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  1. :)

    Some where out there is a guy that needs you to complete him:) You deserve better. Take your chevy and go get um! Be well honey:) Max hugs Emerge.
  2. Good to see you back my friend. Yes these people and groups are dangerous. Best wishes for the holidays and a happy New Year.
  3. The age gap thing isn't an issue. The fact you're asking is. The long it concerns you, the more it'll hurt when it ends. Sorry. Statistics will back my statement about people hoping things will get better If you are happy...great...if not, part while you have your youth:)
  4. Some people confuse signals and some regardless of age are just plain perverts. You didn't nothing wrong. The only thing that will repair this is a firm boundary.
  5. That works, It's tricky, but remember you have no real control over the person reading it. Use the buzz words they have in the ad and the cover letter should be interesting. Like a flyer they leave in your mail box:) An important side note. If your resume surpasses the credentials of the job...they won't hire you. Leave some things for them to ask you during the interview.
  6. They claim one with a cover letter directed to each company. Education first first, work history and then refs.
  7. NO. Stop this. Two children were killed recently and the trail just finished. A terrible thing.
  8. about an update?
  9. 525x2=1050 1200 watt
  10. We have a women here that converted an older motor home to a mobile dog wash and grooming service. She keeps busy:)
  11. You'll be able to branch off with coarse levels and structure it like a private college.
  12. Community Dog College, CDC.
  13. Ask yourself "what makes a bully uncomfortable" ? Silence, no attention or reaction, oblivious reactions and stares. Don't be fooled by their tears.
  14. Good plan two wrongs don't make a right. That's vengeance my friend. Sweet but only keep the ball in the air. Karma doesn't like that. We like it...but it'll bite good people in the asse.
  15. Good luck my friend. May your time go fast, food be good and the beer better:)