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  1. Hey Snar, hope you're happy and healthy. I don't come here much anymore, but I just checked in and saw you were here recently, so thought I'd say hi. I think I saw a picture of you and what I assume is your girlfriend on Facebook a while ago and you guys looked happy. Made me smile. :) I'm well, I maybe turned into a crazy adventurer at some point. I'm in Peru now. Anyway, all the change just drives home how grateful I am for everything that brought me here and helped me grow, so thanks for how you were my friend at one of the hardest parts of my life, and I seriously hope everything is good with you or that it's working towards that. :) 

  2. Either Angie is right, and you are mistaking her playful behavior for antagonism (in which case you have some work to do) or Hawklan is right and she is just being a secretive attention grabbing weirdo (in which case you need to take a good hard look at if she is worth it).
  3. Be safe brother!
  4. Um...she was saving up money using this site BEFORE he shot her down guys. So we have two issues, one is the breast implant issue, the other is INFIDELITY.
  5. Um...she was saving up money using this site BEFORE he shot her down guys. So we have two issues, one is the breast implant issue, the other is INFIDELITY.
  6. Congrats! I feel like this is more a confessional of yours than I question about love so i won't answer.
  7. Knowing your story from previous posts I believe that depression and anxiety might be the symptom not the problem. Are you still living at home? Are you still discontent with your job and future prospects? Anyone who doesn't like where they live or their job or have plans for the future would be depressed.
  8. First of all, can someone explain to me what a "fuckboy" is? If I went around calling girls my age "cunts" I'm pretty sure I'd get crucified. It seems like a pretty immature way to relate to your fellow human beings -- Second, age doesn't have to matter but it can. I'm 25 and now that I'm back on the dating scene I've really seen age play out in many ways. As an older dude, 18-19 year old girls can be great and smart and emotionally in tune but the fact of the matter is I work everyday and study everyday and exercise everyday and I don't party or drink. That makes my life and the average 19 year old's life radically different. Most of them live at home. Most of them haven't traveled. Most of them haven't worked a professional job. Most of them aren't financially independent. None of that has to matter, but it can certainly create an uneven dynamic. And to be honest...that uneven dynamic seems to be what younger girls often crave. An older more mature dude. It doesn't seem entirely healthy in the long term if you ask me. Now dating up is interesting. I've dated several girls in their 30's. It was the opposite. They were at a later stage of life than me, and while I loved the slower pace of things because it suits me, they ultimately wanted different things out of life due to their ages. So I'd say age doesn't have to matter. But it often does. Good luck and be open and honest with your partner. Oh and please tell me what a "fuckboy" is so I can understand why all the tinder chicks are up in arms.
  9. Miss this thread. Thankful for the weather.
  10. Its easy, its comfortable, and its non threatening.
  11. Take it at your own pace. Sexually compatibility is a two way street. Don't feel pressure to do things you don't want to do just because you are the dude.
  12. Haha yeah, I used to solve my problems with booze as well. What do you love life and financial situation have improved greatly since I stopped drinking.
  13. My dad always told me, work smart not hard. Life is like that too. You can keep doing the same old thing over and over again and get really bent out of shape and work yourself to the bone and you may never get anywhere. I agree, see what your life can give you, not the other way around. Always use the tools around you, extract the juice out of life, nothing will ever come to you unbidden and if it does its pure luck and don't count on it lasting.
  14. Trump, terrifying. A cunning liar and manipulator with no goals other than to make money and get attention. Hilary, the perfect example of a politician. Lacking in integrity, honesty, and humanity I'd still take Hilary. She'll play it safe. And so will America.
  15. I quit my job in Asia, came back to the west, and got a job in my field within a week! I'm so so grateful! Sometimes I feel like providence is real.