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  1. Cool, I should probably kick it up a notch.
  2. I get annoyed when I'm hiking fast and someone tries to go way faster than they have been moving so I don't pass them when there's no space to get around.
  3. That's definitely my favorite so far.
  4. Everyone dies, you could die tomorrow. An asteroid could obliterate the Earth at any time. It's not worth worrying about. Every day is a gift, enjoy your life and appreciate the ones you love while they're around.
  5. Hey Snar, hope you're happy and healthy. I don't come here much anymore, but I just checked in and saw you were here recently, so thought I'd say hi. I think I saw a picture of you and what I assume is your girlfriend on Facebook a while ago and you guys looked happy. Made me smile. :) I'm well, I maybe turned into a crazy adventurer at some point. I'm in Peru now. Anyway, all the change just drives home how grateful I am for everything that brought me here and helped me grow, so thanks for how you were my friend at one of the hardest parts of my life, and I seriously hope everything is good with you or that it's working towards that. :) 

  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I think it's really cool that you all added stuff I wouldn't have considered. Creative answers.
  7. Hey guys, I'm trying to compile the healthiest advice out there so I can access it whenever I want, namely when I come here out of habit because I'm a little stressed out. When I'm a little stressed out I sometimes make less optimally healthy life choices, and I'd rather reset that. Anyway! Hit me, what's the healthiest advice you have, the little rules you follow that help you, or the way you like to get grounded?
  8. I would like to be offered pants as well if there was any chance they'd fit. What if it's cold? I might choose not to wear them, but it's the thought that counts.
  9. Hopefully your long history of a trusting relationship and your open communication with her will prevent her from keeping anything from you.
  10. I am happy to write you a note just in case you ever come here again! 



  11. Just sick and lonely. Hi helpers all. It's nice that this place exists still. I guess I'll just listen to audiobooks until I fall asleep. 

    1. Padre J Roulston

      Padre J Roulston

      Sorry I haven't been around as much... but with the holidays and my new job, I've been swamped. 

    2. Max


      Same here. I check in but not much going on. How are you?

    3. Max


      I like your new pic,nice smile:)

  12. Can't you change your settings so you get an email? Try tinkering with it?
  13. Can't you change your settings so you get an email? Try tinkering with it?
  14. I hear Komodos have pretty strong essence, maybe you just need to eat more mint so it's not as scary to the lady people. Also, funny post. Do you use your sense of humor to attract prey? You should, it might work.
  15. Switch doctors. I'd just maybe feel weirded out because high heels seem unhealthy and hurtful to wear for a long time, and what kind of sensible medical professional would do that to themselves. On the other hand, a lot of what people wear in order to appear professional and be successful in some environments is a product of annoying traditions that they didn't have much say in. Ties are stupid, yet they are required for many jobs, and as some kind of interesting side effect, they can make people look real sharp. Now that I'm thinking about it, all that I really care about in a doctor is that they don't want to waste my money and do want to help me diagnose and fix my problems so I can be healthy. I wouldn't mind if they look liked a stripper if they actually listened to me.