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  1. The formula: do your best to solve all your problems, perform your tasks and achieve your goals. Beyond what you can do--turn it over to God.
  2. Well, Priscella, that's good news. Just be careful about moving in together. It's a quasi-marriage and often the pair just splits up. It's different when you are married and just living together. All of that said, more men are opting out of marriage because they, like your guy, got badly burned. Everything is tilted toward the woman in the family courts. There is no concept of equality there. Women can behave badly and still end up with the house, the car and the kids--and half the guy's income. So I am no longer blaming men who shy away from marriage. Women have the power to fix this. There are, however, two areas that the self-described feminists won't touch: (1) making themselves eligible for the military draft, so they are on an equal footing with men, and (2) fighting for equality in the marriage laws and family court system. Personally, I wish all the unmarried men would declare a five year moratorium on getting married--to give women the time and opportunity to fix the unjust laws and court system. If it wasn't fixed in five years, do another moratorium for 10 years. My guess is that before 15 years went by, women would get the message and get serious about equality, instead of just wanting it for themselves.
  3. Been a while since I was in law school, but here's what I recommend: The shares can be put in trust and given to the kids when they are the age of majority, i.e., 18 in Canada. The parents cannot stop something devolving to their adult children.
  4. It is better to marry later than sooner--within practical limits, of course. If I lived to be 120, and were single, I would never remarry at that time. But at 30 you are still at a young age. However, as you approach 40, your "biological clock" will be ticking quite loudly. I have, Danielle, seen otherwise logical and practical women go absolutely nuts as they approached 40--they were ready to have a child with Osama bin Laden because they were so desperate to have a kid. One piece of advice I would give you is this: don't waste time on relationships that are going nowhere. If you are dating for two years and the guy has no interest in marriage, you need to drop him--no matter how "comfortable" you may be in the relationship. We don't have a lifespan of 10,000 years--we have about 8/10 of a century. I have seen women waste the best years of their life in relationships that were going nowhere. You do need to know that your standards will start to drop after age 35--you will be heeding your biological clock over your sense of logic--kind of like the Vulcan "pon-farr" (remember Star Trek?). So, yes, be open to new relationships, and be very, very selective in the men you date--and retain. You don't want to jump into anything, but then you don't have forever, either. Remember, also, that the men of your generation have less proclivity for commitments than the men of previous generations. They are less inclined to marry--most came from broken families. And, I hate to say it--but it's true--American women have pretty much trashed the institution of marriage. They institute 67% of divorces, and the courts still favor them over men in martial and child custody matters. So men have also been disincentivized to marry. Too many American women want to compete against their husbands, and most of them show little appreciation or respect. They feel they can behave badly, because if everything goes south, the courts are still on their side. That's not just my opinion--it's also my wife's. So, dear Danielle, be open and focus on the good guys. Don't give any of the bad guys a second look. There is someone out there for you--an eagle to soar with if you can just distance yourself from the turkeys.
  5. Newspaper, Padre? Tell us more!
  6. I got back from Africa last Saturday. It was a rewarding experience. I was training the Burkina Faso soldiers about human rights, staff actions and tactics. They were very professional and responded quite well. They were being prepared to go on a UN peacekeeping mission. About a week ago, twelve BK soldiers were killed on the border with Mali by al Qaeda insurgents. It's a dangerous world out there, folks. There are people who are intent upon bringing back the Dark Ages. They must be resisted at all costs.
  7. It is axiomatic that as long as you live with your parents, you will always be treated like a kid. Even if you're 40 years old. Or 80. As Padre says, you must get out. Jobs are scarce, but you can find one. Betcha you can still get into the military, if you really want to. I am still in Africa--training soldiers here. Every day it hits 40 Celsius. And everywhere you go, there is dust, dust, dust. Last week I was nearly done in by contaminated water. The secret is to hang in there--and pray. I cannot overemphasize the last part. Why? Because it works!
