dutifully ashamed of myself right now) Hawk
  9. I think I've reached my sarcasm quota on this thread, lol. Being honest for a minute here, let's face it we live on planet where the apex predator is humanity. We use resources, materials and all species any way we see fit with very little regard, beyond their usefulness to us. It may ultimately be our downfall, only time will tell. Moreover, the only species we show regard for are those, in the ultimate act of vanity, we anthropomorphize. The cute and cuddly creatures get more attention as we imbue them with human traits. Animals and plants are clearly different, but they are the same where it counts, they are a) not human and b ) subservient to our needs. Nobody wants to say it, but we treat this planet like we own it. Anyone objecting to our eating animals, needs to take a hard look at what humanity really is. Hawk
  10. I am sorry for your loss. As for your boyfriend, I think the best thing you can do is focus on working through your pain. I've always believed that you don't have as much to give to others if things are not well in your life. Your goal should be to have an independent relationship that reinforces fortifies one another, rather than a co-dependency that drags each other down. I would give him a little space and focus on your mental health and let him reach out to you when he is ready. Forcing the issue before he is, can only end badly. Good luck, Hawk
  11. Hate when people do that too! Good on you, sound like you were able to let it go. Personally (though it is admittedly a bad approach) I find it vey hard not to berate the person until they tell me or I make an issue of it on the spot. The minute she started playing around with "you will never know or see..." I would find it very difficult to not be a smartass and pretend I was not listening to begin with. This seems like antagonistic or attention seeking behavior to me, she seems to be pressing your buttons. The question is why? Hawk
  12. Clearly my sarcasm on the vegetable bit was too well disguised, lol. However, If emotional evolution is the standard to gauge the relevance of pain, does it then follow, that if vegetables are less evolved emotionally than animals and animals are less emotionally evolved than humans, that animals deserve less consideration for their pain than humans do. If however, less evolved animals' pain is as significant as a humans, then perhaps plants/vegetables while not having a central nervous system experience their own form of loss. I know I will be thinking of my plants leaning toward the sun the next time I bite off a piece of a vegetable. Hawk
  13. So is it the act of hunting you object to or the industrial revolution? I'll concede that the latter has its vices in terms of the commoditisation of animals. Problem is living in western society, it's pretty hard not to benefit from the industrialisation of our food chain. Interesting to see if the movement towards localvore survives the decline in the standard of living in North America. and P.S. Just cuz vegetables aren't cute or express themselves in an auditory fashion let's not assume they don't feel pain. My kids and I eat our vegetables solemnly mindful of their sacrifice. Hawk
  14. Thanks all, Good insights all, its easy to lose perspective when you are in the thick of it. I guess I am struggling with letting her go. My son finishes high school this year and is off to university next year, so the time to move on is right. Truth is she can't get a job in our hometown and I can't carry her personal debt with my salary alone. Seems like crummy reason to end a relationship, even if it is alive in name alone at this point. Appreciate your feedback. Hawk
  15. My sister-law (vegan dietitian) told my (meat loving) son exactly the same thing, that he should get acquainted with killing his food and see if he still liked it. In response he sent her a pic of a rabbit he and his (dumb-ass) teenage buddies killed, skinned and ate. Thanks god they did not get sick! We are still waiting for her response. P.S. we live in the suburbs, they found a rabbit in the city! BTW If people are anti-game, don't eat the godamm meat! (just don't impose your views on me).