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    This afternoon I sat at my window and relaxed, which I very seldom do, and watched the leaves fall off the trees and blow in the wind. ((sigh))

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  1. Aw, Nix...mine is okay, for the most part. I just hope you get better soon The thing about the meds...people say that they don't feel any different while taking them....but the people who are around them notice a difference. So often, people will stop taking their meds because they don't REALIZE they are better....
  2. I know exactly how you feel. I also have 4 kids and at the moment they are all still at home, but I'm going to cry like a baby to let them go....especially the youngest. I dread the empty nest My oldest is a boy who is 16 Next is a girl who is 14 Next is a boy who is 12 Finally my 5 year old son My 5 year old son was born because when my next oldest went to kindergarten, I cried like a baby and told my husband I couldn't handle not having kids at home all day. Thus, along came another I can only imagine how I will be when they are all grown. I know it's not "advice." I just know how you feel and want to give you and your wife a virtual hug
  3. I'm sorry, Nix. I hope you are feeling better soon I also have depression, and at times it seems insurmountable. A couple years ago, I didn't even get out of bed for three months straight. I have PTSD, as well, and that causes me to act irrationally at times. It's hard to go through life that way and I just hope and pray to get better....and I hope and pray you do too
  4. Hm....I've done it in a ton of cars, many of them little. I used to have a Ford Festiva, and I just sat on the guy's lap. It was great. Once I did this while he was driving down a highway at 50 mph. Dangerous. But also great. I think you can always figure something out. Stopping in the woods or on the side of the road with a blanket is good too Oral is always an option in a car, too Kind of embarrassed to have replied, but ....:shrug:
  5. First of all, maybe you need to see a doc or get into therapy because of your suicide talk/feelings. I think your dad and mom both love you. Your mom might have chased after your dad for one simple reason: when they immigrated and your dad was a citizen and your mom wasn't....she might have felt the need to latch on to him for security. She was probably terrified. I can't even imagine leaving my home and starting a new home in another place. I bet the shakiness of that situation affected their parenting abilities. As far as room mates go: I had room mates in college too. Some of them were awful; some were great. NONE of them are my friends to this day. I also had room mates after college, when I purchased my first house. They ARE my friends to this day. Sometimes you just have to deal with a bad room mate, and as long as you don't feel unsafe....learn life lessons from them. Hope things get better for you soon
  6. If he makes you uncomfortable, wave bye bye to him, smile, and be on your way
  7. Truth and honesty cuddled into love and empathy. Let the child grieve the way s/he needs and wants to grieve. I'm so sorry to hear this; condolences to you and your family
  8. Same sort of scenario happened to me in 1993... I did it all wrong though, and he was not prosecuted. Even the cop and the local bouncer at the bar (who was my room mate's boyfriend) told me to press charges because he had done this before.... That aside, as usual.....Sherlock's words and Dr. Ralph's words are spot on....and you are a wonderful person to help him out as you do
  9. Yes, Lano....completely outer space dwellers I know...I have a ton of crap on my mind every day! I would like things to slow down one of these days
  10. Wow, Sherlock. Such an exciting life Be careful and take care
  11. Awesome I will look for it....
  12. I like Perfect Paws...and good luck on your business
  13. I never honk at bicyclists; I wouldn't want to cause them to startle and have a crash in front of my car. I think it's great when people ride bicycles....saving the environment; getting healthy. What I don't like is when they ride on a little road four abreast and you have to slow down to 20 mph because you can't get around them for several miles....this also causes a dangerous situation for motorists who are approaching the slow speed and are not paying attention....the other drivers might not slow down!
  14. I think it's sort of skanky...reminds me of a librarian at my kids' elementary school who wore high heels, fishnet stockings, and mini skirts....
  15. It's about planting Padre said, if you believe in don't really want anyone to go there, so you try to live the right life and bring up your religion when it seems appropriate, and hope that those who are in your circle have a fertile heart to have the seeds of salvation planted. It should NEVER be invasive, though. Being invasive and coercive toward people does not "win them over....," but unfortunately many religious people are that way far too often.