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  1. You may or may not be Ms. Excitement, but he definitely is an insensitive jerk. Drop him ASAP. Like Now. Find yourself a nice stable (aka boring) friend/partner to spend time with.
  2. Don't date anyone you have to work with. First settle things with your wife, then decide if you are going to need to change jobs.
  3. The name is a problem, but it can be overcome with advertising.
  4. Scheduled for surgery April 29. They won't know until then. I also just had a baby. He is 11 days old right now. I have a 3 year old and two teenagers who need me to be healthy too.
  5. Inflated sense of entitlement.
  6. Sorry for your job loss. Don't waste any time, start making new plans right away.
  7. I've never used a lot of leather or fur, though I have had leather shoes which looked great, were easy to maintain, and lasted me for many, many years. Synthetic shoes are disposable. I had a pair of sheepskin slippers - actually I think they are still around, one of my kids have them - since the mid-90s. Real sheepskin, like leather, lasts for a long, long time. Synthetic sheepskin feels soft and nice too, but isn't durable. As for fur, I don't wear real or fake, I just don't prefer it. I have a mild moral objection to real fur, but mostly I just don't like it.
  8. Good authors don't do this, but sometimes academic writing isn't very good. If you don't get much out of reading the text, just do your best and be sure to listen carefully and take good notes in class so at least you can benefit from the lectures.
  9. Me

    Hope you're feeling better and know what the problem is so you can get to work resolving it. Nothing worse than not knowing. Me too, I'm "sick" too. I had a biopsy, they say 50/50 chance that it's cancer, but they can't know for sure without surgery and they won't operate until after my baby is born.
  10. No. I average out to moderate. I have some liberal and some conservative views to varying degrees.
  11. Don't have sides. And maybe if possible introduce his few family members and friends to some of your family ahead of time so they don't feel out of place at the wedding and it's celebrations. Is he possibly trying to save money by having a smaller wedding? If so, that's commendable, but if you and he are both paying, perhaps you should offer to pay for the dinner/reception and such, to accommodate the bigger crowd.
  12. Oh, we got a used Lincoln Aviator (luxury SUV) just the other day for an excellent price with my Hyundai Elantra as a trade. So far it's working out fine, though I did notice a little oil leak which we haven't looked into fixing yet. I nicknamed it "the bus". Fuel economy is going to be an issue, but since we don't all go out anywhere often, it's going to be more of an issue on those couple times a year trips than on a regular basis.
  13. Yes, there is always a chance of that, and anyone considering marrying someone with children needs to make sure they won't feel resentment if the child or children don't appreciate all that they do.
  14. Romance her like when you were dating. Hire a babysitter if you have kids, (make sure it's one she trusts,) and take her out on a date, maybe with a hotel room afterwards. Really listen when she talks - not necessarily all of the time, but definitely more than half. If you see her doing some household chore, do it along with her. There is nothing more sexy than a man changing a baby's diaper or washing a sink full of dishes.
  15. Parenting also. Older kids have trouble adjusting to a new authority figure in their lives, and some non-custodial parents do shower the kids with expensive gifts and trips to make up for rarely seeing them, which makes them seem more appealing to an immature child. Though the schools and preschools do facilitate cards if that's important to you, one doesn't become a parent expecting thanks, unless they hope to be very disappointed. But I don't think the OP should continue to pursue this lady. From what he's said, she hasn't given any sign of being ready to settle down, at least not with him.