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  1. Or you could type "chrome://extensions" into that same bar (without the quotes) and can be on your way.
  2. Someone could probably just recreate the software though? But I guess no one wants to bother/knows how
  3. The easiest way to tell is go hard with making sure you turn the power bars off for the next month, then see if you can observe a difference in your electricity bill
  4. Medication can definitely screw with your dreams. If you would like to spend the time to, learning to Lucid Dream is a great way to consciously control and alter your dreams, turning a bad dream into a good one by confronting the dream itself. In addition, mentality is a large player in how you sleep. Never go to sleep thinking you will have a nightmare. Tell yourself you are not going to dream at all or you will have a good dream. Lucid dreaming forums are here: Good luck
  5. If I'm being honest, I think I liked the feed better than this new system, though this system is more organized and is more likely to be able to provide relevant help to people, with a large enough userbase i guess.
  6. When exactly did this new system start? February ish?
  7. True. Is there as much spam as before or has that been curbed a bit with the new system?
  8. Alright, I've signed up What do you mean by that Ralph? Also, Padre, congratulations on Moderator! This is me by the way. Took me so long to find too lol. Thank you web archive!