  8. You are also right, Docteur Ralph. The courts have got to come to their senses---they are the number one reason men shy away from marriage. It's totally wrong to force a man to pay child support for a child that is not his. Jail the woman until she tells who the father is, and then go after the real father. I've noticed that there are two areas feminists won't touch with a 10-foot pole: (1) making women eligible for a military draft, and (2) bringing justice to the divorce courts. The feminists like these two inequalities just fine, thank you. That is one reason I have absolutely no use for them. I also have no use for ANY group that tries to vault itself over others. The NAACP should simply be the National Association for the Advancement of ALL People. The National Organization for Women should be the National Organization for People. The League of Women Voters should be simply the League of Voters. My philosophy is to only have programs that "float all boats." Affirmative action in the US has ruined the work ethic--now it doesn't matter how hard you studied or worked, it just matters what race and sex you are. The military had separate promotion lists for minorities and women--and the promotion boards had to "show cause" if they didn't fill their quota of minority and female promotees. As you might have guessed, many better qualified people were shoved aside for these "affirmative action" programs. Government is all about affirmative action. And when you have a problem with something the government is doing, and you write the agency in charge and either get a stupid reply or no reply, you can see affirmative action at work. None of this is to say that there are not super-qualified minority members and women. It is to say that hiring and promotions should be within the framework of a meritocracy, where only ability--and not your race or sex--should be considered.
  9. How about Fido Academy?
  10. The victim blamers have had it all wrong for decades. The fact is that decent men do not sexually assault women (1) no matter how skimpy the woman's clothes, (2) how horny the man is, (3) how drunk the man is, or (4) any other "reason" under the sun. Decent men just do not do it. Indecent men will look for any kind of opportunity they can find. Now, all of that said, I will say this: for a woman to put herself in a vulnerable position with an indecent man is like a man flashing a wad of cashing while walking down a dark alley. An indecent man is likely to knock him in the head and take his money. A decent man would not, no matter how drunk the potential victim or how much money he had or how dark the alley was. One more thing: I am sick and tired of the man-bashing that the "education" people engage in. All of that stupid-ass "No means no" crap. Decent men know that no means no. Indecent men do not care, and no amount of "education" is going to change that. The idea that a man can be decent in all other respects, but still sexually assault a woman when the opportunity presents itself, is like saying that all people will take a wallet that is protruding from a drunk person's pants pocket. It's just not true. The "education" people have lumped all men together--which is like lumping all women together. We know there are indecent women, too--like the one who stole an EMT's wallet when they let her sit in the ambulance after her boyfriend was struck by a car and killed. There are women who use sex to get what they want, and that is just as bad as a man forcing himself on a woman. Decent men and woman abide by the moral law. They don't need stupid-ass posters telling them that they are all inherently evil. They don't need any of that education shlock that denigrates the character of good people. Women AND men do need to choose their sex partners carefully. And they should not expect any kind of poster campaign to affect the morality of anyone by one iota.
  11. Hey, why keep a nice woman around when you can just watch porn?
  12. It is hot as hell here! Malaria and dengue fever carrying mosquitoes, gaboon vipers, bandits, terrorists--what's not to like? Training some militaries here to kick terrorist behind!
  13. Do this: get a chatty friend to call them up while blocking your phone number. Have the caller tell them they won a meal for two at the fanciest restaurant in town--courtesy of a local radio station. Get a limousine to pick up the bully and his/her guest. Have the limo driver give them a fake voucher for their meals, along with a fake number for calling the limo back. The caller should say to just order the best food and wine the restaurant has to offer--and that the gratuity is included. Have the limo driver pick them up at an agreed place and time. The bully will order the most expensive meal and drinks, and when it comes time to pay he will find out the restaurant has nothing to do with the radio station. You will have made a fool out of him. Nobody really gets hurt. Best if you have someone on the inside secretly filming the finale!
  14. Oh--I almost forgot. My novel is out: "A Scandal in Toronto." It's available on Amazon Kindle. Cheap! If you read it, I hope you like it. It's based on a true story--the disappearance of Ambrose Small, a theatre magnate in Toronto, in 1919. The Toronto Police closed the case as unsolved in 1960. It seemed like a suitable case for Sherlock Holmes!