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  1. Well... I dont know really what to say... If it means so much to you that you hang out with this Boy.. Put some of those things your so busy with to the side and ask him to hang out some place. And your friends... You don't own them. Just cause your not there Only friend doesn't mean your not there friend. Its not like dating were you can only have one. Being different is okay. Nobody wants someone the same. That's boring. What I do with my friends cause I was very different then them. Is I pretty much disagreed with them about everything Favorite Tv shows Music. I'd make fun of them. Yeah sometimes they'd slap me but they loved me. They'd even fight over me about things like who I'm going to be partners with on a school project or something. Its okay to be different. Call up your friends and maybe that crush and go hang out...
  2. Uhm... Be happy you get to go on a vacation at all. You do go on a vacation EVERY YEAR? Some don't get to go ever. Some dads are Smart with there money. They want to make sure they have enough for in case something goes wrong. What if he loses his job? At least your dad is Not gambling it all away. What about your college? Be nice to your Dad.
  3. That really isn't ab-se. Parents get mad. That's normal. All parents do things like that Sometimes. Nobody's Family is perfect either... I think everyone's family is dysfunctional. That's just life. Everyone has hard times. Its just our problems are a bit different.. Some parents are a bit more strict then others too... So you just gotta remember that Do your best. To stay out of there way. If your a grown up. I don't know why your saying all this now. But if your a kid Its okay. You'll be grown up soon. I dont know.. If its really hurting you. I guess Try to move in with a friend. Or I guess... Talk to a school counselor Something to get a little help.
  4. My sleeping pills. They are not putting me to sleep... It takes 200 of them to kill you... I ended up taking to many trying to fall asleep.. Someone told me the reason I'm so sick today is because I have taken to many. But I didnt take nearly enough in to die. And I'm still not tired or asleep Why? they are supposed to work.
  5. I'm not violent towards people
  6. I always been a cutter but I just started using razors. I was very impressed. At first I did it and then I was shocked. Scared. I cut so deep I usually cut alot but I stopped after that. But then I realized. I can cut THAT deep. but I'm still scared of it. I sit on my bed. With it in my hand a while before I get brave enough to do it. I always think its going to hurt so bad. I'm always scared to do it. But eventually I do it. I feel like I finally have done a really good job. I REALLY did it. I did it just like the way your supposed to. I like the scars. Everyone always says. Your gonna regret it. Why? Why will I regret this. I was so strong. I did that to myself. if it leaves a good scar. that took alot of strength to do to yourself. i started talking Ambien. There not my pills My neighbor. When i living with mom. Sue. She gave them to me they work really well. I'm supposed to take 1 pill but I've been taking 2. I wasn't sure if just one would work. The great thing about them is every night I have taken them. I have Not had a nightmare. on nights I didn't take them. I had nightmares. So I think these pills keep me so asleep that I don't have nightmares. its really nice to go to sleep and not have a nightmare. I was going to stop taking them. And take them all and kill myself. But I wasn't sure i had enough cause I only had about 20 left So I googled it. It says. Each pill is 5-10. and that's the most you should take in a day. Over dosing can put you in acoma. It says but to kill yourself you'd need about 2000 that's at least 200 pills. I dont have 200 pills. I thought it would only take like 20 to kill you. If your going to kill yourself you want to make sure you actually die. I dont know why I'm writing this. Half of thinks I'm a liar story teller with really bad grammar. You probably feel like. If your going to be a brat. If your not going to be good. Go away. you dont know why your writing? Do us all a favor and go away Ashley. I'm writing cause.. I feel really quiet. Like I don't have any friends anymore. I want to say something but I don't know what. I don't know what the real problem is. There's so much stuff going on. I feel like. I'm becoming alone. And I'm getting a little bit crazy. Cause of how calm I feel and how. My only friends. Are people that aren't real. there just like toys in my head.
  7. Deleted